Mom's LS3 Solstice hits the Dyno!


Used some dyno time to dial in the sSolstice and re-tune the skyline with the new setup! A few more minor tweaks next week with the solstice and she'll be perfect! Happy New Year


  • James Bates
    James Bates2 dager siden

    Soltice Rocks

  • Tobias Chislett
    Tobias Chislett3 dager siden

    Next up: I Turbo'd My Mums LS3 Swapped Solstice!

  • Mike Provost
    Mike Provost5 dager siden


  • MrDrago1954
    MrDrago19546 dager siden

    My Mom was the leadfoot in the family. She had no fear. Congrats on having a Mom can appreciate some power and speed.

  • nidee dee
    nidee dee6 dager siden

    Mom mom mom mom

  • GOML_TeMpeR YT
    GOML_TeMpeR YT6 dager siden

    420 hp😮🤔💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon8 dager siden

    Roll the fenders

  • Rydnorth
    Rydnorth9 dager siden

    This is sweet!

  • Crescious
    Crescious13 dager siden

    I'm half tempted to buy a solstice and a junkyard vette

  • racer D
    racer D13 dager siden

    You could made that same power or more with the LNF w mods and be 200lbs lighter.

  • Maine TurboDiesel
    Maine TurboDiesel15 dager siden

    Enough with the GD repeating "mom" 3-4 times in a sentence already . . . .

  • Jack Pelliccia
    Jack Pelliccia15 dager siden

    Where is you’re dad??

  • Andre Torres
    Andre Torres16 dager siden

    Bro this guy continuously saying mom in the video completely ruined it for me. I'm sure he thought he was being funny and cool but in fact he was just being annoying. This is the type of person that doesn't know when to quit it and always takes the jokes way too far. Get a clue bud

  • Garin Charles
    Garin Charles18 dager siden

    I need these guys to tune my suzuki swift O_O

  • Stephane Montpeirous
    Stephane Montpeirous18 dager siden


  • Savage Dayton
    Savage Dayton19 dager siden

    Adam LZ is a Danny Duncan fan????

  • mark collard
    mark collard19 dager siden


  • Twa R
    Twa R20 dager siden

    What was quarter mile speed?

  • Neil Borne
    Neil Borne23 dager siden

    Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom Bro who are I talking to?

  • Rahman
    Rahman24 dager siden

    Bruv you said mom about 20 times lol

  • Herengaro Rapihana
    Herengaro Rapihana28 dager siden

    I went from here to car x drift

  • rolltide 15
    rolltide 1529 dager siden

    Do you work on other cars I need my 84 caprice upgraded I'm in Birmingham al

  • Canadian Nomad
    Canadian NomadMåned siden

    I seen your mom drive the car its bucking!!!! She is going to cry all the way to the grocery store....The car is trying to kill

  • Liam Elm
    Liam ElmMåned siden

    Why not put a split exhaust, quiet for her neighbours... LOUD FOR THE ROAD

  • James G
    James GMåned siden

    Of course. 4Dub Man.

  • Jeremy JS
    Jeremy JSMåned siden

    Great looking car getting the power to match. Love it

  • brad garrett
    brad garrettMåned siden

    LOL Why is he saying Mom so much?

  • lovejago
    lovejagoMåned siden

    Well if ya can't tell the diff from water to fuel ! Maybe next time take a taste test?? >rolling my eyes

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNdMåned siden

    420 HP huh, any reason?

  • Antoine Willy
    Antoine WillyMåned siden

    Anybody remember the name of the outro??? It take me sooo far back to when he was a BMX channel

  • Ankersei
    AnkerseiMåned siden

    Trolls the sti 🤣

  • Darrin Warner
    Darrin WarnerMåned siden

    Mom, mum, mom, mom, mommy, mum, mom.

  • Lettuce Carrots
    Lettuce CarrotsMåned siden

    Why don’t you have that awesome red tint on the rear window?

  • Ty Fisher
    Ty FisherMåned siden

    uhhhhh 420. . .horsepower. . maybe that was a high joke

  • Michael Cargile.
    Michael Cargile.Måned siden

    Hahaha love the mom

  • Matt quarles
    Matt quarlesMåned siden

    not an expert like you guys but in my personal experience humidity will get into the chamber if its runs super hot and gets very cold very fast when shut off. the temp shock creates moisture. it probably only happened right as you were taking it apart tbch. if you live in a humid area it probably builds up everytime the car is ran hot then shut off for a hwile. which also means there is an extremely small air leak somewhere usually.

