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  • Shawn Fraley
    Shawn Fraley7 dager siden

    Hey will you ever get your cars on torque drift I really hope so it will be a car I would drive all the time

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton7 dager siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • suit
    suit8 dager siden

    last time you sat in the position for a video, you lost your wife lmao

  • Tony Cassar
    Tony Cassar8 dager siden

    Adam, I do have a question for you, since seeing the copper chaser I’ve been looking into them heavily. Is there any advice you can give me on the registration aspect of it?

  • Guy Morris
    Guy Morris8 dager siden

    Gt350 motor needs to go in the back of a Ultima. Also think you Collette and Taylor should go carting. That i think would get very interesting.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith8 dager siden

    Speed academy is a sick channel!

  • Robin
    Robin8 dager siden

    Maybe you can do something like tommy did with the colorado but with a ford and use the voodoo engine.

  • Russell Thomas
    Russell Thomas9 dager siden

    Sorry that I missed this! Thanks for the post it's awesome! Any advice for guy seeking a good price used sports car?

  • Goon Industries
    Goon Industries9 dager siden

    I never commented because I just assumed you didn't have time to read them. You are one the only youtuber I consistently watch every video because it gives me hope that one day my grinding will pay off like it did for you. Keep it up, you're an inspiration

  • Digger Devil
    Digger Devil9 dager siden

    Bro! Im excited for the special item coming with my deck. Nice one bruthaaa! I just got your email. Dont feel bad. Theirs a pandemic out there remember. It just make the item more desirable & makes me want it more. Something hard to get is always more special. Rare items etc. Tommy gets it..

  • jeremy hershey
    jeremy hershey9 dager siden

    Bro too many ads

  • Super milsim dude
    Super milsim dude9 dager siden

    Im so happy a civic is on the list lol ive been waiting for so long i thought you would have built your dads prelude or something by now

  • Son of Switchinlanes
    Son of Switchinlanes9 dager siden

    Ok dad can I get Starbucks

  • Dillon Youngquist
    Dillon Youngquist9 dager siden

    As far as back stuff goes a proper office chair is so important. Those stupid gamer chairs that look like racing seats are so bad for your back. I even had an oem seat I put on an office chair base. Was comfortable at first but shoulders would hurt after awhile. I got a ergo chair and I feel so much better even when I'm not in the chair. Its crazy. I'm also a biker, more downhill and mtb park stuff though.

  • Tanner V35
    Tanner V359 dager siden

    adam 2016; "bars yo bars"

  • Walter Colbert
    Walter Colbert9 dager siden

    I love your channel!!!!!!!

  • BadCreate
    BadCreate9 dager siden

    ever considered 4wd drift/slide or whatever people calls it? :D

  • zak wright
    zak wright9 dager siden

    Man that coffee cup looks sus 😂

  • Teun
    Teun9 dager siden

    Cool that you mentioned speed acedemy, they have some quality content👌

  • Jake P
    Jake P9 dager siden

    Adam I missed this barely last night, but I hope you see this. What's the odds that you get one of the RC companies that make drift cars make a licensed rtr of your FD car? Yokomo, hpi they both already do this and your following brings a big potential in out of market sales for whoever picks you up

  • camdrift89
    camdrift899 dager siden

    Any more thoughts about coming to back to Australia? The Bend is South Australia is a track you should put on your list.

  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson10 dager siden

    Wait itsjusta6 is only a few states away... Florida to Louisiana

  • Jonathan Erickson
    Jonathan Erickson10 dager siden

    Your mom looks happy about her car what you did to it

  • Jonathan Erickson
    Jonathan Erickson10 dager siden

    What kind of engine did you put in your mom's car?

  • Brandon Ribeiro
    Brandon Ribeiro10 dager siden

    voodoo engine in a 98’ lexus gs or sc

  • Kevin Rondeau
    Kevin Rondeau10 dager siden

    I still have my lzmfg sun hat from FD Dallas 2019 that you signed.

  • SquidSquadRob
    SquidSquadRob10 dager siden

    Legend says that one day the r34 will run and drive, I hope I can live long enough to see it haha

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson10 dager siden

    Dude Collete hooked it up with the lighting!

  • Alberto Reyes
    Alberto Reyes10 dager siden

    If you ever visit craft sports in Naples, would you say something ahead of time.

  • Peter Pietrangelo
    Peter Pietrangelo10 dager siden

    Excited for the move to the new shop. Would love some long moving vlogs!!!

