Barra GT350 - Pulled Over Testing PPG Sequential’s No Lift Shift


We got a little taste of fun in the last video - but this is where the sequential gets real good :)
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  • Jay Evolve
    Jay Evolve7 timer siden

    Fucking size of that turbo under the mustang!

  • Caleb Mansfield
    Caleb Mansfield17 timer siden

    please take the hood back off it looks no where near as good

  • Mahdi Ahmadi
    Mahdi Ahmadi2 dager siden

    Lol we have such a killa country we take it for granted, we hear a Barra in every street in the morning and see nice cars everywhere, and that’s a normal 🇦🇺❤️

    SHANEĪIĪKING2 dager siden

    Is it a 2jz in tha mustang or

  • Daniel Rodriguez Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Rodriguez3 dager siden

    if your going to sell then ship to me in australia

  • Robin Tenghult
    Robin Tenghult4 dager siden

    get rid of it and buy a mk4 supra (much cooler)

  • ron miller
    ron miller5 dager siden

    its gonna be hard to pull like a man when your

  • raider762
    raider7626 dager siden

    I'd say keep it.

  • Skim Beeble
    Skim Beeble6 dager siden

    It's not everyday you will get your hands on a Barra so hold onto it.

  • Zachary Oldfield
    Zachary Oldfield7 dager siden

    what was that beeping when he got pulled over?

  • AGR N7
    AGR N78 dager siden

    Dude it sounds so goodddd 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • BLaQz84
    BLaQz848 dager siden

    Keep the car... It;s kinda symbolic of your careers growth...

  • Ryker Smith
    Ryker Smith9 dager siden


  • Dylan Schulz
    Dylan Schulz10 dager siden

    I've really been enjoying your new content. I kinda faded out about 6 months ago but it's cool to see what you've been up to lately. That gt350 is insane.

  • Ryan Fazackerley
    Ryan Fazackerley11 dager siden

    Please shave the moustache off

  • Pascal Schlieker
    Pascal Schlieker12 dager siden

    Adam keep the RS! The 991.2 is the best looking 🤝

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers12 dager siden

    I need a Barra. ASAP 🤤😆

  • Emma Pringle #194
    Emma Pringle #19413 dager siden

    13:54 i hear motocross in the background 😂

  • CTM
    CTM15 dager siden

    good lord. this thing is absolutely insane lmao

  • Logan Vanderburg
    Logan Vanderburg15 dager siden

    what’s the song at the end of the video

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _15 dager siden

    **gets a ticket on the street** **goes to track**

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _15 dager siden

    The GT3 is literally like top of the list in my dream cars that I ogle over yet am too poor to even look at but hey. Not my car not my decision.

  • Davies Media Design
    Davies Media Design15 dager siden

    Fellow UCF Knight NOprojectsr here - just subbed!

  • Søren Voss
    Søren Voss16 dager siden

    Keep the gt3 rs!!! It’s a piece of art

  • Nick Beucler
    Nick Beucler17 dager siden

    wait am i tripping? it sounds so different than a gt350

  • young Broskie beats
    young Broskie beats17 dager siden

    Now its spicey

  • Tyler The Boss
    Tyler The Boss17 dager siden

    You start the ad rant about Brinks and shit, i skip ahead 45 seconds

  • Luchador
    Luchador18 dager siden

    Barra go zoom

  • josiahkun
    josiahkun18 dager siden

    12:25 Lmao Adam looks like Adam Sandler

  • Dante Tedesco
    Dante Tedesco19 dager siden

    Looks like this guys are in Tampa FL?

  • Plan_K
    Plan_K19 dager siden

    Adam needs to go back in the Civic with BosstedBois

  • Julio Castro
    Julio Castro19 dager siden

    Tell me why im watching this in my car while on break at work, and when he was pulling over i put my seatbelt on🤣🥸👨🏽‍🦯

  • M Davis
    M Davis20 dager siden

    keep it, don't get the new one if it means that much.

