Drifting the Cream S13 at the First Event of 2021!


Brought out 4 of the cars with all the homies to have some fun at OSW's first event of the year. It was a blast hopping between chassis and getting to see everyone shred! LZMFG.com


  • Chubbz
    Chubbz14 timer siden

    What pain are you in buddy we here for you and keep up the videos I love you!!

  • Lachlan Morgan
    Lachlan MorganDag siden

    need to know what front fenders marco has on his is300 :O

  • Jacob Wormnest
    Jacob WormnestDag siden

    Freddy needs to drive the bmw at more events, he slides that thing with ease

  • Ramarak prime87
    Ramarak prime874 dager siden

    I thought the eyes on corvette were lights

  • Daily dose of games
    Daily dose of games6 dager siden

    og car

  • Reiley Maiers
    Reiley Maiers7 dager siden

    Really enjoyed the cleaning b-roll. Amazing

  • kwozi
    kwozi9 dager siden

    the cream s13 is hands down my favorite car on earth

  • Douglas Fargo
    Douglas Fargo10 dager siden

    the s13 should be the car you dont drift. Its to nice too now.

  • Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu
    Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu12 dager siden

    So this is where people are running around spreading corona or what?

  • Tommy Laplante
    Tommy Laplante15 dager siden

    The z sounds so soft its incredible

  • Sammie Williams
    Sammie Williams15 dager siden

    i remember when adam first bought this car i have wanted on ever since

  • Jacob Montgomery
    Jacob Montgomery27 dager siden

    Love your videos.

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific28 dager siden

    Take a trip to a specialist and get your back fixed!

  • volcomXdiamond
    volcomXdiamond29 dager siden

    I didn’t know Freddy was actually a beast at drifting

  • Jason Giles
    Jason GilesMåned siden

    Is it an s13 or a 240sx???

  • Xenofon Tsimpogiannis
    Xenofon TsimpogiannisMåned siden

    Greatest part of the video, driving the pack back home after a great drift fun day.

  • Jerkin Phillips
    Jerkin PhillipsMåned siden


  • Dominic Newton
    Dominic NewtonMåned siden

    You were just nailing it in S13 like back in the days. Just so amazing man!!

  • diamel serrano
    diamel serranoMåned siden

    What nozzle is that?

  • Yohan Love
    Yohan LoveMåned siden

    Wait so lz upshifts once and then downshifts while ripping the ebrake ?

  • Tyrique Ross
    Tyrique RossMåned siden

    Skip from 1:22-5:14 you won’t regret it lmao

  • Ευστάθιος Σακίδης
    Ευστάθιος ΣακίδηςMåned siden

    this E36.... is a ffffffffffffffn beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrensky Moore
    Terrensky MooreMåned siden

    good ole fun

  • Supreme.209
    Supreme.209Måned siden

    so how do you like the e36 chassis so far adam!!?

  • Tyrone Deacon
    Tyrone DeaconMåned siden

    I didn’t realise Freddy could pedal that hard Jesus the 36 was smokinggggg 🥰🥰🤘🤘🤘

  • Riley Earls
    Riley EarlsMåned siden

    Still the best sounding SR to date

  • Clément Astier
    Clément AstierMåned siden

    16:30 come on red car may take the lead of this run so I could see France’s flag 🇫🇷 Nice content 👍

  • FrancoShqipe
    FrancoShqipeMåned siden

    The e36 is just crazy 😩😩🔥

  • Joshua Geronimo
    Joshua GeronimoMåned siden

    I think Freddy is the one person I didnt exactly know that drives, but dang he was ripping the E36

  • George Papovi
    George PapoviMåned siden

    I think E36 looks more powerful while drifting than any other cars u own... lol :D I love all these cars but that 1.5jz power is insane!! lets go

  • Oraine Morse
    Oraine MorseMåned siden

    The s13 is soo beautiful... i remember when the bumper was full of x marked zip ties 😂😂..loved the vid

  • mikeTECH
    mikeTECHMåned siden

    that GS is DIVINE

  • mikeTECH
    mikeTECHMåned siden

    something on the black Z is broken on the left rear....?

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347Måned siden

    The Vette is looking sick

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347Måned siden

    Adam, staggered pattern is a dirt track thing, Adam Yes Adam Lol. Adam.......

  • Enrique Cortez
    Enrique CortezMåned siden

    happy 3 mill 🥶🤯 miss the bmx videos 🥺😢

  • Heinrich Ranches
    Heinrich RanchesMåned siden

    Fucking goals man

  • Scott P
    Scott PMåned siden

    Wow 😳😳😳😁😁😁

  • Harry G13
    Harry G13Måned siden

    @illiminate x Adam

  • Nothing Nothinh
    Nothing NothinhMåned siden

    s13 sounds insane

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Not gonna lie but that s13 and the chaser look really nice in the sun wow I could look at that car all day it’s amazing to look at Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam😃👍

  • Noah Kälin
    Noah KälinMåned siden

    The way freddie ripped the e36 is absolutely mad duude... daaaamn

  • Ethan Crooks
    Ethan CrooksMåned siden

    Oh... so Freddy can DRIVE?!

  • Colton
    ColtonMåned siden

    E36 and chaser look and sound the best on track 🔥🔥

  • Jason Lesage
    Jason LesageMåned siden

    Love the Cream Dream 😍!! Best color ever!

  • Inverted Flips
    Inverted FlipsMåned siden

    me watching the shifter the whole time 👁👄👁

  • Enthrall Garage
    Enthrall GarageMåned siden

    Thats dope!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Andrew Dutch
    Andrew DutchMåned siden

    What a fuckin vibe, rad video of rad times. Mans living the dream

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro GarciaMåned siden

    Dude like honestly I’ve been waiting for this video for a long time. I’m glad to see the cream Machine out ✌🏽

  • popeye
    popeyeMåned siden

    I am literally in love with the s13 how do I see this in real life lol

  • Bradley Cook
    Bradley CookMåned siden

    Anybody know what wheels those are on the s13?

