LS3 Swapped my Mom's Solstice - Her Reaction Was Priceless!


I couldn't have asked for a better reaction - she definitely didn't expect it!
Send love to the companies below that helped make this possible -
LeeCParts (For your LS Engine needs) -
Performance Autowerks Solstice LS Swap Kit -
Texas Speed (LS Parts & sweet sweet Cam) -
Fabbot Transmission Adapters -
ESR Wheels -


  • SinNombre _
    SinNombre _11 timer siden

    The bestttttt

  • TimmyP1955
    TimmyP195519 timer siden

    I'd never want anything that loud.

  • illiod1
    illiod123 timer siden

    You Mom's a real sweetheart, her reactions are classic. Nice job on her car.

  • mark eiler
    mark eilerDag siden

    She will not know

  • PerusTC
    PerusTCDag siden

    7:58... Aw F!@#$.... LOL!

  • Jacob H
    Jacob HDag siden

    She may not be too happy with the gas bill lol

  • AceIsa YT
    AceIsa YTDag siden

    Next plssssssss put a bodykit on it next

  • Plushie Films
    Plushie Films2 dager siden

    when a lil carr sounds like a nascar:

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY2 dager siden

    Can't you swap out for a quiet LS3 LOL

  • William Jones
    William Jones2 dager siden

    He has a really cool mom. He's a good son. I miss my mom. Oh well life goes on.

  • Wayne Wolfenbarger
    Wayne Wolfenbarger3 dager siden

    She's awesome.

  • Larry The beast
    Larry The beast3 dager siden

    Mama LZ nah Mama LS3

  • Xenneth Sixx
    Xenneth Sixx4 dager siden

    My mother would notice immediately lmao she's a bigger hoon that I

  • Michael Stanley
    Michael Stanley4 dager siden

    That is a Son's love that I hope all Good Parents will experience. Well done and thank you for sharing loving your Mom with such Happiness.

  • J C A
    J C A4 dager siden

    The swap is great but maybe you should have done a more mild cam and a quieter exhaust for your mom

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam4 dager siden

    Why can't we see out your back window?

  • Lloyd Keller
    Lloyd Keller4 dager siden

    Great job moms going to be the talk of the car clubs. Love it. Your moms cool.

  • Nate Beaudreau
    Nate Beaudreau5 dager siden

    That poor woman didn't want no ls swap in her damn Saturn 💀

  • Nate Beaudreau
    Nate Beaudreau5 dager siden

    This man look like a super trooper

  • Mikial Jones
    Mikial Jones5 dager siden

    You Yak to much

  • Yohann Likes McFlurry's
    Yohann Likes McFlurry's5 dager siden

    Next get a weight reduction kit

  • Yohann Likes McFlurry's
    Yohann Likes McFlurry's5 dager siden

    Can we point out that someone said "next up, I ls swapped my mom's car" as a joke but here we are

  • SaturnSkyKid
    SaturnSkyKid5 dager siden

    I fell bad for your mom lol

  • Josef
    Josef6 dager siden

    Female Paul Teutul Sr.

  • GOML_TeMpeR YT
    GOML_TeMpeR YT6 dager siden

    I can just tell she loves it💪🏼🙏🏼💯

  • open trench technologies Romish
    open trench technologies Romish7 dager siden

    I want this car lol they should be a factory ls vette motor

  • Brian Strom
    Brian Strom7 dager siden

    You're a good son.

  • Jett
    Jett7 dager siden


  • les1251
    les12517 dager siden

    Waste of money, time and resources. And your mom doesn’t want it. It’s too loud and unnecessary. Learn to do things for people for reasons other than shallow selfish reasons.

  • Daryl Krans
    Daryl Krans7 dager siden

    Your poor mom! haha. Great reaction!

  • Paul Patscot
    Paul Patscot7 dager siden

    What shop did the conversation? I love it!

  • Paul Patscot

    Paul Patscot

    7 dager siden

    *Conversion *

  • Heuers Garage
    Heuers Garage7 dager siden

    Build it back for your mom! She don´t like it i think. I KNOW she don´t like it :-D Why are you doing that to her? Prank or real for her?

