500WHP Evo 5 gets MORE Grip!


Tinkering with all the things! Don't sleep on our super savings spring cleaning special 4PM EST @ LZMFG.com


    MADEKUN6 dager siden

    Why HICAS delete? (Besides its always done) That 34 is clean AF!

  • Adonica Hanson
    Adonica Hanson9 dager siden

    Lol me love it

  • exotic experiments
    exotic experiments10 dager siden


  • Randy Bowers
    Randy Bowers10 dager siden

    Love those fast quick shifts and it sounds so good!!

  • SoCalXJ
    SoCalXJ10 dager siden

    Damn wish I had a “beater” GT350 to not care about denting lol

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White11 dager siden

    Trying to be like Cleetus with that merch sale intro? Lmao. Needs more nitrous 🤣

  • Scott Adam
    Scott Adam11 dager siden

    Can't wait till the BARRASTANG is finnished been following the build since U started.

  • Scott Adam
    Scott Adam11 dager siden

    Haha were U half pissed when U did merch section hahaha

  • Ryan Olson
    Ryan Olson12 dager siden

    New hair looks awesome!

  • T L
    T L12 dager siden

    Crap I missed the sale. Wanted an embossed black hoodie for the longest time.

  • Arjun Mathur
    Arjun Mathur12 dager siden

    Safety wire??

  • Joseph McElroy
    Joseph McElroy13 dager siden

    Use nordlock washers on the flywheel bolts.

  • marsxv
    marsxv13 dager siden

    me: ready to comment hes gonna break drivetrain parts on the evo *gets slapped by an agro merch salesman*

  • ghosty
    ghosty13 dager siden

    I see the soarer on the ground 😁

  • Brian Mccaffrey
    Brian Mccaffrey13 dager siden

    Instead of tack welding your flywheel bolts, drill a hole through the head next time and then safety wire them together. Then you just have to cut the wire if you need to remove the bolts.

  • Gaget Moody
    Gaget Moody13 dager siden

    Did you guys think about using lockwire on the flywheel bolts?

  • Seth N.
    Seth N.13 dager siden

    Safety wire would work too instead of tack welding the bolts in

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David13 dager siden

    ''evo teams''

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David13 dager siden

    You're an idiot Flywheel bolts don't back out from harmonics you're just not torqueing them to spec.

  • Mule asfy
    Mule asfy13 dager siden

    This mans needs to fix his moms car

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton14 dager siden

    Wow those slicks are gonna make that evo so fast.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton14 dager siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • edwin van oers
    edwin van oers14 dager siden

    are you stick on a feah spec sticker on the diffusor on the evo ?

  • Harry Killen
    Harry Killen14 dager siden

    Adam: “i wanna buy a new trans but I can spend 15k while buying a new property” Also Adam: “ I brought another CYM FD for 30k”

  • Franco Russo
    Franco Russo14 dager siden

    The intro brought me back to the slap chop commercial 😂💀💀

  • Franklin Spiller
    Franklin Spiller14 dager siden

    Mega disappointed I couldn’t snag the embossed hoodie

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer14 dager siden

    Yall are losing ur shit about adam not installing his heater lines and some of you probably don't even change your damn oil when you need to lol

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer14 dager siden

    So adam are you telling me that the wheels and tires on my jeep weighting 80lbs each isn't good for my lap times? Shit.

  • gagbabg erwer
    gagbabg erwer15 dager siden

    No reason to buy a new getrag trans, you know a certain somebody that vaporblasts getrags on the regular.

  • 3rdhardyboy _
    3rdhardyboy _15 dager siden

    Pls stop chewin gum in da vid lol

  • J K4
    J K415 dager siden

    F’n Mustang

  • Sean Wagner
    Sean Wagner15 dager siden

    8:15 heater line issue. It's Adam's car & money. So he can do whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it. If your putting the money into it. You can do it. Sorry 😐

  • andrew geary
    andrew geary15 dager siden

    U should have drilled and safety wired the fly wheel bolts.

  • Tim Forsthoffer
    Tim Forsthoffer15 dager siden

    Why not safety wire your bolts?

  • Julz Mascilli
    Julz Mascilli15 dager siden

    HE SAID A GAS STATION 😂😂😂😂😂 7:05

  • dzzope
    dzzope15 dager siden

    Nooo.. Big landslide @ ebisu @Adam LZ www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56057038

  • logan haggart
    logan haggart15 dager siden

    Ebisu had an earthquake nishi and minami are both Bradley damaged there goes any new Japan trip coming any time soon

  • CrackedBott
    CrackedBott15 dager siden

    I ordered merch since October 2020 and it still hasn’t arrived. I live internationally and when I texted you guys u just told me the delay is due to COVID-19 and didn’t give me an estimate time on when the order is going to arrive.