  • toxic6460
    toxic6460Måned siden

    just wait till the neighbors see me fire up my leaf blower after washing my car lol

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick SanchezMåned siden

    Whatever state they are in... they give zero fucks about Covid-19 😂

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden

    That cream s13 looks absolutely stunning. 100% my favorite car out of the LZ fleet

  • Jens MC
    Jens MCMåned siden

    that bimmer is a hardcore smokemachine!!!

  • blackmagic1966
    blackmagic1966Måned siden

    it is a dirt track thing

  • Heroic Gamer Plays
    Heroic Gamer PlaysMåned siden

    adam *chuckles* 'Im in alot of pain"

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice WilliamsMåned siden

    Wow whoever is flying those drones are awesome 🤩

  • ChillxBlacky
    ChillxBlackyMåned siden

    Whoever is flying the drone is goated

  • Alex Williams
    Alex WilliamsMåned siden

    That is a dirt track thing yes. We would throw on a LR spacer when the track got dry slick to tighten the car up

  • Troy Duncan
    Troy DuncanMåned siden

    i love that yellow 240sx drift i never have that ride drift -im deaf guy- from florida

  • Jimibonesjones
    JimibonesjonesMåned siden

    the 350z looks lie junk when did you start owning rudnik cars smh

  • Jimibonesjones


    Måned siden


  • Todd Fieldy_25
    Todd Fieldy_25Måned siden

    Trips me bro im Aussie always think Sherman just somehow learn to skid real good , then i remember it's God dang lhd

  • Todd Fieldy_25
    Todd Fieldy_25Måned siden

    Jimmayy pour some out for the haters haha

  • Nick Bresnahan
    Nick BresnahanMåned siden

    15:20 beauty

  • Danny B
    Danny BMåned siden

    Jimmy SO needs to move to FL!

  • Nick Bresnahan
    Nick BresnahanMåned siden

    love the look on the vette

  • Sur-Real Performance
    Sur-Real PerformanceMåned siden

    What wheels are on your e36 adam?

  • ColtonH
    ColtonHMåned siden


  • Hot Canon29
    Hot Canon29Måned siden


  • Dunn Mx
    Dunn MxMåned siden

    damn freddy can drive!! so sick!

  • Pyreeh
    PyreehMåned siden

    Love to see the OG's on the channel once in a while

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie LalowskiMåned siden

    I really hope the corvette doesn’t end up crazy pink and neon. It looks so nice and clean and simple in white and in its dog form lol collette don’t over-aesthetic ur car please

  • kcbiking kcbiking
    kcbiking kcbikingMåned siden

    Amazing video one of my favorite video that you have made man

  • Adam Decker
    Adam DeckerMåned siden

    "We did not get lit. Jimmy played the drums for 2 hours and we watched 2Fast 2Furious" Got tier outro, you guys rock!

  • mike williams
    mike williamsMåned siden

    More videos like this 🤯🤯

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin LopezMåned siden

    Adam’s channel looks like Corona doesn’t exist.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan BMåned siden

    The blue BMW is just so badass dude. On top of Adam actually driving the cream s13 this is the best drifting video in a long time

  • BMW Royal
    BMW RoyalMåned siden

    I thought the thumbnail was the freedom factory 😭

  • Liam Brizz
    Liam BrizzMåned siden

    who missed the s13?

  • Bryan Olivas
    Bryan OlivasMåned siden

    s13 is finally back

  • Michael Snyder
    Michael SnyderMåned siden

    Is it true that the compound has been shut down?

  • Halfspec Garage
    Halfspec GarageMåned siden

    Adam and jimmy content 👌 needa get mighty oak to get a spot in fl.

  • Mj King
    Mj KingMåned siden

    this made my day ❤️

  • PigeonLaughter
    PigeonLaughterMåned siden

    Adam! You need to go to the chiropractor man, get your self fixed up. For real, it'll help with the pain.

  • Ronathan :3
    Ronathan :3Måned siden

    i’m fucking in love with the way the s13 sounds

  • Peter Betting
    Peter BettingMåned siden

    Sometimes when I see Shulman I have a feeling hes not as happy as the rest of the team. Is that just his personality or something else going on ?

  • SideSkull
    SideSkullMåned siden

    this is so sick, the only thing weird that the sound of the cream s13 reminded me of freaking wrc cars xD my sr sounds way different tho :o

  • 240 Maniac
    240 ManiacMåned siden

    Wow look like the whole crew had a blast this is true motivation

  • Sebass379
    Sebass379Måned siden

    BMW is registered in the county I live in. :P

  • Dudás Mór
    Dudás MórMåned siden

    You know when the orange gloves are on Adam things about to get serious

  • Chloe Logan
    Chloe LoganMåned siden

    Who Evers flying that drone is the goat😂

  • Josh DeJong
    Josh DeJongMåned siden

    What engine do you have in the s13

  • Jeremy Lewin
    Jeremy LewinMåned siden

    Adam LZ, you should give Freddy the BMW, he absolutely rips in that.

  • Alexandru Mihai
    Alexandru MihaiMåned siden

    Just seeing the s13 put a smile on my face

  • Stefan Šotola
    Stefan ŠotolaMåned siden

    Adam you have nice chasing!!

  • Ashley Joel
    Ashley JoelMåned siden

    Yooo Freddie got skills behind the wheel aswell!!

  • broforce
    broforceMåned siden

    Finally a cream video

  • Scott Rathman JNR
    Scott Rathman JNRMåned siden

    The dream cream, love that car