  • David Lindsey
    David Lindsey10 dager siden

    It would be awesome if instead of an open house you did an event at the Freedom Factory. I'm sure you could work something out with Garrett to rent out the track. I know it's not exactly local with it being a couple hours from you, but would be cool.

  • Anand J
    Anand J10 dager siden

    okay so adam, if you met up with me, would we get high?

  • reese carter
    reese carter10 dager siden

    I never have anyone to play zombies with. Xbox my gt is Jeux Gearhead. Appreciate you adam!

  • Camron Northrup
    Camron Northrup10 dager siden

    I think it would be cool to put that voodoo engine in a older bronco and try to make a cool off-road style truck. Mighty car mods seem to have a lot of fun with that and I agree with them being off-road is a lot like on track super exhilarating

  • slowkiwi 31
    slowkiwi 3110 dager siden

    Can you put a #saveebisu on you fd car for fd

  • Chucky Finster
    Chucky Finster10 dager siden

    Of you have back problems look into o-zone therapy. Its a natural recovery.

  • syairy shukry
    syairy shukry10 dager siden

    Hey where can I buy lzmfg hoodie 😂

  • James Davies
    James Davies10 dager siden

    We all want u to do a gt40 and we all know collet will be the only one that can fit in it ...happy birthday lol

  • Zander Grobler
    Zander Grobler10 dager siden

    Heyy Adam. Would you consider coming to South Africa sometime. I know your busy and all but Im a huge fan and my uncle who is a trained mechanic and loves cars is up to date with all of your videos. He's not a mechanic at the moment but he knows a lot tho. His my favorite role model. He also absolutely loves the barra build. So seing him happy makes me happy. But yeah. Have a great day Adam👏❤️❤️

  • Diamond Fire
    Diamond Fire10 dager siden

    50:12 Adam "JDM Jay leno" LZ

  • Dillon
    Dillon10 dager siden

    I would like to see a new build for Japan. Something a little more aggressive.

  • Giro Racing
    Giro Racing10 dager siden

    If you want to be a mechanic google flat rate pay first

  • Carbon Arne
    Carbon Arne10 dager siden

    That 350 motor in a side by side

  • Jaylon Hunt
    Jaylon Hunt10 dager siden

    Hey Adam, im looking into importing an Evo 4 later this year or early next year, what are some good and trustable importers for me to source through

  • 13th Legionnaries Indiana
    13th Legionnaries Indiana10 dager siden

    Put the voodoo in a Ford fucking ranger!

  • Skylar Frazee
    Skylar Frazee10 dager siden

    Adam you are the one person on NOprojects I watch every video. I am a very low income person and don't make much money but would love to meet you sometime, maybe you could take me on a ride along or something

  • Maliga Wong
    Maliga Wong10 dager siden

    Is collete your girlfriend

  • mark anderson
    mark anderson10 dager siden

    i was just hoping he’d tell me what pants he wears😔

  • Trenton Reese
    Trenton Reese10 dager siden

    jokes on you adam, Jay Leno has a yt channel

  • Ghassan Radwan
    Ghassan Radwan10 dager siden

    I couldn't watch it live coz it was midnight but hope all is well with Japan, excited about the new shop and other shit, have a nice day

  • Trenton Reese
    Trenton Reese10 dager siden

    share info about lowering engine I'm s13 👀

  • Niels de Bakker
    Niels de Bakker10 dager siden

    Annoy some chevy guys, throw that voodoo in a corvette.

  • ApexParadigm Gaming
    ApexParadigm Gaming10 dager siden

    I'd would LOVE to see you guys show how to build some non traditional cars into drift missles. There are a lot of RWD cars that are cheap but have zero kits out there. If you show simple mods to achieve a competent car for beginners. How to create angle without wisefab support, simple turbo system, welded diff etc. It would go a long way to show how to get these cheap and plentiful platforms onto tracks. Without the drift tax. Porsche 944(Make the stock engine better, 07k swap etc) Mercedes C320 coupe (V6 with forged internals, could probably handle a ton of boost) Old Imprezas(show how to disconnect the front diff so RWD) Hyundai Genesis Coupe(I never see examples of these being built) I bet there are a lot of people who want to build a car but can't find/afford a typical platform but don't know how to get started or requires a bit of an engineering example. Anyone else have a car they are looking at but don't have aftermarket support?

