Adam LZ | Best of 2020 Pt. 1


What an insane year! So much happened that our poor little computers couldn't handle rendering it into one four hour long video. Being able to look back at the year is pretty special to me - as I've never had time to sit down and go through every video to make a compilation. Super grateful for Mike doing this - hope you enjoy reliving some of the best moments together! Part 2 should be up later this week... it takes quite a bit of time to edit these and then go back for a second pass to cut stuff out. Happy New Year!


  • Mason Hayes
    Mason Hayes2 dager siden

    His life is such a vibe ngl

  • Alish Rai
    Alish Rai4 dager siden

    Love you love you

  • Lil C
    Lil C5 dager siden

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  • Rydnorth
    Rydnorth9 dager siden

    You and Jimmy are hilarious 😂

  • benjamin k033
    benjamin k03314 dager siden

    17:00 if the driver crash u all dead

  • Kristopher kiliadis
    Kristopher kiliadis14 dager siden

    Lol the voodoo doughnuts shops started here in eugene where I live.

  • Brayden Parsons
    Brayden Parsons15 dager siden

    Vapes- we got the best clouds! Adam LZ- think again😈

  • Van Weiler
    Van Weiler16 dager siden


  • Crysis11m
    Crysis11m18 dager siden

    9:35 when cars shift like that do they have a clutch or no?

  • Cameron Blair
    Cameron Blair24 dager siden

    Collette nearly dies Adam: that might make a good drift car

  • Dick Butkys
    Dick Butkys24 dager siden

    1:18:25 if you know you know

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan24 dager siden


  • Robert
    Robert27 dager siden

    I like perc30s 😐

  • Jack Walls
    Jack WallsMåned siden

    Luke fink (an Aussie in America) they’ll show you how to drive lmao

  • Walter FJK
    Walter FJKMåned siden

    Great year in review! 👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥

  • Aaron Copperthwaite
    Aaron CopperthwaiteMåned siden


  • Han Lu
    Han LuMåned siden

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  • Braydon Frank
    Braydon FrankMåned siden

    i’m so proud of you bro i remember when me and my buddy would watch your bmx videos twice a day! and now we’re both into cars bc of you thank you for being the guy i look up to!!!

  • Will Delaney
    Will DelaneyMåned siden

    i too, wish to someday have so much money that i drive my cars like i'm in forza horizon.

  • Baby Jock Piya
    Baby Jock PiyaMåned siden

    @26:58 that’s not a very well set up thipi🤣🤣🤣

  • 55 frostie.
    55 frostie.Måned siden

    The part where the car went sideways back and forth he tried to grab a non existent e-brake

  • Alxklla
    AlxkllaMåned siden

    Where’s that canyon run though ??

  • Nik Liinamaa
    Nik LiinamaaMåned siden

    Best part was making fun of that truck with the tiny hood scoop “that’s gotta be like 10 more horse power”

    GODLY NAMEMåned siden

    23:50 porn for my ears .

  • Bl3
    Bl3Måned siden

    11:54 ok we all saw you trying to take out your belt like in a normal car

  • Nick D.
    Nick D.Måned siden

    What is the song at 3:00? I know it I have it on a Spotify play list but I can’t put my finger on it

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis SmithMåned siden

    Imagine having 4 hrs worth of sick footage from 2020 haha 😂 lol i probs have about 2 minutes

  • Swag Gamer1000
    Swag Gamer1000Måned siden

    Rip to the corvette tho damn

  • Norbert Krasovski
    Norbert KrasovskiMåned siden

    The drone shot with them drifiting over the valley! Ou my was that good :)

  • Richy Orr
    Richy OrrMåned siden

    the first clip with the scoobies

  • Logan hogan
    Logan hoganMåned siden

    What the hell is under your nose?

