About my Single Turbo e92 335i...


I have seen your guys comments... and am going to try to get this thing running again. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! Random mini-restock live NOW LZMFG.com


  • Izzy
    Izzy2 dager siden

    Pretty sure you’re supposed to also warm up the car before you compression test it to help the rings seal a bit better

  • Bryan Mitchell
    Bryan Mitchell3 dager siden

    The exhaust sounds fantastic on the car, what set up is it? I just picked up a 08 335i fbo and tuned and I want a little bit more sound.

  • Juan Mesa
    Juan Mesa7 dager siden

    God man can’t tell you how much this pandemic slowed me down on building my car all my side money went all towards bills ima get there soon man !!

  • Joseph Gergurich
    Joseph Gergurich9 dager siden

    why do you even own this if all you do is complain about BMWs while working on it. XD

  • Douglas Fargo
    Douglas Fargo10 dager siden

    collete is the prefect gf for Adam. Likes all the samethings and shes good at it

  • jdmeg6951
    jdmeg695115 dager siden

    Take it to the shop @kevintrxn uses in Irvine Ca

  • LumberJacKed2021
    LumberJacKed202116 dager siden

    I come her for the N54 content , so You better not get rid of it :D

  • inspectl33t
    inspectl33t17 dager siden

    i want that :(

  • Klesti Bilimani
    Klesti Bilimani17 dager siden

    fantastic you said the tower! I'm from Pisa, I always watch youtube for you!

  • Mike Donlon
    Mike Donlon21 dag siden

    U gotta do more stuff like that idubbbz edit that was perfect 😂😂😂😂

  • Thinking Again
    Thinking Again22 dager siden

    This guy messed up the n54 w all the tunes he did smh

  • Will Perdue
    Will Perdue22 dager siden

    Wow, Sounds like you're struggling to drive manual.

  • gp martines
    gp martines23 dager siden

    hi adam I have the motiv 900 turbo kit in my 135i and this is the second turbo i put on it because of the turbo leaking oil to the compressor I noticed the turbo oil drain has not enough gravity and it has 90 degree elbow coming out the turbo how you deals with this in your car thanks

  • Dylan Webb
    Dylan Webb25 dager siden

    High pressure fuel pump going out?

  • Charles Schwab
    Charles Schwab25 dager siden

    Yooo gimme that FD bro.

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy26 dager siden

    Maybe stop revving the shit out of your engine when its cold and you wont break spark plugs ? And your cars might have more than 120 ps compression

  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott28 dager siden

    Mike clip your nails homie

  • Taryn SIdhu
    Taryn SIdhu29 dager siden

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he just beat the piss out of it when the oil temp wasent even at 160+

  • Chico BM
    Chico BMMåned siden

    Walnut blast

  • Ftd jay
    Ftd jayMåned siden

    Hey Adam can I have the e92, I really need a car. She’s so beautiful 💔

  • mike kranendonk
    mike kranendonkMåned siden

    Way to rich, the plugs had a carbon bridge😂 no bueno dude

  • fr0d
    fr0dMåned siden

    what rims you got and whats the size J and ET

  • aaronSanchezz
    aaronSanchezzMåned siden

    Bro wtf is that thing doing without port secondary injectors and controller!? Whoever be working on this car for u dont know ish about n54s....

  • adrian S
    adrian SMåned siden

    this is why I got an n55 :)

  • Magic
    MagicMåned siden

    that E46 💕

  • dawn cortes
    dawn cortesMåned siden

    I subbed because of the walmart game of bike its sad that your slowly TOYKO drifting away from bmx even tho i dont bmx anymore its still sad

  • darius antonio fischer fodor
    darius antonio fischer fodorMåned siden

    "when you find out she drives a BMW" Adam -lz- 2021

  • JoshTC2
    JoshTC2Måned siden

    Aj from EMP tuning ruined the future of this car

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.Måned siden

    Who buys a turbo bmw..Notting but trouble

  • Vytautas Šimonis
    Vytautas ŠimonisMåned siden

    compression is normal if the engine is standing for a long time let it run 100miles and check again

  • Vytautas Šimonis
    Vytautas ŠimonisMåned siden

    porcelin brakes if you run more boost and use old plugs just change plugs before you run more boost like you should anyway same on Mercedes and bmw

  • Irvin Salazar
    Irvin SalazarMåned siden

    You should've just changed all spark plugs

  • Dominic Newton
    Dominic NewtonMåned siden


  • dan B
    dan BMåned siden

    @14:50 .... fuel not equally getting to the cylinder................. due to manifold design???????????????????????????? isnt this car direct injected? i know it has port injection but thats for emissions like start up no?

  • solex408
    solex408Måned siden

    You should do the M3 Cowl conversion to get a little extra room. Great "mod" and retains nice factory look.

