Barra GT350's New Sequential Transmission!


Super excited to show you guys the new setup!
PPG Sequential Gearset -
American Powertrain T56 -
Monster LT1 RR Clutch -
Fathouse Fab Trans Build -
Quicktime Bellhousing -


  • Aaron K
    Aaron K9 dager siden

    Just had back surgery l5S1 herniated disc Posture is everything 👍 Activate them glutes

  • Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller26 dager siden

    So riddle me this why spend 16,000$ on ppg sequential internals , over a 1900$ S1 sequential t56 shifter?

  • Sam B
    Sam BMåned siden

    I herniated a disc two years ago. After two steroid shots and a bunch of physical therapy, the only thing that helped it heal was an inverter chair for traction

  • Julian
    JulianMåned siden

    Me: Yes! The gearbox is here! *Adam on the other hand* “Ooh they sent a hat!

  • Donald Whitlock
    Donald WhitlockMåned siden

    Goto a chiropractor. That’ll help alot

  • zev goldman
    zev goldmanMåned siden

    A good option for your back is Dr. Rahim D.C. on youtube. He seems to do wonders for many people.

  • JsR Gang
    JsR GangMåned siden

    What Car is he driving at the end?

  • Robin Tenghult
    Robin TenghultMåned siden

    the Mustang will be a driftcar.......

  • Little Evil
    Little EvilMåned siden

    Had back surgery and it didn’t not work. Good luck..

  • Matt with two T's
    Matt with two T'sMåned siden

    Fathouse Fab does some amazing gt350 work!

  • Jairo Garcia
    Jairo GarciaMåned siden

    “I eNjOy tHiS I ThInK cAuSe iDoNt nEed tO sHiFt aNd sPilL My CoFfEe”- him 7 vid ago or so

  • HxR6
    HxR6Måned siden

    PIN THIS! Fellow disc herniated person here. Herniated 3 freshman year of HS, 5 years later I’m fine. Dr Stuart McGill PhD (Waterloo university) helped me fix it, reading his book back mechanic. Adam if you can somehow get a consultation he can help fix it up, no surgery just like I did. GUYS BUMP THIS SO ADAM SEES

  • obs.on.40s
    obs.on.40sMåned siden

    I know the guy that bought the old transmission

  • Amir small
    Amir smallMåned siden

    Drag Race Ken’s Hoonicorn That Would Be Cool 😅

  • AimSucker
    AimSuckerMåned siden

    Adam wonderin why he got a bad back 3:10 also adam

  • Jack Long
    Jack LongMåned siden

    All you can do really is physio/chiropractor and stretches and exercises for your back I have the exact same problem

  • Automobuilds
    AutomobuildsMåned siden

    They make autos that are great in the 1/4 and can be manually shifted on the street. So many options these days! Sequentials are siiiick!

  • Taylor King
    Taylor KingMåned siden

    Anyone else get scared when the radar detector went off out of habit....

  • Lorry Stagg
    Lorry StaggMåned siden

    PPG the same guys that make car paint?

  • Devian Surya
    Devian SuryaMåned siden

    Barra squential + anti lag is monster

  • Justin Homan
    Justin HomanMåned siden

    damn i really want the stock fd, been searching and there really isnt any in decent condition like that out there

  • Kaiden Young
    Kaiden YoungMåned siden

    I'm loving these videos, but we need more pissing about with stuff its very amusing

  • Jordi Mateo
    Jordi MateoMåned siden

    Please let us know if you find a solution to your back issues Adam. I have been struggling with herniated discs the past 3 years. I’m 36 and it sucks. I haven’t been able to ride bikes, snowboard or play soccer in years now. I have no idea how you drift with this kind of pain. I have had two lumbar epidurals to date and I still deal with constant pain. Dreaming of better days where I can get my life back but until then all I can do is hope. Good luck to you and yours.

