My New FD RX7 - Best One Yet!


I’ve been on the quest to find the perfect CYM RX7 to start my build... this might be it!


  • CriZ Productions
    CriZ ProductionsDag siden


  • 6ty8stang
    6ty8stang3 dager siden

    Great content as always

  • vividhill
    vividhill4 dager siden

    adam lz ? nah adam takahashi

  • Cool
    Cool4 dager siden

    Veil side body kit I beg you

    ESTOK TV5 dager siden

    i hope adam lz buy a honda civic

  • Connor RJNS
    Connor RJNS6 dager siden

    what does cym mean?

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels8 dager siden

    It’s not a mustang LZ

    SOULESS8 dager siden

    You paid $50,000 for a fuckin hacked up basic ls swap fd... you over paid for that by 25k.. this one not so much lol.

  • dany boutin
    dany boutin8 dager siden

    can you give back illiminate their dog 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith8 dager siden

    That car is a beaut

  • God skill
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  • God skill
    God skill8 dager siden

    When will formula drift come back I'm to eager to see you fominate

  • LocalsOnly . Jp
    LocalsOnly . Jp8 dager siden

    Wish i had the money to purchase another car

  • Brent Senters
    Brent Senters8 dager siden

    lMaoooo thats me in the mornin mayne

  • Brent Senters

    Brent Senters

    8 dager siden

    keep it stock port it out and just tune and better the original man 2021 we know things about cars we would'nt have known in 1993

  • Brent Senters

    Brent Senters

    8 dager siden

    and plz save one for me homie dont buy em all C:

  • Brent Senters

    Brent Senters

    8 dager siden

    ROTARY ALLL THE DAY aint nothing like that 10k rpm. my good cousin ryan had a street ported rx7 thing sounded like it was gunna blow up when he redlined it was blue and i coulda bought it for 7k with interior stripped buttt bought a cb7 accord un m C:... love ya no homo man u make my day. cb7 cost me 1250 had little rust and rips stock wish i could send you a pick cause u inspired me.

  • WiLLiTo Hernandez
    WiLLiTo Hernandez8 dager siden

    Beautiful. How many do u have now?!?. I still love the R34 over all your builds. And the Evo is dope too R34 still takes 1st tho

  • Andrew Parrish
    Andrew Parrish9 dager siden

    I hope you keep with the dorito

  • Trained Idiots
    Trained Idiots9 dager siden

    I mean you could have a ls fd drift car?!

  • porfyrus
    porfyrus9 dager siden

    who s playing the song?

  • Notta _Drifter
    Notta _Drifter9 dager siden

    Ahh she is from my home state Edit: I’m talking about the F D

  • What Plant is that, Paul?
    What Plant is that, Paul?9 dager siden

    I enjoyed this... New sub.

  • Chris S
    Chris S9 dager siden

    Tommy's type r vs this! Or at least a divine photoshoot together ❤

  • ice age baby
    ice age baby9 dager siden

    Looks like keisuke takahashi Mazda rx7 FD

  • Alfredo Herrera
    Alfredo Herrera9 dager siden

    Why don't you get a drift stang like Chrifix?

  • Eriks Murans
    Eriks Murans10 dager siden

    yo how many cars u own?

  • Noah Kombacher
    Noah Kombacher10 dager siden

    Dream car 🥵

  • jackson boyle
    jackson boyle10 dager siden

    “ ik 30 k sounds ridiculous “ Man fds half this clean go for 30 k where I live 😂😂😂

  • TheShady86
    TheShady8610 dager siden

    That thing is cherry bro

  • Thatguywithnopancreas
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  • Brett Brown
    Brett Brown10 dager siden

    Can't wait to see how this one ends up. 🤙

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt34710 dager siden

    👍 best one yet ? Agreed

  • Wilthy
    Wilthy10 dager siden

    Here before the complete rebuild and 1000hp :)

  • Clov3zz
    Clov3zz10 dager siden

    that is300 in the background? got a insta? i wanna 1jz my 200

  • Jayden Novak
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  • cici tran
    cici tran10 dager siden

    We should date handsome LOL 🍹🍸🤣🖤🖤🖤

  • Phadic
    Phadic10 dager siden

    Please keep the Rotary engine

  • Austin L
    Austin L10 dager siden

    But is he the 2nd fastest driver on the akagi red suns?

