Evo 5 Gets Launch Control + No Lift Shift!


After dealing with some unfortunate dairy problems I decided we should have some fun and do some stuff with the car I've been scared to do in the past! LZMFG.com


  • Snoomi 013
    Snoomi 013Dag siden

    What’s the colour on the rims of the Evo?

  • 6200marco
    6200marco4 dager siden

    Freddie is the man yo

  • Nonecked
    Nonecked5 dager siden

    All the coments be like Freddy... Freddy.. FREDDY...

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion11 dager siden

    Because of this EVO I've started to follow you

  • GTR Flips
    GTR Flips11 dager siden

    does tranisent lag happen on automatic cars too?

  • Burnouts&Buttstuff
    Burnouts&Buttstuff11 dager siden

    Love the evo! cant wait for my GSX to be running!

  • ST225 Life
    ST225 Life11 dager siden

    Scotland we call that FLAT FOOT shifts like Colin McRae said if in doubt go flat out lol👌🏻👌🏻

  • ck fpv
    ck fpv12 dager siden

    Are u goldleafing the engine bay ???

  • Chance
    Chance13 dager siden

    Freddie looks like he uses a Covid mask in the shower

  • DC Milliere
    DC Milliere14 dager siden

    Where's Freddy From? I think i know.. From hearing him speak. Pittsburgh?

  • Patrick Bowden
    Patrick Bowden15 dager siden

    Bring it to the drag strip!

  • BOOMBABY 2020
    BOOMBABY 202015 dager siden

    you can buy a smoke machine that de oders your car

  • Adam Dempsey
    Adam Dempsey15 dager siden

    How does freddy not get car sick looking down at a laptop like that🤢

  • Hayden Duffy
    Hayden Duffy15 dager siden

    Just spray the carpet with 50/50 water with white vinegar. Should kill the smell

  • Self Secluded Survival
    Self Secluded Survival15 dager siden

    Make Chris do a vlog lmfao

  • Pato Media
    Pato Media16 dager siden

    Freddie reminds me of the guy from the show prison break by being so focused and very precise

  • Trizzy Hill
    Trizzy Hill17 dager siden

    No one ever: Adam Lz: *Has nightmare of ricer fly by from Hellcat*

  • Giga Adiba
    Giga Adiba17 dager siden

    noprojects.info/camera/video/2dGaa6lvn2Z6iKE BMW V10 vs Motorcycles 👆👆

    LILQUAD17 dager siden

    Freddy got stonks?

  • Calsonic64
    Calsonic6417 dager siden

    Would be cool to have your cars available for Forza Horizon or motorsports

  • Killa Massacre
    Killa Massacre17 dager siden

    Freddie Is the secret dexter

  • Demonox GR
    Demonox GR17 dager siden

    THE NO LIFT SHIFT that u called it . its called FLAT SHIFT

  • maxpower700
    maxpower70017 dager siden

    When we seeing some antilag? Big ol pops and flames 😁

  • Pj Perez
    Pj Perez18 dager siden


  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris18 dager siden

    Freddy is Dexter underneath but a banker during the day.

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation18 dager siden

    2:25 Adam: Launch control engages. Also Adam: WHAT THE F**K! 😂😂

  • TheChrisglasgow
    TheChrisglasgow18 dager siden

    Man this guy does not suit a moustache 😂 what is it with Americans being shit at driving Manuel cars 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Phill B
    Phill B18 dager siden

    Buy a mazdaspeed 6

  • Jake Mclaughlin
    Jake Mclaughlin18 dager siden

    I liked the Freddie reading comments do mine what made him start into cars

  • mstng _boi
    mstng _boi18 dager siden

    Freddie saw a ghost

  • Travis Tidwell
    Travis Tidwell18 dager siden

    Random but did your mom want a new car after the solstice ls swap

  • Matheus Ferreira
    Matheus Ferreira18 dager siden

    Please post some white chaser content

  • David B
    David B18 dager siden

    12:00 DJ Freddy 😂

  • Walahmelons
    Walahmelons18 dager siden


  • Stephan Ives
    Stephan Ives18 dager siden

    Sweet radio

  • James Sweeten
    James Sweeten18 dager siden

    I noticed in Jimmy's video there was a single roller Dyno in the background... why are you depriving your tuner?

