Adam LZ

Adam LZ

Just chasing the dream of building as many rad cars and driving as many tracks as humanly possible! This channel is an attempt to let you be a part of this crazy lifestyle surrounded by rad cars, people, and fun.

23 Years Old
BA in Business Management @ University of Central Florida

My collection...
S13 NIssan 240SX (Built SR20DET) - 520WHP
E92 BMW 335i Single Turbo - 750WHP
S550 Mustang GT350 E85 500WHP
S15 Silvia (3.4 2JZ) - 900WHP
Mitsubishi Evo 5 - 400AWHP (kept in CT)
JZX100 Chaser - 375WHP
R32 Skyline Sedan - 600WHP
2019 F350 Powerstroke
991.2 Porsche GT3RS
2008 350Z Missle - 280WHP
Mitsubishi Evo 5 Build in progress (Australia)
JZX100 Missle (Japan)

After 8 years on NOprojects videos, my main focus is still on progressing and improving with each video.
The future is in our hands: Let's make it awesome.


Live Q\u0026A

Live Q\u0026A


  • Boosted_347
    Boosted_34720 timer siden

    I really wish Adam was a v8 guy his personality is to cool 😂 but oh well cleetus is for that 🇺🇸 🤘

  • Jcas 24
    Jcas 2420 timer siden

    Why do people move out in America and not take their sh!t with them??

  • Mijn Mening
    Mijn Mening20 timer siden

    This shit was fkin next lv !!! And the compound is truly LIVING THE DREAM! omg !

  • pfally
    pfally20 timer siden

    With the sub zero fridge/ freezer you can change them to have whichever one you want, so could switch them around or have 2 fridges or 2 freezers if you wanted, also they vacuum seal to keep the food fresher for longer!

  • Garvey Clayton
    Garvey Clayton20 timer siden

    The pitstop😂

  • Jerrid Snow
    Jerrid Snow20 timer siden

    Pretty sure you can change the settings on that fridge to be a double fridge or a double freezer but not 100% on that

  • Racerx
    Racerx20 timer siden

    When the metal shades come down, don’t come around. Lol

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor20 timer siden

    Lmao Viva love Bam😂😂

  • BigBoostNate
    BigBoostNate20 timer siden

    Freezer on left or on bottom usually I feel

  • Connor Plumstead
    Connor Plumstead20 timer siden

    freezer is always supposed to be on the left

  • BOAT
    BOAT20 timer siden

    7:33 funniest part in the entire video, skip to it, forget eveything else 😄😄😄

  • Victor E.
    Victor E.20 timer siden

    Good thing about wood is you can just stain it and make it look rustic or stylish

  • BOAT
    BOAT21 time siden

    He pulled an Adam Lz during qualifying - Adam, 2021 ...i guess this is a thing now 😄

  • Stephanie Lovell
    Stephanie Lovell21 time siden

    I love tacos too!

  • JoshieVids
    JoshieVids21 time siden

    Don’t let anyone on it don’t wanna have to deal with creeps in the woods but yal might have Security

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor21 time siden

    That big generator looks like a Cummins, that’s awesome

  • James Williams
    James Williams21 time siden

    Knocked loose!! Do it

  • Stephanie Lovell
    Stephanie Lovell21 time siden


  • The Whimsical Woodworker
    The Whimsical Woodworker21 time siden

    Man, the guy that owned this before must have been a straight G!