  • David Adamson
    David Adamson7 dager siden

    Love your relationship with your beautiful Mum

  • slowls
    slowls7 dager siden

    That’s dope. I love her reaction

  • TruckerEnoch 88
    TruckerEnoch 888 dager siden

    I wouldn't even bother with 1st gear momma. Just use 2nd gear from a stop.

  • Tickled Rage
    Tickled Rage8 dager siden

    Man i remember when you did the turbo kit!

  • David Sparks
    David Sparks8 dager siden

    8 minutes in...SHE IS JAZZED!!!!

  • Aaron Kamelhar
    Aaron Kamelhar8 dager siden

    Dude best son ever!!

  • 2vintage68
    2vintage688 dager siden

    When she got in and drove I laughed so hard and long I was really afraid of rupturing something. Absolutely a priceless video. I was a kid once. We loved pulling pranks on our parents and seeing their reaction, but this is at a completely different level!

  • Mervin Foster
    Mervin Foster8 dager siden

    Ls Mom!

  • Hawk SilverDragon
    Hawk SilverDragon9 dager siden

    Mom was a good sport about the whole thing

  • Mr. Sweeney
    Mr. Sweeney9 dager siden

    It's like Christmas shopping for others. You buy them what YOU would want. And they're like WTF is this?

  • NearNebula
    NearNebula9 dager siden

    Priceless. Your mother is as cool as they get. You're a good son kid!

  • Khaled Quttmi
    Khaled Quttmi9 dager siden

    I think she scared from the loud exhaust system

  • Gaalixx
    Gaalixx10 dager siden

    She was so scared when he hit the gas lol, I wish my car could do that

  • Jesse Galvan
    Jesse Galvan10 dager siden

    Merry Christmas your insurance is going to go up ,and you gas bill forget about it .She looks happy. !!

  • 2020 Slots
    2020 Slots10 dager siden

    Gonna be hard to keep up with her now 😂

  • Brandon Poley
    Brandon Poley10 dager siden

    it's actually way louder than you think hahaha always louder outside than in the car

  • Elvis Almaguer
    Elvis Almaguer10 dager siden

    6:57 2006 yellow daytona over his shoulder in a driveway badass lol

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips10 dager siden

    This guy is so awesome brought tears to my being a engine swap guy..

  • NE13
    NE1310 dager siden

    The rims really are the lipstick on that pig. Kinda hot now

  • 51KTM51Hurricane
    51KTM51Hurricane10 dager siden

    some people just like it how it is... leave it that way 🤪🤪

  • Mark Majors
    Mark Majors10 dager siden

    Too much time and money on your hands

  • Gavin Hodgson
    Gavin Hodgson10 dager siden

    How can you do that and take it on a public road, without getting the car tested for roadworthiness? I guess you took care of the insurance for the modifications but don't you need to get approval from a vehicle test centre before you can take it on the road, or is that not a thing in the USA?

  • kdm71291
    kdm7129110 dager siden

    She doesn’t know how to feather the clutch.

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers10 dager siden

    This awesome. Hello, mom , guess what? Surprise , street sleeper

  • BobbyDuke
    BobbyDuke10 dager siden

    changing plugs require pulling the engine?

  • BobbyDuke
    BobbyDuke10 dager siden

    really clean install

  • Track Days.
    Track Days.10 dager siden

    She'll be flat rowing the gears in no time.

  • LedChickenFPV
    LedChickenFPV10 dager siden

    Haha, she wants a whistle, give the lady a whistle! If you don't want to deal with all the plumbing of a turbo, slap a hair dryer supercharger on it. Or am I showing my age and we don't do that any more?

  • Latron Williams
    Latron Williams10 dager siden


    JONAS GRUMBY10 dager siden

    How does the Getrag hold up to all that power

  • andy schoeré
    andy schoeré10 dager siden


  • Neil Forrest
    Neil Forrest11 dager siden

    I am 68 and own a Sky.... If you were my son and did that to my car.... I would disown you! LOL

  • James Welsh
    James Welsh11 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure she hates it 😭

  • Mike Rufing
    Mike Rufing11 dager siden

    Cool son...