  • naz_rb26s13
    naz_rb26s1318 dager siden

    Adam you should have a competition with a prize to win a tuning session with Freddy.

  • lachlan d
    lachlan d18 dager siden

    That looks so good!

  • Squarish Plum
    Squarish Plum19 dager siden

    That at 1:02 was a air scrubber 500c we use those at work to clean the air if there's a lot of mold in the house

  • Milan
    Milan19 dager siden

    Awh freddie is so handsome

  • Garrick pettus
    Garrick pettus19 dager siden

    Freddie seems like he does a bunch of sketchy stuff for fun when Adam isnt around and thats why he gets nervous when he gets called into the office

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R19 dager siden

    Freddie is professional as hell and gets what needs to be done, done. Damn savage

  • Josue Cazares
    Josue Cazares19 dager siden

    Go to the firm with Rudnickkkkk

  • acvisuals.
    acvisuals.19 dager siden

    Freddie: **receives a compliment** Also Freddie: "Sometimes...hmm...maybe"

  • V.2 Zanny
    V.2 Zanny19 dager siden

    I wanted to watch sum good bmx vids so I searched ur channel and now all I see is car videos my mama came a long way😭😭💯

  • Aseop_King_YT
    Aseop_King_YT19 dager siden

    Where are all the people that have been with Adam since the first car

  • cryptic styles
    cryptic styles19 dager siden

    what car has freddie got ??????

  • Gregory Errey
    Gregory Errey19 dager siden

    Sounds like this Evo has a bad CV shaft in the front. Anyone else notice the clunking when Adam's turning corners, or is that just me?

  • Alex Zulayka
    Alex Zulayka19 dager siden

    Bring back autographed items in the shop

  • nuke nuked
    nuke nuked19 dager siden

    hay freddie mate if i some how get over to the usa i got to go out and have a beer with you and Mr lz

  • V K
    V K19 dager siden

    "This thing is a spicy unit"

  • Opium Opapium
    Opium Opapium19 dager siden


  • Mitchell Hunt-Sharman
    Mitchell Hunt-Sharman19 dager siden

    Adam I dare you to keep a car stock for one in your life

  • Addison Burn
    Addison Burn19 dager siden

    1:20 except for the floor you just put back in lmao

    THRASHDEATH19 dager siden

    Pc pal looks like he need a break, take it easy brother.

  • Whoisadr
    Whoisadr19 dager siden

    i look forward to these videos so much. your content is so good adam. Keep it up we love all you guys

  • jamaicanlovrboy
    jamaicanlovrboy19 dager siden

    Freddie reminds me of Tom Brady

  • my friend
    my friend19 dager siden

    Adam is just cool asf.

  • Addison Kirtley
    Addison Kirtley19 dager siden

    That Evo is so cleeeean

  • BCN263
    BCN26319 dager siden

    more comments

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf19 dager siden

    If Chris dropped the soap, I'd be first to pick it up.

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin Clarke19 dager siden

    definitely anodize the valve covers for s15 !

  • Landon Reese
    Landon Reese19 dager siden

    Freddie seems so slow at some times 😂he goes “chris Chris ammo”

  • The Bullock Family
    The Bullock Family19 dager siden

    Was it me or was he lifting off the gas each time he shifted? Isn’t the point of that tune so that you don’t have to lift off the gas when your shifting because the computer cuts out at a certain rpm giving you that window to shift. It’s probably just habit and I guess since the computer cuts out it wouldn’t make a diff. No shade being thrown just curious if that’s correct or not. I know I would struggle because of pure muscle memory of driving manual for so long.

  • Ross Plays
    Ross Plays19 dager siden

    launches like ken blocks subie

  • Michelle Santaella
    Michelle Santaella19 dager siden


  • Brandon Batista
    Brandon Batista19 dager siden

    Freddy gives me zuckerburg vibes

  • Jace Muncy
    Jace Muncy19 dager siden

    Og fast and the Furious

  • Antiphobia
    Antiphobia19 dager siden

    I agree. Freddie is the coolest android I have ever seen.