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui21 time siden


  • Lorenzow33
    Lorenzow3321 time siden

    Previous owners def smoked weed

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis21 time siden

    Yes left side freezer

  • nasquan wilson-adams
    nasquan wilson-adams21 time siden

    Freezer goes on the left side 😂

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor21 time siden

    I’m just sayin he def had a couple drinks before he made this video 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼🤟🏼

  • Lorenzow33
    Lorenzow3321 time siden

    “It’s doing that suck thing”

  • Lorenzow33
    Lorenzow3321 time siden

    Might dislocate your shoulder opening those refrigerator doors

  • Isaiah R
    Isaiah R21 time siden

    I haven't been watching.. this is wild. Who is this girl? I feel weird cause she wasn't here a year or two ago lol

  • s dot remo
    s dot remo21 time siden

    Bro all u gotta do with thar wood is stain it a little darker and itll look litt

  • A-TRON
    A-TRON21 time siden

    Please make videos about upgrading everything. You've seen how well these videos have done and how well freedom factory repair videos do. The people want to see how this place grows

  • RealLifeRay
    RealLifeRay21 time siden

    this reminds me of the old SKATE intro videos

  • K H
    K H21 time siden

    it's basically a commercial grade fridge and freezer

  • Jeyson Suarez
    Jeyson Suarez21 time siden

    and that one secrete room is for storing canned food or what not basically back up food

  • Apollo Anderson
    Apollo Anderson21 time siden

    have you looked into mabye trying a street sweeping company to do your roads in the compounds

  • Alex J.
    Alex J.21 time siden

    This better be legal

  • Sohrab Lipov
    Sohrab Lipov21 time siden


  • Jaxon Jai
    Jaxon Jai21 time siden

    Can we get a 5yr anniversary re-match?

  • Sohrab Lipov
    Sohrab Lipov21 time siden

    2020 anyone

  • Jeyson Suarez
    Jeyson Suarez22 timer siden

    yawl should install solar panels...

  • Cole W
    Cole W22 timer siden

    It’s a water absorption sock

  • YesImHuman
    YesImHuman22 timer siden

    we need a fully built diesel engine as the generator 🤣

  • TheSidneySmith
    TheSidneySmith22 timer siden

    Biggest suggestion for you and your compound: Full time facilities manager. With all of the items you are saying you want done and thinking of bidding out each little thing....just hire someone full time to take care of the place. Also, new channel feed and name: Compound Maintenance. There are plenty of items to take up someone's 40 hour week to accomplish. Once summer hits, you'll be mowing weekly - there's one day. Edging all that concrete is another day every other week. Trimming bushes and palmettos will be another day every few weeks. Plus all that pressure washing. Just having someone there to do those things on a daily basis will make your life easier. You've got all those items in the buildings you want taken care of, like the droopy fans....your facilities manager can take care of those items for you. Decide you want to change some paint colors....again, here's another job the facilities manager can take care of. Plus, all of these little projects can be videos and depending on who you get, they might even teach the audience some steps in how to do the things you want done. Also, you can hire me to do this stuff....I've done all of the things you want to do and maintain. You can ask Ravi if you want a reference.

  • Fries Media
    Fries Media22 timer siden

    That blue and colorful pottery is from Mexico! Called Talavera pottery! My mom collects it lol

  • Cody Davidson
    Cody Davidson22 timer siden

    Do you need a painter and auto body tech for that paint booth? I’ll be right down 😂

  • Deco's Garage
    Deco's Garage22 timer siden


  • GS Garage
    GS Garage22 timer siden

    let your dad run your channel.. he is funnier than you.. ;)

  • diecastjack
    diecastjack22 timer siden

    Freezer definitely on the left

  • B P
    B P22 timer siden


  • Jeremy Parra
    Jeremy Parra22 timer siden

    Dude, the knocked loose reference. Respect.

  • Tanmay Agarwal
    Tanmay Agarwal22 timer siden

    Shmee is coming:)

  • JoeG Cards
    JoeG Cards22 timer siden

    Thanks for showing us round, I dont even drive this year i probably will do my test and get a r33 that i want :) raising the cash up now boom boom lol

  • Timo
    Timo22 timer siden

    I feel like you bought a old like cult house lol

  • Ollie Wilkinson
    Ollie Wilkinson22 timer siden

    If your watching this in 2021 you're a legend 👏

  • keenan adams
    keenan adams22 timer siden

    Bump for hardcore show

    WARCOZMO x22 timer siden

    Your fridge is adjustable you can change it to either side just change the temp awesome house btw congrats

