Last Minute Drift Comp!


Someone backed out and a spot opened up to compete in a really cool new street series at the local cart track. I love the limited classes because the cars really level the playing field!


  • Ramarak prime87
    Ramarak prime874 dager siden

    Bro adam be going HARD

  • Angel Heredia
    Angel Heredia5 dager siden

    am i the only one who saw the drone fall at 16:30 lol

  • Wesley Bloemen
    Wesley Bloemen9 dager siden

    That's been a long time seeing tyler in it

  • Justin dechaney
    Justin dechaney12 dager siden

    The drone pilots deserve more recognition

  • Justin Geiger
    Justin Geiger16 dager siden

    Shows why you are top tier. I only saw the Pro circuit it's sick to see your dominance here.

  • Lantz Burrell
    Lantz Burrell19 dager siden

    Smooth hands LZ

  • Lantz Burrell
    Lantz Burrell19 dager siden

    The drone footage is nasty

  • Jalen Morehouse
    Jalen Morehouse22 dager siden

    Imagine entering a drift comp, and you find out you have to compete against Adam..

  • Lucas Vetterling
    Lucas Vetterling24 dager siden

    Drone down!

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent24 dager siden

    I just recently started getting into FD an drifting if sum1 wants to tell me sum stuff I thank u greatly

  • Kek Alla
    Kek Alla29 dager siden

    So were nkt gonna talk about 5:50

  • Young Dummy
    Young Dummy29 dager siden

    Saw on Nicole’s insta story that she was at this event lol

  • Paora Wi-Repa
    Paora Wi-Repa29 dager siden

    Bathurst r cym fd 😉

  • Big Doink
    Big DoinkMåned siden

    Who is Bye and why are you running from him?!

  • Ryan Wisdom
    Ryan WisdomMåned siden

    Any tips for a new driver looking to start practice drifting? Hope you're having a happy start to your year Adam! I'm loving my S15 and R34 hoodies 😍🎉

  • Fingerboard KID67
    Fingerboard KID67Måned siden

    Do you still ride bmx

  • Peachy Keen Garage
    Peachy Keen GarageMåned siden

    Nice pedal work at 10:59 more handbrake would've put you wide, and nice mindset throughout! V proud ;)

  • dA Leester
    dA LeesterMåned siden


  • Ethan Recchio
    Ethan RecchioMåned siden

    Last Minute Drift Comp: Attack of the trumpets.

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here TinkeringMåned siden

    Man that Z sounds like poopy.... (still watching practice) Edit: whatever the grey Z in your first battle has for exhaust, do that lol Edit: good job man, you were very cool calm and collected.

  • Matt S
    Matt SMåned siden

    Tf would you sell a rotary FD for over the V8? Come on dude, start collecting

  • Kyzer_GTR
    Kyzer_GTRMåned siden

    Adam needs to make the Z nice again

  • xenolard
    xenolardMåned siden

    Those drone pilots are pretty insane

  • xenolard
    xenolardMåned siden

    It looks so slow and graceful from the outside but as manic as usual from inside

  • Rick Styla
    Rick StylaMåned siden

    Or is it 350lz gang..🤔

  • Rick Styla
    Rick StylaMåned siden

    350z gang..

  • awptions
    awptionsMåned siden

    adam showing up to this drift event is like me showing up to a 5th grade spelling bee.

  • awptions
    awptionsMåned siden

    that drone control is fuckin crazy.

  • A_MateurGaming • T.A.Y.Z •
    A_MateurGaming • T.A.Y.Z •Måned siden

    Rubbins racing

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powleyMåned siden

    In the final them two drones were so close to hitting ! Then 1 dropped out of the sky on the last corner , did they make contact ? Awsome driving once again congrats on the win 👌

  • Šime
    ŠimeMåned siden


  • Deography
    DeographyMåned siden

    Great vid, it's not unusual here! I extra love that zippy fast FPV drones shots when the pilot keeps it in frame with slower movements ~ Oh great technical drifting to boot 👌

  • Maxime Vhw
    Maxime VhwMåned siden

    Are masks not mandatory in the usa?

