Begging 1200hp M3 Man to tune my N54 (Gone Wrong)


Jordan of RKTUNES was in town to set some records with his M3 and I attempt to use my social influence to persuade him into tuning one of BMW's worst engines EVER. Let the fun begin -


  • braedyn matthews
    braedyn matthews17 timer siden

    Has johan lost weight? Also love that man’s art absolutely beautiful

  • David Molleson
    David Molleson15 dager siden

    Whaaaaaat???? I need to know where you got the BMX (BMW) emblems for your 335? Can you reply or DM me. Thanks man...

  • Dylan Black
    Dylan Black17 dager siden

    Bro I have a 08 135i alpine on terra-cotta had that same issue take your car in and have them replace all of the direct injectors if your on index 8 then yeah more so than not the seals give out. I had 2 go bad the day I brought my car home with 42k miles.

  • Unknown Man
    Unknown Man18 dager siden

    I Finally found mans music that plays

  • Players Kommittee
    Players Kommittee23 dager siden

    i’ll give you $1000 for it ✨she’s a beauty

  • Sam P
    Sam P27 dager siden

    Wanna smoke your engine go to rk

  • N P
    N P28 dager siden

    I'll give you £500 for the car, if it can be shipped to the UK?

  • Justbecause Alex
    Justbecause Alex29 dager siden

    I’ll give you 1500 for it lol

  • apashe974
    apashe974Måned siden

    There is a place in eastern europe where you can buy a forged N54 crankshaft good for 1200 hp for about 1300 euros Just sayin

  • MrAlexH
    MrAlexHMåned siden

    Got an eye for Vibrant now but still in love with HKS tho, love the vids, keep it up Adam 🤙

  • shakil n
    shakil nMåned siden


  • alom mia
    alom miaMåned siden

    beautiful work

  • momim nokla
    momim noklaMåned siden

    awesome work :-)

  • Kris
    KrisMåned siden

    Adam: So it's 2:30 am... Me: Oh yeah, it is 2:30. Crap...

  • Johnny Burley
    Johnny BurleyMåned siden

    Adam. I’ll give you $1,000 cash. Post on marketplace again 😂

  • Edgar C
    Edgar CMåned siden

    Adam always w the chill intro 💪🏽

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder NameMåned siden

    Cool, always seeing this guys name pop up when people talk tunes on various BMW forums.

  • alo farbi
    alo farbiMåned siden

    nice work

  • nila gazi
    nila gaziMåned siden

    know its good if it says

  • aloez baki
    aloez bakiMåned siden

    nice work

  • G0LDi3
    G0LDi3Måned siden

    Throw a b58 in it

  • Beatboxing Riven
    Beatboxing RivenMåned siden

    18:50 dont mind my eargasm button

  • shijan zia
    shijan ziaMåned siden

    like criminals for expired

  • mia shagar
    mia shagarMåned siden

    nice work

  • Urme Urme
    Urme UrmeMåned siden

    awesome work

  • Brandon Emerson
    Brandon EmersonMåned siden

    Shoulda bought a stinger :)

  • mokless vai
    mokless vaiMåned siden

    amazing work.

  • Haroon Khan
    Haroon KhanMåned siden

    What year is the car? Btw loving the tash

  • facon akter
    facon akterMåned siden

    Having a Supra

  • nokia coling
    nokia colingMåned siden

    awesome work

  • frariya urme
    frariya urmeMåned siden

    nice cars

  • Pathet1c
    Pathet1cMåned siden

    Who else didn’t know Jordan aka rktunes know Adam

  • Daily Driver Tracking
    Daily Driver TrackingMåned siden

    I've used Ken Atkinson to tune my N54 with MHD. Not every tuner is as experienced with the N54 as Ken is.

  • cwd 123
    cwd 123Måned siden

    Amazing work!!

