Getting the 335i Dialed + Exciting new Shipment of PARTS!


Another day of random stuff around the shop while I patiently wait to finish the barra sequential swap! Plazmaman intake manifolds available NOW at


  • martin degetau
    martin degetau24 dager siden

    You should put a e92 m3 back subframe on it

  • Kiwi Exotics
    Kiwi Exotics26 dager siden

    8:37 Picks his nose then outs his hand under his chin trying not to show hes trying not to put it in his mouth but he does HE EATS IT then talks and tries not to let it slip out his lips hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • sosa king
    sosa king27 dager siden

    At the end I thought it was actually Adam I was like yo he’s killin it with the moves😭

  • Moya
    Moya27 dager siden

    honestly just give the r34 to johan already 😅

  • eric Sens
    eric Sens28 dager siden

    N54 folk, If you want a good tune at a reasonable price and don’t want to go with wedge, look up JSR tuning or David shoup!

  • Jayson Greenfield
    Jayson Greenfield28 dager siden

    Doe een hele domme dansie prr prr prr, met mn jongens op vakantie prr prr prr. Ben aant dansen met een mami prr prr prr, mmm wind voor je papi prr prr prr

  • Tyler .c
    Tyler .c28 dager siden

    I love your videos beacuse you teach use stuff too not just put the part on and dog it down the street you go though all the details of each part I respect that Adam thank you

  • JesperErik
    JesperErik28 dager siden

    Is JOE-HAN from Sweden? :) Aka. Johan?

  • Always Learning Everyday
    Always Learning Everyday29 dager siden

    8:38 Adam dude tell me you ain’t eating that?

  • Petur Lajovski
    Petur Lajovski29 dager siden


  • AXIAL32
    AXIAL3229 dager siden

    Holy stack of wheels at the end. My goodness

  • Elliott Bauer
    Elliott Bauer29 dager siden

    Why do I feel like you have 30 cars

  • Marc
    Marc29 dager siden

    next time use real axle grease (with MoS2)

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley29 dager siden

    That outro is class 👌 cheers for the content

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields29 dager siden

    great video! i have a E92 N54 and love it!

  • Greg Wayne
    Greg Wayne29 dager siden

    Those new wheels look like "Work" Wheels.

  • Lewis Radbourn
    Lewis Radbourn29 dager siden

    Adam when it comes to finding the drone area .. up on the hoist , rev the car till it drones , have a welding glove on and grab the exhaust pipe until the drone changes , that will be the area to place a resignator or muffler

  • Carlos Fernandez
    Carlos Fernandez29 dager siden

    Do a single exit exhaust

  • Juan M4LOW
    Juan M4LOW29 dager siden

    Told you, definitely need a walnut blast. Same happen to my 335 when I had it. Best of luck. Awesome video. My insta @bimmer_journey

  • Nelson Clark
    Nelson Clark29 dager siden

    No keep the exhaust how it is 🔥🔥

  • Dk Naujoks
    Dk Naujoks29 dager siden

    Are these Wheels 18 or 19 inch?

  • Devon Yarnell-Scott
    Devon Yarnell-ScottMåned siden

    Definitely don't hit the ball bearings with a hammer🤣

  • Gabriel Esquer
    Gabriel EsquerMåned siden


  • Trapgod Nah
    Trapgod NahMåned siden

    I like how adams trying to tell the turner what the problem might be to his car🥴

  • Trapgod Nah
    Trapgod NahMåned siden

    S55 engines trying to get 8’s and the supra with a B58 is already running 8’s lol

  • never knows best
    never knows bestMåned siden

    I miss LZ bmx

  • Michael swanson
    Michael swansonMåned siden

    Here's a novel idea for you, STOP HITTIN' THE LIMITER Just takes a bit of self control.

  • Darkside Tize
    Darkside TizeMåned siden

    HAHAHA YES! they used the dancing video for the outro!

  • aaronSanchezz
    aaronSanchezzMåned siden

    Seriously dude u need port secondary injectors and a specific controller for them.... wtf is going on.

  • castmaster84
    castmaster84Måned siden

    Yohan needs to just slap a tortilla around those axle boots to keep them from leaking.

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro SilvaMåned siden

    I like the wheels that are on the E92 now. LM's are for stance boys.