  • JereyKW
    JereyKW10 dager siden

    Adam, I missed the livestream but I’m watching it now, and I have this BIG issue and wanted your advice. I live in Pittsburgh and want to do some mods on my car however I have no garage or place to work on it. And no friends with driveways or garages. What are alternatives of places to work on my car

  • Dylan Barbush
    Dylan Barbush10 dager siden

    Subscribe to Adam LZ hit the red rectangle please now!

  • Derek Matthew
    Derek Matthew10 dager siden

    How much for the lsrx7?

  • K T
    K T10 dager siden

    Hi Adam have u played carx on the xbox what do u think of the game

  • Chris O
    Chris O10 dager siden

    Love to see something that's never been done before, kind of like the Barrastang. Have always thought the base model Alfa Giulia would be a cool RWD car to turn into a stripped out drift beast. Get a salvage title car, whack in a JDM drivetrain, strip it down to the bare essentials. It'll likely be a build that needs tons of custom fabrication (eg retrofit for a manual handbrake), but you'll never see another one.. unless it happens to drift so well that it becomes the new drift car meta.

  • Joshua Woodbridge
    Joshua Woodbridge10 dager siden

    Adam is actually so humble. Like he's getting recognition and getting big but he's still so humble and almost seems nervous

  • driftking o6

    driftking o6

    7 dager siden

    You are absolutely right

  • Kieron Sands
    Kieron Sands10 dager siden

    Give colete your cluster a you get one

  • Kieron Sands

    Kieron Sands

    10 dager siden

    Man give to woman 👩

  • Kieron Sands
    Kieron Sands10 dager siden

    Yes sort the f cluster

  • Kieron Sands
    Kieron Sands10 dager siden

    Have y had any vacancies yet

  • mr rullis 06
    mr rullis 0610 dager siden

    #feedbert who remembers that

  • Kieron Sands
    Kieron Sands10 dager siden

    Many good cars

  • Kieron Sands
    Kieron Sands10 dager siden

    More skyline vids

  • Corey Crosswhite
    Corey Crosswhite10 dager siden

    I'm so sick of seeing ads of trevors giveaway

  • Tej Bergin
    Tej Bergin10 dager siden

    I would go to physical therapy not a chiropractor. PT actually works tbh

  • Ando 1⃣
    Ando 1⃣10 dager siden

    Buddy don’t stress too much trying to answer every question as I guarantee you 99.9% of us don’t care, just keep the content coming, that’s all that matters. Also you should give remedial massage a try for your back. Muscle, tendon and ligament tension plays a huge part on how your skeleton (inc your back) positions itself. For example tight muscles in your leg can cause issues in you lower back. Remedial massage can help balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which helps restore the correct position of the bones. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years after I paralysed my arm and highly recommend it.

  • Dakota Lingenfelter-terek
    Dakota Lingenfelter-terek10 dager siden

    I am a big fan and the slow mode was enabled

  • Sweet 57
    Sweet 5710 dager siden

    Would love to see you in Ireland at some point... I know you can't possibly travel to every country but it would be nice to see you around mondello at a drift games bash day

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo10 dager siden

    90s, nsx, jdm so it's cheaper, billet k series swap with ppg built 6 spd rsx-s manual trans. Bucket list builds

  • scooby dew
    scooby dew10 dager siden

    If you put that douche .Whistlin Deisel on your channel i will unsubscribe all three profiles

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo10 dager siden

    Tornado gt40 kit cars (very cheap) 9 grand for a built rolling chassis. Gtforte sells gt40 kits even cheaper, can buy the tubing for the chassis then weld it yourself. It's around $1200, then 4 grand for the body. 01e 6 spd manual fwd audi trans has PPG sets. Gtforte and tornado have adaptor kits. I have money to build one and badly want to jump on that. a coyote gt40 would be ideal (mmr billet block is $10k)

  • Dakota Lingenfelter-terek
    Dakota Lingenfelter-terek10 dager siden

    My birthday is the 22 I am going to be 16

  • Ididnttouchthat
    Ididnttouchthat10 dager siden

    38:43 put it in a crown vic then line up with neighbor

  • Robin


    8 dager siden

    This or a ford pickup truck. Something equivalent to tommy's colorado.

  • TheConwayChannel


    10 dager siden


  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith10 dager siden

    Bruhhhhhhhhhh snow content !!

  • Jyn Yee
    Jyn Yee10 dager siden

    it hurts because your body was adapting to the adjustment the chiropractor was doing... well ideally anyway might be a good idea to go back if you can afford to just for a check up? maybe?