  • Can O Frikin Beans
    Can O Frikin BeansMåned siden

    My mans broke 3rd... I'm dead lmaooo

  • Burtoni Motors
    Burtoni MotorsMåned siden

    Round of applause for Mike - that's a lot of content to go through

  • Bailo1209
    Bailo1209Måned siden


  • Bailo1209
    Bailo1209Måned siden


  • Bailo1209
    Bailo1209Måned siden


  • Ryan Snook
    Ryan SnookMåned siden

    That breakdown was dirt nasty doe 🤘

  • Andy Peak
    Andy PeakMåned siden

    I would like to meet you I'm in Florida I'm form Missouri

  • Queazii
    QueaziiMåned siden

    Wait Chelsea Grin?! Yo I have even more respect now.

  • Mr Steal Ur Toes
    Mr Steal Ur ToesMåned siden

    Anyone else a big fan of the shot brown chaser🤭

  • SENATLA Motsau
    SENATLA MotsauMåned siden

    Did yall see map from fr legends

  • Roycee
    RoyceeMåned siden

    I remember when he did bmx😂😂

  • Luigi Bros.
    Luigi Bros.Måned siden

    My favorite clip has to be at 1:11:11 with Adam's Imbiamba Jombes impression. Its awesome seeing two separate and completely unrelated communities meet each other like that

  • Sander J
    Sander JMåned siden

    Loved the vid enjoyed it very much

  • supreme
    supremeMåned siden

    Dammm imagen having a car with 700 horse power. My life will be completed 😭

  • Gsgsh jsmsms
    Gsgsh jsmsmsMåned siden

    First time i hear *get out of here dog* and its an actual dog

  • gamesINaction
    gamesINactionMåned siden

    "Don't try this at home". Ok im gonna try that on the streets instead!

  • TurboColtGT
    TurboColtGTMåned siden

    10's in the 1/8 is not impressive

  • 24scale_shorts
    24scale_shortsMåned siden

    Thank god that shitty mustang is gone, Barra swap a dumbass I’m kidding, but I don’t think that was a good idea lol

  • OJ Young
    OJ YoungMåned siden

    Ain’t nothing better than the original supra

  • Terrance Russell
    Terrance RussellMåned siden

    Im rewatching this and all i think of is carwash and chelsea grin👌 the perfect combo

  • Leon Mclaughlin
    Leon MclaughlinMåned siden

    Done favorite clip you had me at donut montage that was amazing

  • Cyt H
    Cyt HMåned siden

    Do you think i will watch 2 hour long video? Yes i will

  • Samuel Landyx
    Samuel LandyxMåned siden

    Why did U stop making box vids

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22Måned siden

    1:54:33 is just perfect

  • Fruit Salad
    Fruit SaladMåned siden


  • Domonic Zatylny
    Domonic ZatylnyMåned siden

    yo was that fielding there too

  • wildboidom m
    wildboidom mMåned siden

    Subscribe to my channel for gaming content.

  • David Valles
    David VallesMåned siden

    5:24 is my favorite

  • Vogurt
    VogurtMåned siden


  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael GoodwinMåned siden

    Those tandem drives are so dangerous lol love em though

  • Glockspecific
    GlockspecificMåned siden

    Where is Yohan?

  • raptor 777
    raptor 777Måned siden

    Man! the shot at the teepee was just phenomenal!

  • Olivier Beaulieu
    Olivier BeaulieuMåned siden

    haven't watched you in a looooooong time i remember those BMX days hope you doing well!!

  • Frank Lanois
    Frank LanoisMåned siden

    My fav is....wait ...don't remember if its on your channel or Cleetus's?.. the time you had a ride in Ruby.... its was dark... all you hear is a nice rip from Ruby then seconds later you my friend Adam said to Cleet "plz lets not do this again "... best ride along I've seen since Chong told Cheech to drop him at the next stop when ask where to

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce LarsonMåned siden

    You can tell Adam has had Australian Burnout Training :P

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton DanielsMåned siden

    U and Tommy together in he’s truck LS but I really like the clip Of u and Tommy in the e36 foshow the beast video 🤘