    MYNRGYMåned siden

    rip drone at 16:29

  • Oscar Davis
    Oscar DavisMåned siden

    Having not watched you in ages your impovement is insane

  • Bkay Vibez
    Bkay VibezMåned siden

    This was so amazing to watch as a young aspirer💫❄️

  • Daniel Spooner
    Daniel SpoonerMåned siden

    im so happy to see adam and taylor chilling together again, just feels like its been way too long since they hung out on cam

  • Jeremy Radke
    Jeremy RadkeMåned siden

    I can’t help but think about Happy Gilmore when he just starts taking everyone out in the smaller tournaments to get the “Big” checks lmao. Straight bully. Can’t wait to see the new shop

  • David Marcoux
    David MarcouxMåned siden

    I miss seeing Taylor in your vids. He was like your drift dad and he was always so proud and enthusiastic. That’s the energy you need mr Zed.

  • Friend Feud!
    Friend Feud!Måned siden

    Some of the cars sound like my whipper snipper if I were to rev it

  • AnArchy ProD
    AnArchy ProDMåned siden

    Ya gotta give credit to the dude controlling the drone holy shit lmao

  • AnArchy ProD

    AnArchy ProD

    3 dager siden

    @Gh0st FPV haha no problem man keep doing what you doin these shots are dope asf

  • Gh0st FPV

    Gh0st FPV

    18 dager siden

    lol thanks bro

  • Christine Stevenson
    Christine StevensonMåned siden

    Do u remember meeting Chris fix

  • Pedro V
    Pedro VMåned siden

    love everyone wearing masks

  • motivation Shark
    motivation SharkMåned siden

    That drone footage though💥💥💥💪

  • alvaro villanueva
    alvaro villanuevaMåned siden

    Adam could you do a foot cam when this types of videos ? It would be amazing

  • Xander Greenwood
    Xander GreenwoodMåned siden

    adam's out here smurfing

  • Liam tuneblom
    Liam tuneblomMåned siden


  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua PlantanMåned siden

    Gotta see adam take the can am out sometime soon

  • Matt Grzechowiak
    Matt GrzechowiakMåned siden

    16:21 I was literally wondering if the drones ever hit and then this happens lol

  • Jody Inna Vic
    Jody Inna VicMåned siden

    Check my channel out i have some cool shit on it about cars guys💪🏼

  • Sharif Khan
    Sharif KhanMåned siden

    Ever seen that K swapped 350z ?

  • APG's How To - Gaming
    APG's How To - GamingMåned siden

    16:28 that drone be dead

  • Kyle K
    Kyle KMåned siden


  • Jitse Miedema
    Jitse MiedemaMåned siden

    Last minute drift z'event XD

  • Jonka Olofsson
    Jonka OlofssonMåned siden

    You were just mad that the gray Z sounds better than yours 😏

  • M099
    M099Måned siden

    Stupid question... why do drift cars need so much power surly once the wheels are spinning they can’t put the power down anyway?

  • Eric Draper
    Eric DraperMåned siden

    Tight track just even more how you're a drift surgeon. Great driving!

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • TightBandzz
    TightBandzzMåned siden

    16:22 them drones was fighting 🤣🤣

  • cryptic styles
    cryptic stylesMåned siden

    wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh wahhh wah wah wahhh - adams 350z 2021

  • Dale Furgason
    Dale FurgasonMåned siden

    The Z could really use one really big or two smaller resonators. EEssh

  • Alain Liamzon
    Alain LiamzonMåned siden

    faze apex in third place

  • Justin Erickson
    Justin EricksonMåned siden

    awesome dude! Get that 'tower of power' singing and may the youtube algorithims bless you so you KEEP THE YELOW FD.

  • ItsTylerJohn
    ItsTylerJohnMåned siden

    “We’re down to just one FD and the one you guys haven’t seen yet.” This mans really probably holds the record of how many FD’s a single person has bought in a year. Just keeps thinking “Nah I don’t like this one, maybe this one, nope, next.” 😂😂😂

  • Martin Bell
    Martin BellMåned siden

    Anyone else noticed Adam is shit at drifting

  • ftl.imge
    ftl.imgeMåned siden

    can we just take a second to appreciate how good the drone chasing footage was @ 12:00

  • Gh0st FPV

    Gh0st FPV

    Måned siden

    Thanks man!