  • Randomness
    RandomnessMåned siden

    bro i had it earlier this month jus give it 2 weeks and dont bend a lot

  • Patrick Johansson
    Patrick JohanssonMåned siden

    i would still an dlove to see Adam go gym workout! Like workout plan =) maybe hit Steve Cook up , if he lives close , or maybe BullyJuice, Snewj , Bradley Martyn ,or Anllela Sagra , or maybe do a partnership with Bodybuilding this would be cool =D check it up =D about the shell would be awesome to see a like pc setup in it =D and maybe some fun =D

  • J. Conran
    J. ConranMåned siden

    Am I the only one who preferred the hood-less 350?

  • Andrew STERGIOU
    Andrew STERGIOUMåned siden

    Yo adam ya know you could always guve me a car 😄.

  • Justin Huss
    Justin HussMåned siden

    Go to a physical therapist. Do your research.

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose MendezMåned siden

    I can’t believe this man says that RS6 is slow, that shit took off so fast on that light

  • 3z willie
    3z willieMåned siden

    Go to @dralextubio that would help both of you guys out

  • Big Perm Garage
    Big Perm GarageMåned siden


  • Landon Bussieres
    Landon BussieresMåned siden

    I herniated a disc in my lower back when I was like 6 or 7 now I'm 13 and I think it was probably because my spine was shaped like an S

  • Ello
    ElloMåned siden

    How much will it cost?

  • cheezeisgood555
    cheezeisgood555Måned siden

    Just need an external gate now

  • Kai Mcnaughton
    Kai McnaughtonMåned siden

    You need to do a actual launch in the rs6

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler SmithMåned siden

    Adam for real 100% go to the chiropractor for your back they can most likely help the most with your back

  • MeatyPotato Cactus
    MeatyPotato CactusMåned siden

    Not sure if you’ll read this mate, I had a bludging disc L5 lower back as well, hitting nerves, I couldn’t walk some days. Honestly the only thing that helped after trying literally everything was getting out and walking and doing low impact stretching and exercises. I spent thousands of dollars and many months to get no result but from a physiotherapist teaching me the correct stretches to do and what to avoid and do to make my body better again. Granted I’m in Australia so not sure what your health care is like over there, but from literally not being able to lie down, sit, stand or any kind of existing with the back pain, I’m telling you if you even read this Adam to take care of your back man and limit high impact. Push bikes do not make it better at all, if anything you put more strain on the back. Take care mate.

  • John Hill
    John HillMåned siden

    About time!

  • KevBot
    KevBotMåned siden

    I’ve had the same issue with my back. Try doing a lot of decompression and massages will make it feel so much better. Hope this helps. Please continue to share your journey

  • Espresso and Turbos
    Espresso and TurbosMåned siden

    Massage, Massage, Massage!!!!!! Go get yourself a good Legit, Massage. Stretch, and get massages regularly. Friend of mine had disk surgery, was out of work for months, and never had good luck with healing until he started massages regularly.

    REVV DAILYMåned siden

    I can see Collette's Barbie

  • Matheus Ferreira
    Matheus FerreiraMåned siden

    4:13 that's what she said lmao

    THE CHANNELMåned siden

    Is he putting the RX 7s for sale ? If so why do that

  • Munashe Chigaba
    Munashe ChigabaMåned siden

    Why is everything always broken😂😂

  • MG_ StreetKandi
    MG_ StreetKandiMåned siden

    I'm not gonna lie...I gave up on this car when it got a auto..I was a fan of this car when Adam wasn't even the owner..Glad it's going back to manual!!!...👍🏁

  • Paul Mcwhirter
    Paul McwhirterMåned siden

    Had a similar back problem and then lost power of my leg so had surgery and had discs removed as I had lots of prolapsed discs , that was in 2016 and back is still bad , do not have surgery or let quacks try to fix them ,lie down and rest and tell Collette she’s on catering duties

  • frogs
    frogsMåned siden

    Picking from a German, Japanese or an America made car? I'm not surprised the American car is left in the garage :0

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKidMåned siden

    Instead of selling cars why don't you get a bigger shop? You know you're not done buying cars.

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKidMåned siden

    Also the helical gears won't wear out like straight cut gears do.

  • Ryan Warner
    Ryan WarnerMåned siden

    The gt350 is going to turn into an RTR drift car. Just give it time.