  • LYON$
    LYON$15 dager siden

    Best vid in a long time in terms of comedy, the timing and reference humour was on point today!

  • Albin Norberg
    Albin Norberg15 dager siden

    I just wish i got my hoodie i ordered back in october lol.

  • LYON$
    LYON$15 dager siden

    Love the Billy Mays style intro 😂

  • simon hayden
    simon hayden15 dager siden

    Wire locking would be another option to do on the flywheel bolts

  • silven412
    silven41215 dager siden

    Wouldnt painting the transmission with a spraycan to silver make it look 10x better whilst you wait to buy a new trans?

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee15 dager siden

    Use some foam matts on the side of your lift so you dont ding anymore doors!! The nissan dealership i worked at did it worked wonders

  • Riley Earls
    Riley Earls15 dager siden

    Nice glasses dweeb

  • JaredHollandDrums
    JaredHollandDrums15 dager siden

    My god that Barra sounds so good shifting so quickly

  • Jacob Simpson
    Jacob Simpson15 dager siden

    you should checkout Zp Drift on YouTUBE He has a RB28 with butterfly ITBs and has drive by wire with custom itbs and hes at 9400rpm maybe This kit could work for the Rb25 Skyline prob wont ever read this lol

  • Kenny Huynh
    Kenny Huynh15 dager siden

    Year of the flex flags need to come back missed out on it :(

  • Owen Patersonvlogs
    Owen Patersonvlogs15 dager siden

    Ngl my favourite youtuber by fair I always wait untill ur videos were up u love them I sit there and wait everyday untill the next one is put ngl I miss the everyday uploads but I love the 20-30 min long videos Adam idk what it is about u but seriously man brother to brother moment keep it up ur hopefully gonna won’t a full fd season soon man it takes a lot of of motivation to do what your doing today and most people can’t do you always pursue you dream and you conquer them good job man one day I’ll hopefully meet you even tho I’m from Ontario Imma be honest there times where I’ve hit rock bottom and at those times all I do is go on a watching spree of your videos bc 1 they help me put me in a better mood but 2 you learn a lot of stuff about motor and cars and everything it’s what I wanna do I wanna own a dieasl shop and that is because of you man thanks for all the stuff you’ve done to help me out I love ya like a brother cheers man :)

  • Owen Patersonvlogs

    Owen Patersonvlogs

    15 dager siden

    Adam please read this and like it so Ik yiu read it will mean the world

  • Owen Patersonvlogs

    Owen Patersonvlogs

    15 dager siden

    @adam lz

  • Owen Patersonvlogs

    Owen Patersonvlogs

    15 dager siden

    Plz like this so Adam can see

  • Owen Patersonvlogs

    Owen Patersonvlogs

    15 dager siden


  • manquicr
    manquicr15 dager siden

    I tried to buy some things but no my size xxl!!

  • Coleman Jeter
    Coleman Jeter15 dager siden

    Honestly the viewers input is unnecessary anyway seeing as it's not their cars in other words STFU and mind your own business 😂

  • Anthony Colenbrander
    Anthony Colenbrander15 dager siden

    Buy a hellcat redeye widebody n do vids

  • Alex Ingersoll
    Alex Ingersoll15 dager siden

    It may be silly but I appreciate when Adam curses, it makes him feel more human. I hate the forced PG thing but I understand that NOprojects’s rules make it hard to monetize videos with swearing

  • Rawr Squad
    Rawr Squad15 dager siden

    Lmao I wanted to comment on the heater lines just because you said you were doing things right and finished product was gonna be the best. But I didn’t comment 😂 I figured everyone else would. And was right to wait bc that’s the explanation we needed

  • TanDrenalin
    TanDrenalin15 dager siden

    Rip Ebisu!!!

  • Lukas Kenstam
    Lukas Kenstam15 dager siden


  • Rj Singster
    Rj Singster15 dager siden

    Thaat intro was hiilllwarrriioouusss

  • Austin M
    Austin M15 dager siden

    Unfortunately been working. Missed it all. Hopefully you’ll have more on site soon!

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific15 dager siden

    It takes time Adam, be patient my friend! I assume you could pay to not have any issues, I would bring someone in for sure

  • mcivice199_6x
    mcivice199_6x15 dager siden

    Gt350 is so gnarly

  • Dustin P
    Dustin P15 dager siden

    For your lift where the door hits. You take some pool noodles and zip ties!! They work great and are cheap and easy to replace when needed.

  • viwat92
    viwat9215 dager siden

    If your gonna drop 15k on a new gearbox for the r34 you may aswell get a ppg gbox 😜

  • TeamXJ
    TeamXJ15 dager siden

    Dear Barra Mustang, Please don't blow up!