  • Rich H
    Rich H23 timer siden

    Beeping is the smoke detector battery low

  • sam Gareau
    sam Gareau23 timer siden

    Wasup here

  • nigel Foggin
    nigel Foggin23 timer siden

    If that's a steam shower you are gonna love it...very high end bathroom feature

  • Landon Shah
    Landon Shah23 timer siden

    If you love the evo, check out building an Wrx or sti. They are similar cars because of the practicality and awd turbo, but you’ll fall in love with the Subi rumble. I recommend finding a gc8 Impreza and building it up. Coolest looking old school subie

  • Jxke_ Loose21
    Jxke_ Loose2123 timer siden

    The freezer should be on the left shouldn’t it 🤔

  • Jaxon Bmx
    Jaxon Bmx23 timer siden


  • LiamBell
    LiamBell23 timer siden

    Adam can you please build an indoor skatepark for all the og viewers

  • Robert Marion
    Robert Marion23 timer siden

    The end of what this cool place had been was so sad. I'm now excited to see the compound back in use. The future of your activities and content is unlimited. I can understand your excitement...have fun. I'm cheering for your success.

  • Shaun Whyte
    Shaun Whyte23 timer siden

    You should spray the green on the roofs black or dark gray to modernise it

  • Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher23 timer siden

    I want to know what the cost was so I can start saving. I wanna come down to work

  • Contagious Vibes
    Contagious Vibes23 timer siden

    The room with the shelves may have been used for crypto mining. 🤔

  • spiwrxak
    spiwrxak23 timer siden

    Maybe had Bitcoin mines in that little room.

    FRANKO M23 timer siden

    upstairs room .... safe room / holding all his guns and valuables !??? all your elec window and door shutters are the best hurricane shutters you can buy !!! also ifff you lower them all min half way, you will save a ton of money on your AC bill !!! ( nothing like coming early morning home and be able to black-out you master w. elec. roll up shutters to sleep in !!!!! ) fridge : both sides are fridge or freezer !!! adjust the temp on the inside top panel ...left freezer and right fridge or both fridge or both freezer !!! if you dont like the round sun calendar @ 14:03 ...let me know !!! ME FANCY !!! and i am just lil south of you !!!

  • WaveBreakerOfficial
    WaveBreakerOfficial23 timer siden

    Please film the renovations!!!!

  • blitzkrieg
    blitzkrieg23 timer siden

    freezer always on the left bruh

  • Jordan
    Jordan23 timer siden

    Left freezer

  • Jacob Rezendes
    Jacob Rezendes23 timer siden

    Wow that is one seriously awesome compound. Its amazing and intimidating at the same time but once you actually move in and have your entire operation running from that compound economically that makes the most sense. That place is really amazing i can't imagine the ideas that are swerllin around that crazy head of yours. 🤣😂 Im sure whatever you come up with will be awesome. I'm really looking forward to see you and the crew grow into that huge place.

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels23 timer siden

    Don’t sell the other house man you got the park in the back buddy

  • Colton Friendshuh
    Colton Friendshuh23 timer siden

    Who used to own the house

  • рввлашдс
    рввлашдс23 timer siden

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  • jimiemick
    jimiemick23 timer siden

    New sub, looking forward to seeing the progression of the compound. And day dreaming of having something like one of those garages

  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson23 timer siden

    Freezer definitely on the left

  • Hotdog Water
    Hotdog Water23 timer siden

    Am i the only one who noticed the pool is kinda shaped like a d.......ah nevermind😂

  • Your Only Driving Asylum
    Your Only Driving Asylum23 timer siden

    Hakosuka KPGC10 & R35 GT-R To Ads ... Dream Garage :)

  • jason pearce
    jason pearceDag siden

    Great Series. enjoyed it all. Congratulations. You have done something completely different.

  • Dante Cielo
    Dante CieloDag siden

    Freezer is on the bottom, both doors are fridges