  • Brody Williams
    Brody WilliamsMåned siden

    chelsea grin tho

  • Evan Colwell
    Evan ColwellMåned siden

    great video

  • Dee Choi
    Dee ChoiMåned siden

    Idk why LZ's mustache bugs me 😆

  • JamesD123
    JamesD123Måned siden

    The supras spool sounds like a spaceship

  • Its SINR
    Its SINRMåned siden

    Life goals

  • Caiden McBride-Champlin
    Caiden McBride-ChamplinMåned siden

    yea adam i have game for u to play, its about driftin and its like real life, carx drifting online, i think its on every console and pc

    FLVCKO 4PRESiDENTMåned siden

    instead of grabbing telephone i think its rather clever to take the extinguisher.. hmm just sayin

  • Nathan gang
    Nathan gangMåned siden

    At the start of the video that rs6 remindes me of savage garge

  • Cod Swim
    Cod SwimMåned siden

    Throwback to the people here when he was doing bmx. Miss those days

  • Mozetty
    MozettyMåned siden

    luke is a good dad doesnt want his kids or wife hurt so asks for a friend to drive them then proceeds to drift in the dirt XD

  • rred510
    rred510Måned siden

    Anybody know what song is playing on the radio at 33:52?

  • rred510


    Måned siden

    I figured it out! "Translate" by Too Close to Touch

  • Marshall Mills
    Marshall MillsMåned siden

    Love you man, awesome seeing the growth in your channel

  • Ryan pro
    Ryan proMåned siden

    It’s my dream to own a car identical to your creame 240 🥺

  • Vashaun Roberts
    Vashaun RobertsMåned siden

    R.I.P. the the C4

    PBNJ TVMåned siden

    just me or does the nitrous bottle carriage look like its rocking around 9:50 in the supra

  • Sierra and Nick
    Sierra and NickMåned siden

    i just watched this whole thing

  • Bram Reinders
    Bram ReindersMåned siden

    Hahah back in the day whem shullmans 240sx was red and not burned out

  • Chef'n It Up With Charles
    Chef'n It Up With CharlesMåned siden

    What’s the song at 3:00?

  • John Munday
    John MundayMåned siden

    Keep doing these every year thanks

  • Jake Fletcher
    Jake FletcherMåned siden

    the z is leroys punk step brother

  • SpecialChunk USA
    SpecialChunk USAMåned siden

    The intro needs an epilepsy warning

  • vogue mist
    vogue mistMåned siden

    The steady farmer suprisingly preserve because power acutely heal barring a ancient cotton. sparkling, empty rice

  • Luke Wells
    Luke WellsMåned siden

    Car: Gets totaled Adam: "this would make a really good drift car."

  • Gamer Bread Baker
    Gamer Bread BakerMåned siden

    dude whats that mustache where'd your normal face go

  • Likeaboss740
    Likeaboss740Måned siden

    The best part was when you were half way out of the car doin a doughnot😂

  • TheLove Spartan117
    TheLove Spartan117Måned siden

    Favorite part was everything!

  • CorHen
    CorHenMåned siden

    Shave your face weirdo

  • stunt Rider vlogs
    stunt Rider vlogsMåned siden

    Why does the blue cars blow off valve sound like a toy gun sound

  • strongocho
    strongochoMåned siden

    8:46 This is why I love Adam LZ. He behaves like an 8 year old that never grew up but now has a ton of money.

  • Gallaway Racing
    Gallaway RacingMåned siden

    Is that one girl his new gf I thought he got married

  • ørlogskaptein
    ørlogskapteinMåned siden

    10:37 holy shit did he really just do that twice in a row lmao, anf this mans reaction time at 14:10 thats seriously some skill i didnt know adam lz had

  • JayC_n54
    JayC_n54Måned siden

    Anybody else the hear old man from the Simpsons yelling "Turn it Up...Turn it Up!!!!" On that intro sound!! Lol flashback to old movie theatre Dolby surround sound!!😂😂

  • Joesgoogle13 Justeasy123
    Joesgoogle13 Justeasy123Måned siden

    Is there a valid email contact to contact Adam directly? not for bs