  • Nicardo Anderson
    Nicardo Anderson19 dager siden


  • smurf account
    smurf account19 dager siden

    Aye wasn’t this the car that blew up like your first drive?

  • Paul H
    Paul H19 dager siden

    Freddy is the Floridian Josh Martin but a beardless tuner boi

  • Magshare
    Magshare19 dager siden

    Yo dude , give me the cheat code of infinite money to get a lot of cars like you xD

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis19 dager siden

    Sigh... Another video reminding me to finish my Eagle Talon

  • Gilbert Brunet
    Gilbert Brunet19 dager siden

    That guy at the red light at 13:30 in into it was checking the car out lol!

  • Naithan Sischo
    Naithan Sischo19 dager siden

    What’s going on with the solstice

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn19 dager siden

    it really is pretty amazing that Adam is breaking down his entire pro S15 for us. . I don't think any other racers, in any discipline would do that before the season even starts. . very cool. and very informational too peace, eric the Eturn

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn19 dager siden

    reverse lockout. "NO, ITS NOT THAT".

  • teddy bowers
    teddy bowers19 dager siden

    hold up watching this freddy is a damn g like pay the man eveything shiii im saying

  • TheMarkedOffGalaxy
    TheMarkedOffGalaxy19 dager siden

    Is Chris still going to be rudnicks friend if he opens a subway!? 😆 😋

  • Alex Nicolas
    Alex Nicolas19 dager siden

    I miss when you would say he had little legs

  • AldenG
    AldenG19 dager siden

    These uploads are one of the few things I look forward to anymore

  • ThatOneMexican Rodriguez
    ThatOneMexican Rodriguez19 dager siden

    Pleasssssse get into stage rally.

  • Jayden Jackson
    Jayden Jackson19 dager siden

    What’s happening with the r34 ??

  • Tyler Reid
    Tyler Reid19 dager siden

    Hey man! What camera do you use?

  • p kd
    p kd19 dager siden

    I'm desperate for content. .. OH Freddie! Wow, great being you dude! LOL

  • Alan Woodard
    Alan Woodard20 dager siden

    "Wooba dang ears out"

  • Kristian Cooper
    Kristian Cooper20 dager siden

    Yes, molding clay. But even in aircraft we use playdoe as well!

  • turbomonkey93
    turbomonkey9320 dager siden

    Who else thinks Adam should suprise freddy with a car? He's so cool man and would love to see his face haha

  • samlepro3
    samlepro320 dager siden

    The Evo V is the best sounding car in your fleet arguably tied with the Porsche. The Evo sounds like a rally monster/mountain pass king and the Porsche sounds like it's qualifying for Le Mans. So good. My top 3 would be: 1. Evo V 2. GT3 RS 3. Beeg turbo Barra "just a Mustang" GT350

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill20 dager siden

    Sequential trans time or ikeya formula shifter

  • Doob
    Doob20 dager siden

    I loved the reading comments with Freddy can we do it again?

  • Rob Colton
    Rob Colton20 dager siden

    Freddie is a young Billy Corgan

  • Fares Hesham
    Fares Hesham20 dager siden


  • Daniel Riley
    Daniel Riley20 dager siden

    Spicy... Adam meaning wording for fast. 👌

  • Lance Pagel
    Lance Pagel20 dager siden

    What's the name of the song at the end?

  • Derek Newyen
    Derek Newyen20 dager siden

    14:46 Adams face when he didn't shift fast enough into 5th and redlined the car LOL

  • Joshua Woodbridge
    Joshua Woodbridge20 dager siden

    Freddy the type of dude to be scared and scream in lowercase. Or just look in the face of danger like oh damn 😂😂

  • Vin rese
    Vin rese20 dager siden

    Put anti lag on it 🤔

  • Spencer Meiburg
    Spencer Meiburg20 dager siden

    Where are all your cars, hmmmm🤔🤔 I guess that new shop is a yes😂