  • Cian Wheeler
    Cian Wheeler10 dager siden

    Would be really cool to see a video again where you bring all your cars together and talk about them and do some comparisons

  • Bailey Marcus
    Bailey Marcus10 dager siden

    When are you going to build another drift car

  • Ivan Dumančić
    Ivan Dumančić10 dager siden

    I just saw this. :(

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner10 dager siden

    Good stream, Aussie Aussie Aussie Adam Covid free R33 ✌️🇦🇺

  • Callum Bambridge
    Callum Bambridge10 dager siden

    I really want to see Adam buy and build a really cheap little hot hatch. I know you don’t get stuff like the Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 over in the US but I’d love to see what him and the team to do one

  • Mihnäinud
    Mihnäinud10 dager siden

    DO some content/series with your friends, all buy some project car or what eva :D get tj, oakes so on, on board with you :P Everyone is building some sick cars but no other fun :/

  • Thomas Brady
    Thomas Brady10 dager siden

    Definitely need to get Collette to help with the comments 110%

  • Nathan Wheatstone
    Nathan Wheatstone10 dager siden

    Do a pickup bui like Tommy's with the voodoo engine

  • Alex Bull_ST3
    Alex Bull_ST310 dager siden

    Will need to import but voodoo swap a MK3 Ford capri perfect chassis for a V8

  • Chuck T85
    Chuck T8510 dager siden

    Get back on the bmx bro !!!! Bmx world needs ya Adam 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥

  • Julia Araujo

    Julia Araujo

    6 dager siden

    Tff no mundo dos principais problemas da cidade de São Paulo portas 😭❤👶👶👶

  • Dillan Ristow
    Dillan Ristow10 dager siden

    I was at work and saw this. I was sad I missed it b4 I watched it, after watching it im double sad What u said ab not want to do things if you don't think it will be good enough stuck with me

  • LerouxFamilia Le ROUX
    LerouxFamilia Le ROUX10 dager siden

    dude buy s14 cuz then you have a s13 s14 and s15

  • KarTTyy
    KarTTyy10 dager siden


  • Ãráfât Høssâiñ
    Ãráfât Høssâiñ10 dager siden

    Fucking collete ruined the ae86 superchat moment

  • Kenji Biscop
    Kenji Biscop10 dager siden

    Adam can you please do a 4 rotor swap on your rx7 and than put it next to your gt3 rs for a soundcheck

  • Leo_SKR 026
    Leo_SKR 02610 dager siden

    I saw in one of your first video’s of the barra running, u said that the front swaybar was not installed, and I noticed in the last video that the front end moves allot. So i was wondering if it is installed or not🤔

  • Dominick Mcnulty
    Dominick Mcnulty10 dager siden

    Hey Adam, I've always wanted to see one of my dream projects come true since I was a kid watching my dad build his LS s10 in the garage with my mom and friends along with ps2 need for speed, fast and furious and seeing all your video's growing up it made me happy to keep living having something exciting in my life but all that gave me another dream to have you build one of my ideal on your channel and get to drive it everyday❤ bonus for you is more fan love probably a start in something new on the channel you can keep my project car i have now its old and mostly clean for whatever and the content plus you won't have to keep it in your garage taking up space🤣 PLEASE HIT ME UP BIG LZ HELP IS NEEDED my NOprojects is also my Facebook name.

  • Itz Nicholaaas
    Itz Nicholaaas10 dager siden

    i hope the e46 is a grip build

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay10 dager siden

    Mate if you're not going to marry Collete than just cut her loose.

  • MrTimbs123


    9 dager siden


  • xyne


    10 dager siden


  • Rmiata
    Rmiata10 dager siden

    When you do you video on all your cars on the runway/dragstrip ,you should fly in TJ,Jimmy, Trevor, Taylor, Rundnick, Tommy, Grant and all your boys and girls to drive them all in one big cinematic shot,you tube gold right there .

  • Miguel Varela
    Miguel Varela10 dager siden

    Wedge Performance: ​Get me a log of the 335.

  • Jonathan Iniguez
    Jonathan Iniguez10 dager siden

    adamm! you definitely need to drive that evo 9!! i’ve been wanting you to add that to the japanese collection since tose are getting rare!! pls get one!!🥺🥺

  • Jonathan Iniguez

    Jonathan Iniguez

    10 dager siden

    plus that awd drift👀👀

  • Monarchs United
    Monarchs United10 dager siden

    I thought it was live still, lol.