  • HockeyDude 99
    HockeyDude 99Måned siden

    I had a lot of back problems and I have how to a chiropractor which has helped a lot

  • Steven Plaskett
    Steven PlaskettMåned siden

    Should of put a 4g63 in the yellow car with some boostin performance mods it would eat your Evo for breakfast and be super reliable

  • Steven Plaskett
    Steven PlaskettMåned siden

    Yeah Trevor's 2j mustang clutch is garbage everyone hates driving the car on the street

  • Steven Plaskett
    Steven PlaskettMåned siden

    Jumping the motion auto taxi was probably a dumb idea gaurentee that messed your back up pretty badly

  • Thomas Mortinger
    Thomas MortingerMåned siden

    I think Adam should go coyote swap for the s15 instead of an LS 👍👎who is with me

  • Ryan Hamann
    Ryan HamannMåned siden

    I had my back like that too was 3 discs and one pinching a nerve, I had surgery took an hour, down for couple days but back to work within 2 weeks.

  • Sayjito Mojito
    Sayjito MojitoMåned siden

    First american to have a barra project??

  • Daniel Wurthmann
    Daniel WurthmannMåned siden

    Exactly what happened to my back. I had to get epidural steroid injections into the disk. relieved pain very well

  • Two.pipes Entertainment
    Two.pipes EntertainmentMåned siden

    Ask garret If he could help you out with some storage space until you get the new building. He seems like a nice gentle giant 😂

  • ken Mackay
    ken MackayMåned siden

    What a perfect combination , Aussie Barra power and Aussie PPG gears , can't go wrong Adam ..

  • Ese De Ese
    Ese De EseMåned siden

    I had the same issue with my back yeara ago and the doctors didnt find a solution, everything sounded terrible. I started to visit a chiropractor and my back pain has vanished and its perfect now!! When back pain starts to appear doctors cannot do anything except givimg you drugs. Go and find a proper chiropractor.

  • Hurley 7840
    Hurley 7840Måned siden

    Do a tool box tour

  • JouJouSouSouCookie Abz
    JouJouSouSouCookie AbzMåned siden

    There goes dads money again

  • Leroy Jones
    Leroy JonesMåned siden

    Hey I've been down the lower back problem road. I've had 4 lumbar back surgeries from S1 to L3 and multiple injections and have figured alot to keepy my back strong and healthy( most you can do on your own and the results are better than anything the Drs have done!)

  • The Baked Baker413
    The Baked Baker413Måned siden

    1:50 smoke cannabis do yoga.

  • Callum Hennessy
    Callum HennessyMåned siden

    As an Aussie I'd just like to say epic choice of parts but the flywheel might end up in the moon. If you know you know haha

  • Joel Eaton
    Joel EatonMåned siden

    Start taking turmeric and pepper. Get yourself on an inversion table twice a day for about 10 minutes at a time and you won't need surgery. The turmeric and pepper will reduce the swelling. You could also try buckwheat. all three are natural anti inflammatory

  • Danyon Minck
    Danyon MinckMåned siden

    Go get dry needling done at your chiropractor that’s what helped my back from my bulging disc

  • Repzy
    RepzyMåned siden

    Adam! Give chiropractics a try before they have you do surgery, if any. Big picture that’ll provide a much better chance to get you better without necessarily changing your life in a drastic method.

  • Michael W
    Michael WMåned siden

    STEM CELLS MAN. It saved my good friend with similar back issues and kept him from surgery. Need to do physical therapy, and work on your back often to keep it at bay. You will regret getting surgery. You will never be the same, even thought you're in "pain" now.

  • S. Marlo
    S. MarloMåned siden

    New fd car ?

  • Rack
    RackMåned siden

    wheres bert

  • 神Azazel
    神AzazelMåned siden

    Remember when adam lz had a different mechanic? Me neither

  • christopher békési
    christopher békésiMåned siden

    The stiffness of the disc can be controlled by the ratio of the master and slave. In my machine, I have a higher ratio, giving you both a smoother transition and a softer pedal even tho the pressure plate is rated for 1000+hp

  • Repulse
    RepulseMåned siden

    not the rs6

  • Danny Beale
    Danny BealeMåned siden

    Sounds like you have Sciatica Adam. I suffer from it aswell.