  • Carter Horwitz
    Carter HorwitzMåned siden

    Adam: it’s small, subtle (Shows 4 inch muffler!!) like omg

  • Diesel Stuff With Dan
    Diesel Stuff With DanMåned siden

    Bro I just bought a 335i, a crashed one but you inspired me to buy one. E90 rental car silver, but it'll get wrapped and be mint

  • Aidan Oakes
    Aidan OakesMåned siden

    Ur fuel pump might be going bad

  • Aidan Oakes
    Aidan OakesMåned siden

    Check the HPFP

  • Areyousure
    AreyousureMåned siden

    Best advice I have learned from this channel and count less others. Stay the f away from BMWs. Unreliable nickel and dime you

  • Κωνσταντίνος Φερλεμης
    Κωνσταντίνος ΦερλεμηςMåned siden

    Your gameplan should be different engine... 2jz sucks

  • Luke Luke
    Luke LukeMåned siden

    Hey Adam, i wanna c your rim collection

  • CHOPPER Smith
    CHOPPER SmithMåned siden

    im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • John Gillis
    John GillisMåned siden

    One of BMW's worst engines? Strange comment lol

  • Oliveira 88
    Oliveira 88Måned siden

    Legend Português BR Please!!!

  • Freemaysin
    FreemaysinMåned siden

    i'll give you $1000 for it right now mines about dead =/

  • Matt Pulliam
    Matt PulliamMåned siden

    Since when did you get a Audi

  • Morgan Ireland
    Morgan IrelandMåned siden

    Adam" weird being in a new car that has a hood dump" Jordan" it's cool and it spits fire"

  • Donald Alm
    Donald AlmMåned siden

    now there will be 40 orders of 4" Titanium mufflers lol

  • Hypervizor
    HypervizorMåned siden

    ?? People are getting between 6-12k for 335i's.. depends on a lot of stuff. They are actually going back up in value.

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin GonzalezMåned siden

    Johan 🔥

  • Joakim Ovidth
    Joakim OvidthMåned siden

    Dude, these 335i´s are going for 35000 usd in Norway..

  • Harinder Singh
    Harinder SinghMåned siden

    B58 swap the e92 👀👀

  • Big Speedy G
    Big Speedy GMåned siden

    Adam starts hitting page up like crazy on the ol lap top 🔝 mid pull 😂😂

  • Khalil's Journey
    Khalil's JourneyMåned siden

    I knew it was your injectors but wasn’t sure if you were at index 12 already, I had the same issue with my n54 , glad y’all figured it out, excited for more

  • Kenan Kamaric
    Kenan KamaricMåned siden

    Bro what??!! I see people selling 335i’s(n54), for like 10-15k$.

  • ElectroMancer YT
    ElectroMancer YTMåned siden

    You gotta take him in the barra gt350

  • daryl wizzard
    daryl wizzardMåned siden

    Like water hose when a pipe is too big like 4" you lose flow pressure, unless there's 4" worth of pressure otherwise you lose torque.

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin ClarkeMåned siden

    don’t show that muffler talk to freshkiiicks lol

  • SIlver Cross
    SIlver CrossMåned siden

    3:53 ''its small'' are you ok adam damn i thought my exhaust was big xD

  • eric Sens
    eric SensMåned siden

    N54 is by no means one of BMWs worst motors ever. I’d argue it’s the 5th best behind s52, s54, b58, s58.

  • eric Sens

    eric Sens

    Måned siden

    hold on, you had index 8s? Come onnnnn haha

    LOCATORMåned siden

    Rk nyc all slaps

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer DaveMåned siden

    What does everyone think about the 2023 Formula Drift ProSpec (Pro2) changes?

  • Emme Motorsport
    Emme MotorsportMåned siden

    I would love to see any of your cars using Fueltech. They are a Brazilian company that produce ECU's for prepared cars. Widely used in sprints here in Brazil and in the USA as well. I invite you to know the brand's products.

  • Vincent Luciani
    Vincent LucianiMåned siden

    No ones gonna talk about the fact that Jordan smashed his finger nails off the hood and had no reaction at 20:30?!?!?!?!

  • Jeremy T
    Jeremy TMåned siden

    Yo I’m sorry. But I have never noticed how big Jordan’s ears are lol.

  • Fight For Freedom FFF
    Fight For Freedom FFFMåned siden

    26:45 thank me later

  • Garrett Pacatte
    Garrett PacatteMåned siden

    How is the N54 on of BMW's worst engines?

  • Noah Inman
    Noah InmanMåned siden

    Just me or is the picture quality suddenly way better??

  • Sneaky Visuals
    Sneaky VisualsMåned siden

    Super cool video!

  • TheKorzyKid
    TheKorzyKidMåned siden

    Anyone else think RK is a Sam Lachow doppelgänger?

  • Supreme Brent
    Supreme BrentMåned siden

    I will buy the 335i from you for more than 500, I live in California I'm a long time subscriber!!! Love the channel and everything you do with it!!!!