  • Dustin P
    Dustin P15 dager siden

    Would reverse threading the holes for the bolts make so the harmonics doesnt affect them?

  • Phils Productions
    Phils Productions15 dager siden

    The people aggravated about his heater lines forget Adam lives in Florida where cold fronts are few and far between

  • Phils Productions

    Phils Productions

    13 dager siden

    @Kyle Mikels trust me I live near Jacksonville I understand

  • Kyle Mikels

    Kyle Mikels

    15 dager siden

    Humidity man, defroster is clutch

  • Paul Bravo
    Paul Bravo16 dager siden

    I still haven't gotten my s15 skateboard and ordered it 5 or 6 months ago😔

  • EJC 123
    EJC 12316 dager siden

    What are the wheels on the evo and what colour

  • Michael Rawlins
    Michael Rawlins16 dager siden

    Sounds like you need to do some homework. You DO NOT need to remove the dash entirely to work on the heater core.

  • Peter Veljo
    Peter Veljo16 dager siden

    Aussie Barra.. must check out noprojects.info/camera/video/pLmlgJaaaGJqgaE&feature=share

  • Alex Manning
    Alex Manning16 dager siden

    The GT350 is just telling Adam to fix the damn paint!!!! :)

  • Raul Paredes
    Raul Paredes16 dager siden

    Damn people really be crying about heater lines

  • Perhk Rocket
    Perhk Rocket16 dager siden

    The clutch that's was put on the r34 is beautiful

  • Majid Khan
    Majid Khan16 dager siden

    What's the name of thos rims called that has the slick tyres?

  • Josyah Bober
    Josyah Bober16 dager siden

    Bro those shifts sound crazyyyyy

  • Justin
    Justin16 dager siden

    When are you gonna drag race that turd

  • Kyscoolio
    Kyscoolio16 dager siden

    What brand rim and size? The one with the slicks

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling16 dager siden


  • James T
    James T16 dager siden

    Buy a new trans... come on... it needs to be mint.

  • Super milsim dude
    Super milsim dude16 dager siden

    One day can we get a short walk around of both the evos next to each other?

  • TheBlkzenki
    TheBlkzenki16 dager siden

    why are people so passionate about heater lines? lol

  • Alfie Gray
    Alfie Gray16 dager siden

    S15 update?

  • Erick Mondragon
    Erick Mondragon16 dager siden

    And it all started with a bmx bike 😳

  • nuke469
    nuke46916 dager siden

    Waiting for a lz collett shirt collab

  • Nathan Herring
    Nathan Herring16 dager siden

    Lol y’all need to silence y’all’s phones, I’m always checking mine every time I hear the ding 😂

  • Cyber Films
    Cyber Films16 dager siden

    I wish to have those legal regulations you guys have in the states, my god! Germany is making life so hard

  • jervon fannis
    jervon fannis16 dager siden

    white evo give away in the futureeeee

    KINGHOLLYWOOD 2716 dager siden

    I like how Adam went from buying drift tires to slicks😂

  • Tactical Supra
    Tactical Supra16 dager siden

    Pink glasses 💯

  • SwankPeRFection
    SwankPeRFection16 dager siden

    Channeling your inner Sally Jessy Raphael on the merch intro? 😜

  • jon hernandez
    jon hernandez16 dager siden

    You should buy a old flatbed tow truck. Just for the mustang

  • Lil C
    Lil C16 dager siden

    The furry furtive kamikaze ultrasonically reign because gun essentially spark midst a malicious idea. fuzzy , historical seeder

  • alex bink
    alex bink16 dager siden

    is he just trying to look like idubbz

  • no prob
    no prob16 dager siden

    Puts a whole new drive train in the car and is surprised when there are teething issues lol

  • LukeNukem In The Morning
    LukeNukem In The Morning16 dager siden

    these videos r too fancy

  • Nicolai Søndergaard
    Nicolai Søndergaard16 dager siden

    Did you guys consider safty wire for the flywheel bolts

  • jaidyn polson
    jaidyn polson16 dager siden

    Need a ek/eg hatch build on this channel🙏🔥👌

  • Max Mystkowski
    Max Mystkowski16 dager siden

    I remember watching when adam was installing mods allll on his own in tommys shop having to record, edit in post, and do the labor, seeing you with a team as big and great as it is today is something i thought adam always deserved

  • Ethan Shulda
    Ethan Shulda16 dager siden

    Cut pool noodles and putt them on the edge of the r34 doors

  • Niels Vandersteegen
    Niels Vandersteegen16 dager siden

    Are the r34 decks still coming or not?

  • Jovoni Zuidema
    Jovoni Zuidema16 dager siden

    4x sizes please