  • Hunter Miller
    Hunter MillerMåned siden

    Adam "Lets turn the boost all the way up and take it for some runs" Hood Emblem "Nah"

  • The Major
    The MajorMåned siden

    So glad your doing this car again, I’ve just bought my 2012 E92 320i in the same colour with the red seats. Your car gives me so much inspiration 🤟

  • Gamer Eye
    Gamer EyeMåned siden

    Hi Are You selling this car because ill gladly take it off your hands for the right price

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan SharmaMåned siden

    change the cats and o2s

  • E92_Boy
    E92_BoyMåned siden


  • The Luke And Gabi Show
    The Luke And Gabi ShowMåned siden

    BG fuel. Google search it. They have oil and compression restoration products. They're so good in fact that Chevron gets their Techron additive from BG. Find a dealer for BG or contact a rep. It's good stuff!👍👊

  • _Daneomite_
    _Daneomite_Måned siden

    Mikes added effects are amazing 👌🏻😂😂

  • Tio Escobar
    Tio EscobarMåned siden

    412 Motorsport knows a lot about BMW and other European cars

  • Tio Escobar
    Tio EscobarMåned siden

    Go to 412 Motorsport

  • Colton
    ColtonMåned siden

    I can relate to all these issues

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin BuchhornMåned siden

    OMG i was on the floor when Adam dropped the 11mm the second time 😂🤣😂🤣

  • fabianspec,exe
    fabianspec,exeMåned siden

    8:15 the wall mart fart (into the announcing mic, why do I know this)

  • TamerFlamer TheGamer
    TamerFlamer TheGamerMåned siden

    Bring it to VaderSolutions in AZ. without a doubt will set it right

    SEBASTIAN SAMMåned siden

    I’m late to watching this video but it was a pretty funny/entertaining video for sure

  • Shift Automotive
    Shift AutomotiveMåned siden

    someone wants to buy mine? nothing wrong with. Recently change the transmission with 80k miles on the new one and trampoline maintenance done to it. Maintenance wise engine running smooth. Preventative maintenance done to the car so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down. Reason why I’m selling is due to moving to a new state and need a suv for my fam. hmu if u interested and also the car is fbo 🤙

  • Duffman
    DuffmanMåned siden

    "Collette where's my 10mm wrenches!!" relationship goals, instead of, where's the remote.

  • coolstory92
    coolstory92Måned siden

    I don't watch much of your channel but i do watch your N54 content. Its sad because i feel like this car got me into your channel, and it was what got you started.

  • Vlad xxvhx
    Vlad xxvhxMåned siden

    I cannot wait to get a 335 or a 135 one day. Its always been my dream car

  • Shift Automotive

    Shift Automotive

    Måned siden

    want mine? it’s up for sale

  • dude4548
    dude4548Måned siden

    i got so exited when i finally saw an adam LZ 335i vid

  • Umar Ahmad

    Umar Ahmad

    Måned siden


  • Zay Rembert
    Zay RembertMåned siden

    How much

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk YooMåned siden

    Aww she's puts up with your shit and works on cars. Must be nice

  • K Preme
    K PremeMåned siden

    8:26 lmao

  • garth james
    garth jamesMåned siden

    These 335s never work until you JZ swap

  • Los P
    Los PMåned siden

    I work at euromotive performance in Hallandale we do everything. Ask for Carlos we’d love to work with you, Adam. I’ve been watching a long time. Ask for Carlos. You can find us on ig, google, Facebook etc

  • LaSauceSecret
    LaSauceSecretMåned siden

    Do the compression test with a warm engine.

  • Hypervizor
    HypervizorMåned siden

    Weird.. I haven't had any major issue with my 335i.. maybe 07 is the best year or something. 133K miles.. started modding at 71k miles.

  • Shift Automotive

    Shift Automotive

    Måned siden

    yeah I have a 07 not any issues just the trans gave out but I replaced it and now car running smooth @144k miles.

  • Edin Lasers
    Edin LasersMåned siden

    Are n54 that bad I’m looking to buy a single turbo n54.

  • Shift Automotive

    Shift Automotive

    Måned siden

    they’re not bad just ppl don’t maintain them and end up throwing performance mods on them. Maintenance comes first then performance. These cars are capable of making a lot of power with very little effort but that happens to be its downfall since ppl with very little knowledge of modding a car ends up in their hands. If you looking for one try to get one stock if not make sure all preventative maintenance had been done. And get parts from FCP Euros they offer lifetime warranty on their parts. Do your research and you’ll be good.