  • Timothy Carter Jr
    Timothy Carter JrMåned siden


  • mph3500
    mph3500Måned siden

    That titanium exhaust is just next level artwork

  • Sam Fryer
    Sam FryerMåned siden

    Can’t wait to hear the r34’s first start! 🤤

  • Ľubomír Uhrín
    Ľubomír UhrínMåned siden

    Netflix: are you still watching? Somebodys daughter: 3:33

  • C Crowz
    C CrowzMåned siden

    I diddn't know this was the content I needed, but I'm glad I found it :)

  • JT Parreno
    JT ParrenoMåned siden

    Can you give me the bmw 335i please because I have a 2008 bmw 335i and I can’t even afford new injectors and I can’t afford to make it fast:(

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex ThompsonMåned siden


  • ZHP
    ZHPMåned siden

    ill buy it how much ?

  • ssmoly
    ssmolyMåned siden

    Johan is truly the man. It hurts my brain thinking about how he is fabing all of this titanium

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Brandon McNally
    Brandon McNallyMåned siden

    The r34 is literally going to be beyond perfect in every sense of the word. All of the brand new parts. The color scheme. The engine build. The attention to detail. Johans total artistry with the fucking exhaust. Everything is beyond perfect. I've never said this about a car and I'm totally against letting a masterpiece sit on display collecting dust and not doing what it's made to do but I'm legit nervous for him to drive it lolol

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre FilmsMåned siden

    Johan is the king of welding !

  • Gavin Horne
    Gavin HorneMåned siden

    Jordan is so funny. The videos are always great with him

  • Chowder Da Menace
    Chowder Da MenaceMåned siden

    Try an inversion table! I did it after 6 months of trying to cope with pain and use pain medication. Inversion table twice a day for 2 months like 5-10 minutes each session and I have no more pain and

  • SH4RK
    SH4RKMåned siden

    Running stock brakes on a 1200hp car NOICE!

  • Stephanie Sousa
    Stephanie SousaMåned siden

    If you buy the 350z rack as a g35 sedan it’s a lot cheaper

  • Zeke93
    Zeke93Måned siden

    your youtuber skills and cast are cool to watch thanks lZ

  • JDdrifter Z
    JDdrifter ZMåned siden

    start going to a physical therapist, not a chiropractor. chiro fixes temporary current misalignments, whereas working with a PT will get you doing exercises that are done for the long game/preventive work so it’ll get the area stronger and help keep future injuries happening

  • Leandro
    LeandroMåned siden

    If you don’t have index 12 injectors already they’re a must. My car cleared up completely after installing fresh 12s, Eldor oem coil packs and step 1 colder plugs. Walnut blast, no boost leaks/lines and I’ve been solid

  • Loren Kaski
    Loren KaskiMåned siden

    Make a watching you sticker with your face in the muffler

  • Chris Pires
    Chris PiresMåned siden

    I called it last video index 12s bro will fix ur problem

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347Måned siden

    I'd do injectors on the N54. They are known for leaking causing a rich running misfires once near 80-100 thousand miles. From the looks of those plugs id start there. I'd get the upgraded injectors and code the ECU for them. There is also a update from BMW that fixes a bunch of annoying issues that lead to failure of sensors that shouldn't have an issue to begin with. I've had good results with the upgraded Index 12 injectors from FCP Euro.

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347Måned siden

    3 hrs for 2 mac solenoids ? Shit !!!

  • Maliyah Daniel
    Maliyah DanielMåned siden

    You Need to make some bmx bmw badges

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347Måned siden

    You suck. I had to settle with 3 and a half inch inlet with my Vibrant titanium muffler. 🤨 Adam getting the special treatment. Lol. I agree. The quality of exhaust components Vibrant has is far better than anything any JDM is putting out there. For the money~ 300 for a full titanium high quality muffler, you can't beat Vibrant. I've been using their AN fittings, and other products for a while now, never had any issues with any of the build quality of exhaust components. For the sound with a full Ti, exhaust system, best out there by far. 🤙

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKidMåned siden

    You can tell hes from New York.

  • eel1331
    eel1331Måned siden

    24:11 wow that really puts into perspective how much work goes on behind the scenes. Adam doesn't even know when test day is lol that's like their own lil project

  • One K
    One KMåned siden

    Hey man I’ll take that car