  • Robert Longo
    Robert Longo11 dager siden

    That there is some slooooooooooow shiftin! Lol

  • Robert Esposito
    Robert Esposito11 dager siden

    Damn your a good son, I want to adopt you

  • Joshua Szeto
    Joshua Szeto11 dager siden

    Christmas 2020: v8 swap Christmas 2021: supercharger Christmas 2022: 200 shot NOS

  • Michael Cosgrove
    Michael Cosgrove11 dager siden

    Lmao that is absolutely awesome!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Steven W
    Steven W11 dager siden

    Why do boys like to torture their mom?

  • Eddie Bruce
    Eddie Bruce11 dager siden

    Trade it for a miata,S2000 or something with quality

  • Fin
    Fin12 dager siden

    Needs fender flares(widebody for you youngsters).

  • Bryan Barr
    Bryan Barr12 dager siden

    Wow, how original, an LS swap. zzzzzzzzzz

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness12 dager siden

    Those tires are going to get chewed up by those rear fenders, every time she hits a bump.

  • Frank Santarcangelo
    Frank Santarcangelo12 dager siden

    This video is awesome 👏🏻

  • Gerald Preston
    Gerald Preston13 dager siden

    Were are you at in Orlando....need a tune Texas Speed short block build....99 WS6 TA convertible...390 cubic LS1.

  • #N17WHL angelo
    #N17WHL angelo13 dager siden

    Oh man that was cool trick on mom... Bless her at least she the idea reasoning behind it..... Mom ready? NO! Her reaction, Lol

    RANDALL SEMRAU13 dager siden

    Death sentence for Mom.

  • F&R Racing
    F&R Racing13 dager siden

    Love it!

  • Felipe Yañez
    Felipe Yañez13 dager siden

    Wouldn't it have been better to have installed a Vortec v6 instead of the Corvette LS3? That motor is going to hurt your mom dude.

  • racer D
    racer D13 dager siden

    You destroyed a great car.

  • Chris Bay
    Chris Bay13 dager siden

    Get the whistle back with a supercharger ;-)

  • Jared
    Jared13 dager siden

    Next up 2jz swaping my mom's solstice.

  • Mr. O
    Mr. O13 dager siden

    Car is ruined lol

  • Luba Kaczmar
    Luba Kaczmar13 dager siden

    Great work and a cool mom. My wife has yellow one.Her Christmas slkamg told her alonly a little smaller

  • Yungdrab
    Yungdrab14 dager siden

    Cool moms "those are good looking" Karens "YoUr GrOuNdEd"

  • BuzzLOLOL
    BuzzLOLOL14 dager siden

    Hot Rod did a 600 HP LS1 Solstice years ago...

  • Daniel Dagenais
    Daniel Dagenais14 dager siden

    Im sure she enjoy paying double gaz Bill

  • Iqcev Psn
    Iqcev Psn14 dager siden

    Wow last time I watched Lz he was still doing bmx 🚲

  • Adam Christian Smith
    Adam Christian Smith14 dager siden

    I love it but shoulda Q-shipped the exhaust!!

  • Anthony Crespo
    Anthony Crespo15 dager siden

    “I’m bucking all over the place” 😂

  • Racing Fox
    Racing Fox15 dager siden

    Those are purdy and doul exhaust.....evil laugh 😂😂😂😂, Freddy’s on it LoL 😂, A stiffer rear Suspension would help too 😉

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price15 dager siden

    Nice acting! She got what she wanted. Good job mom! 👍🤘

  • wesley allen
    wesley allen15 dager siden

    Your mom is cool fam

  • Trent Munn
    Trent Munn15 dager siden

    The BE ST!!!! A BEAST!!! I subscribed when I saw this.

  • Dj Goliday
    Dj Goliday15 dager siden

    Your mom is so amazing and adorable and cute 😍😂

  • Herobrain888
    Herobrain88816 dager siden

    Series name: Making a sleeper out of my moms Car

  • Geeky907
    Geeky90716 dager siden

    Dude, your mom is awesome!

  • Betterifitsfree
    Betterifitsfree16 dager siden

    " I don't like it.... I liked the way was before...stop messing with my fricken car." Kinda wrong to mess with what she liked. Keep it for yourself.