  • YTho //SMM
    YTho //SMM20 dager siden

    Sequential needs to be broken in basically, they are clunky for the first couple weeks and it should loosen up on the low gears

  • Diogo Ramos
    Diogo Ramos20 dager siden

    Keep the GT3

  • Adam
    Adam20 dager siden

    My first ticket was when I was 16, got pulled over for 81 in a 45 and got reckless driving and had to go to court

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson21 dag siden

    I would of asked the cop to get you on radar at the speed limit to check your speedo and video it

  • urasluzz
    urasluzz21 dag siden

    Ahhhhhh did you legit just say barras don’t like limiter? ..... wow come to aus bro come to aus 😂

  • Caleb Dorn
    Caleb Dorn21 dag siden

    You should’ve went and done the testing at the freedom factory

  • Tato.
    Tato.22 dager siden

    i got two tickets in january smh both doing 50 over smh

  • David Parr
    David Parr22 dager siden

    Freedom factory is looking rough....

  • Easton Johnson
    Easton Johnson22 dager siden

    Do you still have the Miata???

  • mitch howarth
    mitch howarth22 dager siden

    Don't sell !!!

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams22 dager siden

    What kind of rims are those please

  • Travis Williams

    Travis Williams

    22 dager siden

    @adam lz

  • Xavier Hoffmann
    Xavier Hoffmann22 dager siden

    people who want a bmx vids [cant find the fingure emoji]

  • Bros Rebuilds
    Bros Rebuilds23 dager siden

    Bro I want this car 🥺

  • Jordan Weimer
    Jordan Weimer23 dager siden

    That thing is sick.

  • Andre Dillard
    Andre Dillard23 dager siden

    it shifts like a acr viper

  • Andre Dillard
    Andre Dillard23 dager siden

    I luv watching yo vlogs I've been subscribed to yo youtube channel for years even watch yo vlogs on facebook

  • Thkfast
    Thkfast23 dager siden

    Hi officer, I'm Adam LZ and I have a NOprojects channel with over 3,000,000 subscribers. Boom - instant warning, no ticket - 100% guaranteed.

  • Wayne Ireland
    Wayne Ireland23 dager siden

    Are you trying to pull the stick outa the gearbox.ya need to wacth some v8 supercar gear shifts.peace

  • logan jensen
    logan jensen23 dager siden

    Get a taller shift so it’s easier to shift

  • Wow Mang
    Wow Mang23 dager siden

    I would buy it if I had the money

  • Faaarzy
    Faaarzy23 dager siden

    Officer : do you know why I pulled you over ? Adam : cuz I let you ???

  • thomas frye
    thomas frye23 dager siden

    Raffle it off

    DRO2GANG23 dager siden

    Gets pulled over, “okay let’s go to the track” 😂😂

  • AWD Obsession
    AWD Obsession23 dager siden

    Don’t sell the GT3RS!

  • Ƒrοηʑie
    Ƒrοηʑie23 dager siden

    No one gonna talk about the beat in the shifting the gears bruh

  • CalderClan 0121
    CalderClan 012124 dager siden

    7:36 did they bleep out "god damn it"???

  • Mitchell Hunt-Sharman
    Mitchell Hunt-Sharman24 dager siden

    bruh, in australia if you got caught doing 112 km/h in a 70km/h zone you'd lose your license on the spot.

  • fred banda
    fred banda24 dager siden

    Under the tunnel my goodness🔥

  • Cj Mcfly92
    Cj Mcfly9224 dager siden

    Keep the gt350 you can just buy the new one haha dont front anyway you got a one of a kinda car the so much people owned but not 1 like yours!!

  • Ryker Thompson
    Ryker Thompson24 dager siden

    We need "get lost in the sauce " merch asap

  • Hectik
    Hectik24 dager siden

    TH400 will solve all your problems and Barra will love it

  • doctajuice
    doctajuice24 dager siden

    Harder to shift in lower gears because the difference in speed between input and output shafts is more. All the gears are under greater torque load in lower gears

  • SativaDesigns/TreZGFX
    SativaDesigns/TreZGFX24 dager siden

    Who else thought he meant he bought lugnuts 😭

  • Loic Devaux
    Loic Devaux24 dager siden

    Adam: Explains clutch and sequential to the cop. The cop: English?

  • Noah Greer
    Noah Greer24 dager siden

    keep this generation

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith25 dager siden

    Extend the shifter, much easier to change

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin25 dager siden

    There's nothing that would make me swap out the Brembo's for GT rotors.