  • Mr. Rager
    Mr. RagerMåned siden

    Please refresh the z

  • Cody Kain
    Cody KainMåned siden

    My god I forgot how terrible z’s sound 😂

  • Carson Spaulding
    Carson SpauldingMåned siden


  • adin
    adinMåned siden

    good job adam

  • Richard Herman
    Richard HermanMåned siden

    Adam won badass

  • Mr2broke
    Mr2brokeMåned siden

    What is the name of this track?

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex RodriguezMåned siden

    16:23 notice that the two drones hit each other

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez

    Måned siden

    Then dies in-front of the cars

  • robert biermann
    robert biermannMåned siden

    I think I could push a shopping cart around faster.

  • Phill
    PhillMåned siden

    100 top prize is :(

  • Luis Oliveras
    Luis OliverasMåned siden

    Stopped watching these videos about One mustache ago

  • DragonsYT
    DragonsYTMåned siden

    Adam made it look so easy

  • Philip Corcoran
    Philip CorcoranMåned siden

    Price of 350z's are going to go up. God damn drift tax 😂

  • Johny Action
    Johny ActionMåned siden

    Don't you have to mount V tread tires the wrong way to make them work on a drift car!.

  • Everett wyatt
    Everett wyattMåned siden

    i remember watching you when u made BMX videos. Now I just saw your videos start popping up recently.

  • Matt Koprowski
    Matt KoprowskiMåned siden

    I love how the new FD vid starts off with you and Forsburg run. I can't wait to see what you do next years. Go get em ROTY!!!!!

  • Erik Leblanc
    Erik LeblancMåned siden

    Wow the z looks so slow nowadays 😂

  • Jordan Devine
    Jordan DevineMåned siden

    It’s crazy how you guys over the pond are going to events and so on, here in the UK we can’t even go to a restaurant for food!!!

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociationMåned siden

    For, such a last minute drift competition. He came in pretty set and ready to go for “only” being a late riser.

  • Ryan Warner
    Ryan WarnerMåned siden

    16:23 anyone else see the drone smack the other drone? Lmfaoooo

  • Ryan Warner

    Ryan Warner

    Måned siden

    And the drone almost getting ran over shortly after lol

  • remzaprx
    remzaprxMåned siden

    In most sports LZ wouldn't be allowed in a low level event like this, it's sandbagging.

  • Kaded Spade
    Kaded SpadeMåned siden

    Man, those rims on the grey Z are sexy

  • Gary Norman
    Gary NormanMåned siden

    Anyone spot the drone fall out the sky around 16:30

  • 2INFINITI&beyond
    2INFINITI&beyondMåned siden

    At 3:35 were they playing Beethoven’s 5th over the loudspeaker?!?... Oh wait nvm that’s just 3 VQs on the track at the same time 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ZaRa1FPS
    ZaRa1FPSMåned siden

    Weird the fact that Adams x wife was at the event

  • Mista Mista
    Mista MistaMåned siden

    Imagine not doing doughnuts with LZed

  • Hameed Srt
    Hameed SrtMåned siden

    Awwwww shi thought it said 22 min but it said hours

  • ethan ditsworth
    ethan ditsworthMåned siden

    Rip to Taylor’s alternator. Always Love watching the Z rip around though 🤙🏻

  • djwilliams
    djwilliamsMåned siden

    damn that was like watching it in slo mo...

  • Talha Usman
    Talha UsmanMåned siden

    Missed these kind of vids this was lovely 😍 and good to know that Adam and Taylor are still friends ❤

  • Jonathan Norwood
    Jonathan NorwoodMåned siden

    That looks so cool the way you drifted with the other guy! You didn’t even crash!!!!

  • Max Pierrepont
    Max PierrepontMåned siden

    It’s like slow motion drifting 😂

  • Chris Tapia
    Chris TapiaMåned siden

    Casually "now were down to the LS FD and the other one you guys haven't seen"

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris McculloughMåned siden


  • Thomo_46
    Thomo_46Måned siden

    Can’t wait to see the E36 in the modified league. Sick driving man