  • Cuan_jarlos 09
    Cuan_jarlos 09Måned siden

    When he listens to uzi 💯 11:00

  • GunDomi Gameplay
    GunDomi GameplayMåned siden

    Yooo Adam rockin' that Sammit merch

  • 402 SHO
    402 SHOMåned siden

    You guys should do something with an ecoboost engine? I wanna see someone do a max power engine build

  • Callan Otis
    Callan OtisMåned siden

    I dont know why it launches forward when you shift banging the gears my o7 e92 335i 6mt does the same thing like the car keeps going after you let off the throttle for a split second

  • C_Eazy209
    C_Eazy209Måned siden

    Jordan's face @6:41!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I'm 💀 holy shit that guy cracks me up

  • Will Ferrell
    Will FerrellMåned siden

    WAP box 😏

  • Lyrixc
    LyrixcMåned siden

    Bruh Adam just casually has an RS6,240SX,EVO 5,E36,Chaser in the background

  • Matt McGuire
    Matt McGuireMåned siden

    everyone likes the 335i causes it’s relatable to us

  • Aaron Ford
    Aaron FordMåned siden

    what rims does adam have on the s15

  • Nathan Tiller
    Nathan TillerMåned siden

    what's it gonna take for us to get adam to recreate the blitz wheels edit in real life

  • Jeffrey Bamford
    Jeffrey BamfordMåned siden

    If he had a go pro when he goes on his drives would be sweet footage

  • Jeffrey Bamford
    Jeffrey BamfordMåned siden

    Adam forgot to put the numbers up .it's usually something in the description he forgets hahaha

  • Guy Bean
    Guy BeanMåned siden

    21:50 Schooelman's engine is about to be dildod

  • Texas Driven Culture
    Texas Driven CultureMåned siden

    Sweet Outro

  • samuel berard
    samuel berardMåned siden

    Approximately 400k a years i think you can 💪

  • FormerNine 11079
    FormerNine 11079Måned siden

    ah yes the outro

  • aironhight
    aironhightMåned siden

    Im here to say that Cleeters 3 to 4 was next level

  • Tighe Matthew
    Tighe MatthewMåned siden

    I maybe slow at this build but what's the set up.

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb RogersMåned siden

    Yes the ending ahahah

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott JohnstonMåned siden

    I've tried to put Freddy's face to someone familiar and I just clicked. He looks somewhat like Billy Corgan, only Freddy makes better music!

  • MaLii
    MaLiiMåned siden

    I live in Latvia Thats in Eu and in my town every 2 car is e36 or e46

  • Working On Projects With Cesar
    Working On Projects With CesarMåned siden

    What happened to the other guy that yohan replaced

  • Sunny Blumen
    Sunny BlumenMåned siden

    Any chance Plasma Man could make a 7M compatible FFIM?

  • bmw b30b N55 killer
    bmw b30b N55 killerMåned siden

    At last the n54 gets some love! The car that made your channel what it is today Adam... You have the money to build a 1l forged setup and rep n54 properly. Your car isn't very well maintained but you are getting to that now😁👌

  • arkir
    arkirMåned siden

    Best outro yet mate.

  • David Potts
    David PottsMåned siden

    Can we get a Bert check? I think about that dude all the time but significantly less than my ex

  • Scott Tracey
    Scott TraceyMåned siden

    The location of the DME has always got me ...

  • Michael Nieves
    Michael NievesMåned siden

    Can you guy's do a focus rs build?!?! 😏😏😏

  • Dion Waller
    Dion WallerMåned siden

    Thought you were stopping by Matt moreman’s garage based on the thumbnail 🤣

  • Justin Schander
    Justin SchanderMåned siden

    Grease bottle makes fart noises 26yr old me: laughing way harder than I should be

  • Tyler Majeski
    Tyler MajeskiMåned siden

    The amount of knowledge johan has blows my mind

  • Fat guy on a little bike
    Fat guy on a little bikeMåned siden

    Where's the port injection!?!

  • Cole Antrobius
    Cole AntrobiusMåned siden

    Do a single exit on the 335! i think they sound real good

  • Noble 676
    Noble 676Måned siden

    pls replicate the dance lmaooo

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin KellyMåned siden

    Im sorry Adam LZ because you can’t watch Adam LZ. Perks of not being Adam LZ, you get to watch Adam LZ!