  • Matt quarles

    Matt quarles

    Måned siden

    throttle body could be seating a little weird when off throttle.

  • Patrick Kem
    Patrick KemMåned siden

    Haven’t seen the entire vid yet,but my guess would be possibly cracked block.

  • Joel Sohun
    Joel SohunMåned siden

    the RB power is insane

  • Mike Argentiero
    Mike ArgentieroMåned siden

    The red tint... why bro just why???🤣

  • mike scully
    mike scullyMåned siden

    You are not cut out for standard dude.

  • adamaj joseph
    adamaj josephMåned siden

    hmm vvt next ? 6-71 blower out the hood with a blue oval girl nine incher in the back ( for mom ) and wheelie bars and roll cage that should get her into the 8s

  • TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness
    TexasScout NoneofyourbusinessMåned siden

    Love, Love the swap, Wheels are beautiful, it's just (IMHO) you have the wrong offset. They should not stick outside the fenders (just dirty up the car and throw rocks which messes up the paint), right at the fender line, yes.

  • Tropsy
    TropsyMåned siden

    The amount of "mom" in this video is immaculate

  • jay sullivan
    jay sullivanMåned siden

    Man, his mom has a mini Vette and he has a right-hand-drive Skyline. I screwed up my life.

  • Louie Samaras
    Louie SamarasMåned siden

    Why do you say mom after each sentence?

  • Cam Cam
    Cam CamMåned siden

    LS3 make 420 why so hipped over stock power

  • fariz ascariz
    fariz ascarizMåned siden

    i didn't know horsepower can make a mom happy..

    BOBA FEDERALMåned siden

    Skylines haven't been cool since NFS Shift 2.

  • jay sullivan

    jay sullivan

    Måned siden

    Delete your account.

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave RyanMåned siden

    Holy crap that skyline sounds insane!!!! I'm not really an import guy I'm a All-American muscle car V8 kind of guy. But I'm learning About Imports From Watching This. interesting I'm intrigued!!!🧐🏁

  • jpspen
    jpspenMåned siden

    Let's get it on the highway and see how fast it will go... That's the only real mark of a good car... I can spin the tires in my minivan... LOL

  • FreePIZZA
    FreePIZZAMåned siden

    freddy really know what he talking aboult u can clearly see it

  • K Grant
    K GrantMåned siden

    Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom......

  • Butch Griggs
    Butch GriggsMåned siden

    Anything for "America's Mom Next Door"!

  • Landon Quinn
    Landon QuinnMåned siden

    Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom 😂😂😂

  • dolphin082
    dolphin082Måned siden

    Please stop telling mom so much pretty please. Also tell her she has 500 hp at the crank . Make her dream come true.

  • ItchesIt
    ItchesItMåned siden

    They won't judge you based on your turbo size anymore... Size matters...

  • ItchesIt
    ItchesItMåned siden

    ... Mom... ... Mom... ... Mom...

  • Nairb Kcorrum
    Nairb KcorrumMåned siden

    Can he say “mom” more?! Like in the middle of the sentence and at the end?! Lol It’s annoying AF!!!

  • Killem’ All WR
    Killem’ All WRMåned siden

    He says mom way too much im starting to feel like “MOM” lmao

  • dirk urreta
    dirk urretaMåned siden

    Damn. Like 300zs myself. But yeah skylines are awesome too.

  • K3NT0N
    K3NT0NMåned siden

    Ight mom

  • Owen Siddall
    Owen SiddallMåned siden

    Does anyone else miss the bmx videos?

  • mrbunnylamakins
    mrbunnylamakinsMåned siden

    Car goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Steve Cowham
    Steve CowhamMåned siden

    Great work! I wish I had a pound for every time he said Mom! 😁

  • callmenort nortin
    callmenort nortinMåned siden

    cute ,,but too much car for mom

  • Joe Barron
    Joe BarronMåned siden

    Lol careful with mom bro 😂

  • Amanda Welch
    Amanda WelchMåned siden

    The past deficit unpredictably grin because laborer neuropathologically belong pro a overwrought option. capable, elderly multi-hop

  • 716 Streetbiker
    716 StreetbikerMåned siden

    Damn chill with the mom,mom 👩 lol

  • Josh McCabe
    Josh McCabeMåned siden


  • Max Hartmann
    Max HartmannMåned siden

    I need to cam my LM7... and put a cold air intake on it... and a new intake manifold... and a tune. might as well get a blower while I'm at it well then I wouldn't need a new intake manifold if I did that.