  • SteveStunner7
    SteveStunner710 dager siden

    Are we not going to speak about that white supra on the lawn!!!!?

  • Caden Geairn
    Caden Geairn10 dager siden

    let’s keep the rotary this time...

  • RippyTheRazer
    RippyTheRazer10 dager siden

    I love it when you're doing a pull and the closed caption says [music]

  • Dawid
    Dawid11 dager siden

    Get some C4 Gtechniq on those plastic trims! Works wonders

  • Drew Gorman
    Drew Gorman11 dager siden

    I love me some mochi. Awesome pooch

  • colin g
    colin g11 dager siden


  • Logan Haslam
    Logan Haslam11 dager siden

    Rocket bunny or veil side ?

  • Yarot Cuello garay
    Yarot Cuello garay11 dager siden

    Why are there so many bmws parked?

  • Jacob Clay
    Jacob Clay11 dager siden

    Why do you use optima yellow top batteries when you use a lithium 12v? I’ve seen so many burn on chargers 😭

  • Calvin
    Calvin11 dager siden

    Please don’t LS swap it I beg

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion11 dager siden

    I dare you to straight pipe that FD and do a burnout :D

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams11 dager siden

    whatsthup guyshvwhw todays vido uhhhh

  • s m o k e m a n e
    s m o k e m a n e11 dager siden

    poor jimmy

  • Joseph Bustamante
    Joseph Bustamante11 dager siden

    bone stock unmolested😍

  • Aaron Peplinski
    Aaron Peplinski11 dager siden

    Roughly 26,000 miles

  • Mike Dangerous
    Mike Dangerous11 dager siden

    Bro how did you manage to find 3 CYMs in such a short time span

  • my friend
    my friend11 dager siden

    He really likes them yellow ones

  • Apex holland
    Apex holland11 dager siden

    The Barra is sick!

  • Sv Motoparts
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  • Matthew tobeck
    Matthew tobeck11 dager siden

    I think he should turn this into a back up formula drift car that’s be SICK🤙🏻

  • carl darren bautista
    carl darren bautista11 dager siden

    That FD needs 4 rotor

  • Rex Perez
    Rex Perez11 dager siden

    Adam buying cars on a daily basis

  • Ducky Boii
    Ducky Boii11 dager siden

    my guy was ZOOOOTED in the intro

  • Caynn Fittler
    Caynn Fittler11 dager siden

    Ls fd daily brah

  • Steve K
    Steve K11 dager siden


  • Kareem Whittick
    Kareem Whittick11 dager siden

    This nigga Adam got a Mazda!! Yessiirr this my favorite car to ever exist

  • Zack Thomas
    Zack Thomas11 dager siden

    I’ll offer $5

  • Exo-neio
    Exo-neio11 dager siden


  • Exo-neio
    Exo-neio11 dager siden

    Look at all the “all of a sudden rx7 fans” smhhh this has to be the cleanest rx7 I’ve ever seen😳 I can only imagine Aaron’s rx7

  • Gabriel Bell
    Gabriel Bell11 dager siden

    Bruh I have no idea what you said at the beginning of the video😂😂

  • Fatkidprblemz
    Fatkidprblemz11 dager siden

    Finally Adams doing a k series build!!!!😁

  • Keith Zimnock
    Keith Zimnock11 dager siden

    Your gonna have alot fun changing or swabbing the fuel pump

  • Nerijus Linauskas
    Nerijus Linauskas12 dager siden

    Love the “Stock+” approach! Looking forward to seeing more FD project videos and rediscovering all technical details that makes Rx-7 so special. It’s going to be great to relive my own project which took 8 years to complete. You might find some ideas for “rarer” JDM stock parts on and

  • Nerijus Linauskas

    Nerijus Linauskas

    12 dager siden

    Found this page many years ago. Give great insight how Mazda modified Rx-7 through years and what “ingredients” were used for limited edition models.