  • TeamSpeedDemon
    TeamSpeedDemonMåned siden

    Adam I can barely hear you over the drone I can't imagine how it is IN CAR lmao! Sick car.

  • LV’s Honda
    LV’s HondaMåned siden

    LZ looks like Sid the sloth and Cristiano Ronaldo at the same time

  • Matt Sprague
    Matt SpragueMåned siden

    the ending has me ded

  • finlay robertson
    finlay robertsonMåned siden

    Adam please bring back the roof rack and bbs wheels on the 335 just for my nostalgia

  • Foreign Kids
    Foreign KidsMåned siden

    Finally the 35 is getting love again!!! I love that car.🏎💥💨

  • Connor
    ConnorMåned siden

    If I had to guess the Nissan Rogue boot kits will fit the r34

  • German_Sped
    German_SpedMåned siden

    Get a TSX!

  • Liam 907
    Liam 907Måned siden

    outro is amazing

  • Speed Demon8
    Speed Demon8Måned siden

    Did anyone else think that Adam should have his own Netflix show. Like I mean look his videos are already 20-30 minutes long. Perfect episode length. guys have a real good camera to shoot the videos. So I mean like... maybe get in touch with Netflix originals 😂.

  • OCTAGON 009
    OCTAGON 009Måned siden

    Damn that bmw has had a rough life

  • littleAZN248
    littleAZN248Måned siden

    I thought Adam was running the 335i with DP+MPE. Didn’t realize his setup changed so much.

  • Harvey Holton doin wheelies
    Harvey Holton doin wheeliesMåned siden

    Anyone realised the amount of progress that they have made on the r34

  • Bk'z Garage
    Bk'z GarageMåned siden

    That outro thooo 🔥🔥🔥

  • CaJoMc
    CaJoMcMåned siden

    he should make a video with the guy in the comments who told him about his throttle body

  • Unis
    UnisMåned siden

    Let's drink some water everytime Adam says umm shall we

  • c1 _pt
    c1 _ptMåned siden

    Dude who doesn't love all those slo mo shots 🤯

  • BighomieJ5x -
    BighomieJ5x -Måned siden

    Question, why do german cars have those type of wheel studs ??🤔🤔

  • Дest
    ДestMåned siden

    Пакмане ☎️☎️☎️

  • Maurice Peters
    Maurice PetersMåned siden

    the thing with those bmw clips... the small ones for vacuum and water just play hide and seek when you try to remove them...

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor GonzalezMåned siden

    Yohan is the man!

  • TheDude 9606
    TheDude 9606Måned siden

    Hey I wanted to know is your over rx7 a rotary if so how much do you want for it

  • Anthony lagan
    Anthony laganMåned siden

    You can put the bearings into the cup and then put cup and bearing on together 😏

  • Shane Mooney
    Shane MooneyMåned siden

    Jesus dont hammer the cv joint on 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Vontez
    VontezMåned siden

    Plazmaman 🔥

  • Viktor Jovanovski
    Viktor JovanovskiMåned siden

    12:31 quick question is that graffite greace? Or what kind is it?

  • QuixIsBetter
    QuixIsBetterMåned siden

    12:21 AFAHAFAVE

  • Yoeri Kurvers
    Yoeri KurversMåned siden

    I like Adam but I don't like BMW's

  • Andrew Jimmis
    Andrew JimmisMåned siden

    dont swap the rims they look like crap on that car.

  • lightspeedlife415
    lightspeedlife415Måned siden

    Wtf was that ending hahahaha

  • CJ Motorworkz
    CJ MotorworkzMåned siden

    can i get a plazmaman intake manifold for me m54🥺

  • Evan Field
    Evan FieldMåned siden

    You need to talk tj into putting a barra in his new mustang

  • Jorge DLR
    Jorge DLRMåned siden

    Leave the Monster truck fitment on BMW

  • Daniel
    DanielMåned siden

    Jordan with the backpack and the hat looks like just some kid who built a fast M3 by accident and then just so happened to set a record in it. Idk I'm tired and I guess I'm just trying to say he looks like a chill dude or something.

  • Jason Herrick
    Jason HerrickMåned siden

    Why does freddy always have the nod? Like, is he addicted to heroin or pills or something?