    SAVION WELLS25 dager siden

    18:20 best pull so far

  • caleb mullen
    caleb mullen25 dager siden

    you should try doing your tuning pulls on some country back roads or something where there are fewer people around and an open road, or Mabey is only us people in the midwest with that kind of luxury, but who knows. you might also want to make you shifter the same height as the one in the s15.

  • Zdark1
    Zdark125 dager siden

    Why did Adam say he is not supposed to no lift shift while it's spinning?

  • thacher longstreth
    thacher longstreth25 dager siden

    sell the gt3

  • Jimmynine120
    Jimmynine12025 dager siden

    What was the guy yelling at the end of the video? And why lol

  • glock modder
    glock modder25 dager siden

    tag team and knuckle swap sound very funny in the same sentence! next time dont stop 😆

  • Meat Missile F1-11
    Meat Missile F1-1125 dager siden

    Take the money and run. You need fresh stuff for content. I wouldn't even bother buying a new GT3, get something cooler.

  • Mason Lake
    Mason Lake25 dager siden

    No upload today? :(

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley25 dager siden

    In a 45 good job they didn’t catch you on other days when you are doing way over 100 on that road 😂

  • Geoffrey Orsini
    Geoffrey Orsini25 dager siden

    Because it’s a weissach, I would not sell it, I would hold on to it

  • Isaac Shapiro
    Isaac Shapiro25 dager siden

    yeah dont sell. keep the GT3RS

  • --
    --25 dager siden

    Consistent driving helps with tuning. Just saying...

  • Erik Medina
    Erik Medina25 dager siden

    I would sell and get a new one

  • michael slater
    michael slater25 dager siden

    Nahh g keep the gt3rs now

  • disklozure gaming
    disklozure gaming25 dager siden

    Don't sell it man trust me you'll regret it forever i had a 97 plymouth laser with the original DOHC engine i sold it and have been looking for it for about 4 years now i know that these two cars don't even compare but it is still something you regret

  • Hunter Walker
    Hunter Walker25 dager siden

    Dudeee you warned me from doing pulls on that road I have taken my data logs/pulls elsewhere unfortunate you got roped brotha hate to see it. Ala ain’t it😂

  • joão rodolpho Porto d'Ave
    joão rodolpho Porto d'Ave25 dager siden

    keep it

  • MrDillon2029
    MrDillon202925 dager siden

    It sounds so rough and clanky

  • Aaron MacQuesten
    Aaron MacQuesten25 dager siden

    Man this thing sounds like a beast!

  • Matt Barros
    Matt Barros25 dager siden

    Seems a lot faster in the car lol

  • 401 msfts
    401 msfts25 dager siden

    Please don’t sell your gt3

  • Curt Thompson
    Curt Thompson25 dager siden

    Give it away, that way one of your subscribers gets it and gets to enjoy it!

  • Kruxial Papi
    Kruxial Papi25 dager siden

    Can you give us some updates on your dads r 32 it’s been a minute since I seen the car

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson26 dager siden

    Adam, how cool would it be to do a Barra swap in a newer Raptor... Just to blow up the internet! LMFAO The new 2021 Raptor still just has the 3.5L twin turbo V6, but was rumored to have the new GT500's drive-train to go up against the new TRX Ram with the Hellcat in it.

  • Ida hoe
    Ida hoe26 dager siden

    "adam L zed"

  • Damien Britz
    Damien Britz26 dager siden

    Please don’t sell the gt3rs

  • Chris Nipple
    Chris Nipple26 dager siden

    Where does this guy get all of his money?

  • dylan dinino
    dylan dinino26 dager siden

    "Are ya spinnin' son?"

  • Shane Webber
    Shane Webber26 dager siden

    what is the blinker make the extra clicks for? i like that

  • Duramax Gaming
    Duramax Gaming26 dager siden

    Hey Adam idk if the cops were you are are the same but if you ask the cops if there are any roads that you can do street testing/tuning they will tell you a road that doesn’t have a lot of traffic or houses were you can do it safely and they won’t bother you. Ik were I am in Worcester county Massachusetts Ik a lot of the cops but they sometimes help me out with street tuning and will set up a 1/4 mile up the road from me and radar me when I’m testing my 500hp Golf R and tell me what my speed was and stuff like that but that might only be because I’m good friends with them