  • I I I
    I I I12 dager siden

    Dumb question: What does “Fd” mean on the rx7?

  • Aaron Peplinski

    Aaron Peplinski

    11 dager siden

    Chassis code for that body style of Rx7 The 80s was FC. It's like S13 vs S14 or R32, R33, R34 GTR

  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia12 dager siden

    You should Plug the music you guys use, this is the cleanest Stock RX7 I’ve seen

  • KhingKloud
    KhingKloud12 dager siden

    Before you motor swap the FD do a video called "how to blow a FD MOTOR". And for sake of NOprojects/US rippppp that 💩. BLOW THE MOTOR! thennnnn swap it!

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin Buchhorn12 dager siden

    Essentially......just 36B swapping it.

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin Buchhorn12 dager siden

    Cant make a bad decision with buying a FD these days.

  • Staysidewayz Z
    Staysidewayz Z12 dager siden

    I know for a fact hes gunna turn this into a c5 corvette

  • Josh Isaac
    Josh Isaac12 dager siden

    So u sold ls rx7 ? This one looks minty

  • eric green
    eric green12 dager siden

    Un ls swap the fd. Make it great again

  • Grabacr
    Grabacr12 dager siden


  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee12 dager siden

    Nice.... Brings back memories of playing the very first Need for Speed with the yellow rx7.

  • benazzi84
    benazzi8412 dager siden

    20B TRIPPLE ROTOR OR GO HOME ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • untouchable Musseb
    untouchable Musseb12 dager siden

    Bro u got million u not need money we know u make that view

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen12 dager siden

    its too nice for you adam. you just trash it or torch it

  • Natsuna Kusunagi
    Natsuna Kusunagi12 dager siden

    i really hope the rotary stays ...

  • AG62
    AG6212 dager siden

    This one should be oem+ and the ls one should be an insane 4 rotor build

  • suba100 ru
    suba100 ru12 dager siden

    HGK 🔥🔥🔥

  • strongocho
    strongocho12 dager siden

    That wal-mart tint job needs to be thrown in the woods.

  • ittotaq
    ittotaq12 dager siden

    I know someone selling a real Spirit R if you're interested. Car is located in NJ

  • Kenly Aoreugif
    Kenly Aoreugif12 dager siden

    Look like new...

  • EB240
    EB24012 dager siden

    Leave it stock you animal. so hard to find a clean one like this, it will be worth it in the long run.

  • Samuel Allen Soriano
    Samuel Allen Soriano12 dager siden

    Dope as yola

  • Jase Games
    Jase Games12 dager siden

    “A ghost randomly set off my alarm” LMAO WHAT THATS SO RANDOM

  • I suck at life
    I suck at life12 dager siden

    Anyone wanna buy me an rx7?

  • Hayden Nye
    Hayden Nye12 dager siden

    Does that e36 at the end have no passenger door? Lmao

  • Brad Ebright
    Brad Ebright12 dager siden

    Damn, that thing is clean af!

  • Brad Ebright
    Brad Ebright12 dager siden

    Another one??

  • Michael Weber
    Michael Weber12 dager siden

    Need to get Cleetus in the Mustang.

  • Carson Evans
    Carson Evans12 dager siden

    How much was it??

  • Alex Duran
    Alex Duran12 dager siden

    I love all the random stuff

  • Mijn Mening
    Mijn Mening12 dager siden

    Honestly tho how rich is adam, he has been buying cars non stop for 2 years now, and doing all those expensive builds

  • MthLoco
    MthLoco12 dager siden