  • david7delta
    david7deltaMåned siden

    As someone who also suffers from bulging disc issues, my inversion table is one of the best investments I've made in treating the condition. I ended up buying a 'teeter hang ups' inversion table. Whenever my bulging disc flares up, I follow this routine... Best time to use it, is directly before going to sleep. I hang upside down for a total of 10-20 minutes, this gently stretches your spine and relieves the pressure on the bulging disc. Then after exiting the inversion table I go directly to bed before my spine fully compresses. I would also wear a back brace during the day while I still felt any pain. Usually after a few days my back pain would go away. Bliss!! I also got into the habit of doing crunches whenever hanging in the inversion table as this helps strengthen your core and abbs. Good luck.

  • Juan Mesa
    Juan MesaMåned siden


  • Edvards Glāzers
    Edvards GlāzersMåned siden

    To feel better and get better you need to start exercising and doing inside muscles , like abs , side muscles , back muscles . Have had problems with my back for almost 3 years now and this is only thing that has helped + going to professional sports massage .

  • Josh Moore
    Josh MooreMåned siden

    See a chiropractor! Might take a few visits but you'll get better!

  • Ninja Riffic
    Ninja RifficMåned siden

    Adam go to a chiropractor i had same problem n it fixed it from 3 years ago

  • Steven Girdham
    Steven GirdhamMåned siden

    Give it the torque back that will test the transmission 🇦🇺my Barra has less horsepower but I have way more torque than this! Please give it more torque

  • wilf thomas
    wilf thomasMåned siden

    New to these sort of vids, what car youtubers do people recommend? Other than Adam lol I’ve watched half of his vids now

  • JB Grooves
    JB GroovesMåned siden

    Warning ⚠️ stay away from shifttech

  • JB Grooves
    JB GroovesMåned siden

    Warning ⚠️ stay away from shifttech

  • Liam 907
    Liam 907Måned siden

    Just wanna say your progress in fd is amazing your are many peoples inspiration love the vids keep it up

  • Trevor Leonard
    Trevor LeonardMåned siden

    Worse pain ever having herniated disc. Hope you get sorted.

  • Arkham Moto
    Arkham MotoMåned siden

    I don’t know if this is an old recording or if we are seeing the Barbie z getting fixed in the background

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey GomezMåned siden

    Surgery is the best route for that I been there done everything and the only thing that fix your disc problems is surgery Massachusetts has one of the best back surging he Name is jy lu he operated me and ever since I been ok no problems and I work on cars every day since ...

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony RamirezMåned siden

    I have 2 herniated discs and I have both nerves pinched. Ive been like this since i was 16 and im 36 now. I have been going to different Drs. and they all end up saying the say thing.... Spinal fusion

  • Joseph Donaldson
    Joseph DonaldsonMåned siden

    1000% please go paddles

  • Ek Seng Ng
    Ek Seng NgMåned siden

    OMg finally an update LOl

  • LYON$
    LYON$Måned siden

    ”It’s so stiff it’s almost like a workout, but im excited to feel this one” - Adam LZ 2021 (Official entry to the Inuendo Hall Of Fame)

  • Joe Flores
    Joe FloresMåned siden

    Hey Adam my name is Joe Flores I have a herniated S1 l5 and l5 l4 you need to do physical therapy to make core and hips stronger

  • H4z1m_ Baam
    H4z1m_ BaamMåned siden

    why not go to a chiropractic

  • Sebastian Duarte
    Sebastian DuarteMåned siden

    Drive the s13

  • Andrew Gee
    Andrew GeeMåned siden

    Didnt the car go up in flames a week ago? Or is this another mustang OR am I missing something here lol

    THE VR E36 DRIFTMåned siden

    😂🤣 Alam lz took them to Gapplebees damm 😂

  • exotic experiments
    exotic experimentsMåned siden

    This is going to be Sooo fucking sick

  • Kaden Hilfer
    Kaden HilferMåned siden

    Congratulations on hitting 3 million subscribers ive been watching for quite a few years now