  • Thomas Alcaraz
    Thomas AlcarazMåned siden

    I like the sitting outside working on stuff , lol feels like I'm at home

  • Johnny Burley
    Johnny BurleyMåned siden

    Having owned a 335xi, watching Adam struggle to remove the cowl, find the plugs, and pull the coils is hilarious. I’ve changed my coils and plugs in my campus parking lot 😂

  • JJsMods modified rc&Guns
    JJsMods modified rc&GunsMåned siden

    I miss my M3 so much the problems sucked at times but the drives was awesome in the Washington rain😁

  • pricey0986
    pricey0986Måned siden

    It became apparent that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was leaning in the late 1170s, after completion of the first three of the tower's planned eight stories. The leaning was caused by the uneven settling of the building's foundations in the soft ground. Also whenever Collete says the evo is the best car ever, somewhere the brapbunny is crying 😢

  • I'm OldRemiix
    I'm OldRemiixMåned siden

    the idubz clip LOL

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam EdwardsMåned siden

    8:20, stop being a weirdo bro.

  • Alex Rausa
    Alex RausaMåned siden

    Jordan likes to blow shit up so maybe find another tuner.

  • Carby Sutherland
    Carby SutherlandMåned siden

    Is the silver lancer for sale

  • boosted with shane
    boosted with shaneMåned siden

    Damm those anyone knows the exhaust setup

  • crowfacex
    crowfacexMåned siden

    I'm a mothafuckin' schemer boy, I'm a dreamer boy

  • Ray
    RayMåned siden

    Let this be a lesson to everyone thinking of getting into an N54... DONT!

  • Tourist Gambler
    Tourist GamblerMåned siden

    I feel like they keep doing rips on cold engines. am I wrong here?

  • Nicolai Mørk Brejnbjerg
    Nicolai Mørk BrejnbjergMåned siden

    Hey @Adam LZ I'll pay for shipping and give you a 1000$ if you sell me the 335i. I live in Denmark, so we could figur something out with you borring it for a lap or two on Nürburgring A pretty good deal i would say! ☺️

  • Chris Gohl
    Chris GohlMåned siden

    I'd love to show you my race car I have built ka in it cackles like a monster like a big block V8 it's impressive

  • Supreme Brent
    Supreme BrentMåned siden

    I will buy the 335i from you for more than 500, I live in California I'm a long time subscriber!!! Love the channel and everything you do with it!!!!

  • Rs Adz
    Rs AdzMåned siden

    you can always tell when adam has had to much coffee such a great laugh and nice throw back with the bmw next to og line up cream s13 ,r32 an mustang always love the video's adam

  • Billy S
    Billy SMåned siden

    I share the same headache, and my wife hates me for it lol

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack DanielsMåned siden

    My bud does a nasty MHD tune to your liking for a fair price, I own a 335xi 07 N54 with his tune on it and the car is fast but also reliable on the motor!

  • Euro Diamonds
    Euro DiamondsMåned siden

    I had those coil packs on my car caused nothing but problems swapped them out for some eldor coil been good since

  • Squidward's House
    Squidward's HouseMåned siden

    This video reminded me to never buy a BMW

  • Cooled Films
    Cooled FilmsMåned siden

    Take it to EuroMpire in Matthews, NC

  • Bobby Byrd
    Bobby ByrdMåned siden

    Dude has no clue how to use this engine to it’s full potential

  • Brendan Logan
    Brendan LoganMåned siden

    Let me get that 335i!!!! I got a 500hp upgraded twins 335

  • Jesse Arquette
    Jesse ArquetteMåned siden

    How much for the yellow fd

  • Jose Mango
    Jose MangoMåned siden

    My bmw got taken from me I miss it

  • Xbox Master
    Xbox MasterMåned siden

    Yo adam let me buy this 335.

  • LegacyDan610
    LegacyDan610Måned siden

    your cranking the engine over too much on the compression test, engine should only rotate or "puff on the gauge" 5 times

  • Richie Nyaga
    Richie NyagaMåned siden

    I fw this content. If there is any way can you make more vids. I love the 335i platform. Love your vids

    GRIMLIN MS3Måned siden

    Oil is either rings turbo or blow by leak down test will tell you

    GRIMLIN MS3Måned siden

    Leak down test it see whats up itll tell everything you need to know about the chamber boosted cars can make compression it doesnt mean its holding all the boost

  • RubiKong Her
    RubiKong HerMåned siden

    Obv it's a BMW. Always burning oil because their seals are wack!

  • Tuco Erquilenne
    Tuco ErquilenneMåned siden

    I say go for the super car !!

  • Memes
    MemesMåned siden

    bro he has a moustache now lol and remember when he would ride the creamer

  • Eric Prosch-Jensen
    Eric Prosch-JensenMåned siden

    17:07 rofl, glad you got that on camera.

  • SEvolve
    SEvolveMåned siden

    ''Are the spark plugs under the coil packs?'' - Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to put down the wrench and step away from the vehicle. NOW!

  • Mask-up Mafia
    Mask-up MafiaMåned siden

    It's all your direct injectors

  • Mask-up Mafia
    Mask-up MafiaMåned siden

    You need a catch can and a r

  • Team Slap
    Team SlapMåned siden

    How much for the fd, email for inquires?