  • Carl Trano
    Carl TranoMåned siden

    Sorry had to tap out do to the Gratuitous use of the word mom.

  • Dan Hill
    Dan HillMåned siden

    0-60 and 1/4 mile, please.

  • Aaron Marsh
    Aaron MarshMåned siden

    Do Marsh Tuning offer merch? Asking for me.

  • Aaron Marsh
    Aaron MarshMåned siden

    Next week: WANTED: Stock Solstice. Must be silver and stock. Modified my mom's car and she hated it.

  • Angelo Denwill Petate

    Angelo Denwill Petate

    13 dager siden

    just put the old engine back on tune it then turbo it again

  • Darius Kendrick
    Darius KendrickMåned siden

    Secret be told its his car not his moms

  • Drew
    DrewMåned siden

    Probably never see half of the throttle used in daily use. Grocery getter in a hurry.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike MillerMåned siden

    What happened to the 500 hp you said it had

  • mrvoyagerm
    mrvoyagermMåned siden

    My '66 Chevy with a six banger made more power than that :)

  • Richard Christianson
    Richard ChristiansonMåned siden

    It sucks to be judged by your turbo size.

  • Richard Christianson
    Richard ChristiansonMåned siden

    He loves his mom. I guess it's better to say mom than to drop an F-bomb in every sentence.

  • Dj Project
    Dj ProjectMåned siden

    Freekin awesome!!! 👍🏻

  • JUNIOR One
    JUNIOR OneMåned siden

    Must be nice to have e been a spoiled rich kid mom thanks mom.

  • JUNIOR One
    JUNIOR OneMåned siden

    How many times is this dude gonna

  • Fat Rabbit
    Fat RabbitMåned siden

    So annoying how often he says "Mom"

  • Mario Chati
    Mario ChatiMåned siden


  • Robert Weitlauf
    Robert WeitlaufMåned siden

    im sorry but the LS sounds 10,000 % better then the skyline. im a v8 guy cant stand imports.

  • Orozconleche
    OrozconlecheMåned siden

    What you came for 10:11

  • armadillotoe
    armadillotoeMåned siden

    He will be heartbroken when Mom tells him she wants a Prius.

  • Steven Bean

    Steven Bean

    Måned siden

    A prius with a twin turbo hemi

  • Ryder Rose

    Ryder Rose

    Måned siden

    Na, he'll just cram a twin turbo V8 in there. And then he'll tell her that he just put some tires on it!

  • Shaolin master
    Shaolin masterMåned siden

    every time I watch your channel all I see when you talk is that 80's porn stash..............hears your pizza mam wap......thats the way I like it!

  • shelley king
    shelley kingMåned siden

    430 mom power, mom. SWEET!

  • Justin Murphy
    Justin MurphyMåned siden

    Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom

  • Yianni Papiomitis
    Yianni PapiomitisMåned siden

    Get back into bmx

  • The Fearon Shop
    The Fearon ShopMåned siden

    Why does he say mom so much 😂🤣

  • Kahir Dey
    Kahir DeyMåned siden

    Hum. Cant imagine why 420 is a goal. Mom rocks

  • whooptydoo
    whooptydooMåned siden

    Hey mom so mom Don't worry mom we are mom fixing mom your car mom so the horsepower mom can mom get mom up mom to mom 420 hp mom

  • Fishing Therapy
    Fishing TherapyMåned siden

    Comedy through repetition mom

  • Cristiano Codina
    Cristiano CodinaMåned siden


  • Daniel Clanton
    Daniel ClantonMåned siden

    Could it be condensation from the ethanol?

  • jabroni
    jabroniMåned siden

    He kept saying mom, all I could think about was spongebob squarepants

  • Charles Jyrel De Guzman
    Charles Jyrel De GuzmanMåned siden

    I have been watching this part for 100 times 18:32 (^~^)