New Owner of the 9 Second Supra!


Daniel flew into town to see his new Supra for the first time - and we also threw in a little track day. So much fun and super stoked for him! Thank you all for entering!


  • Cristián 2005
    Cristián 20052 dager siden

    hola adam!!!

  • Victor Chavez
    Victor Chavez3 dager siden

    Lmao he said “You want me to launch it?” Supra winner: “Yeah go for it” Was not ready lmao.

  • Layth ghost
    Layth ghost4 dager siden

    He is now selling the car for 80k

  • syairy shukry
    syairy shukry10 dager siden

    I wish I could have 1 🥺😌

  • Kamferdrops
    Kamferdrops12 dager siden

    6:47 Did the black car behind them just drift into a u turn?

  • Patrick Hill
    Patrick Hill12 dager siden

    And now the cars up for $100,000 on facebook marketplace in California 😬

  • Jack B

    Jack B

    11 dager siden

    It’s down to 80k now lol

  • Jack B
    Jack B14 dager siden

    Annnnnnnd it’s already up for sale on Offerup in San Diego.

  • Andrzej Marusarz
    Andrzej Marusarz15 dager siden

    Now this is how a giveaway video should be

  • Debbie Onufreichuk
    Debbie Onufreichuk16 dager siden

    10:54 i like how Adam held on hoping they dont crash😂

  • Oz Kalifa
    Oz Kalifa17 dager siden

    You can see the cheer in his face. Congratulations brother and drive safe

  • Budget Boost DIY
    Budget Boost DIY18 dager siden

    adam is a skilled driver because he progressed this way,he built his cars to go faster and faster and learned the characteristic.Im nervious for this guy because he hasnt worked his way up to learn these skills.he should really track the car for a day and get to know all about the cars charateristics.Maybe next time this happens make sure they have a few hundred bucks and tell them the rule is they MUST track the car so they can learn the skills needed.

  • Brian Wiertel
    Brian Wiertel18 dager siden

    2:46 "I had a blown..... something... So I just put some heads gaskets in it.. That's the magic shit right there." ... Da fuqq? cringey

  • Alexis laguer
    Alexis laguer20 dager siden

    That e36 is a beast 😬

  • Critical Logics
    Critical Logics22 dager siden

    I refuse to believe that he gave this car away for free

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan24 dager siden

    1.5 jz that sounds insane

  • MegaManGib
    MegaManGib26 dager siden

    My goodness that Supra is soooo sexy. 🤤

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion27 dager siden

    Little bro 3:32 is like.. yeah whatever let's go home

  • bcastromusic
    bcastromusic28 dager siden

    E36 ‘is’ the best all around chassis ever. I still have my ‘98 M3. I’ve babied it for the last 10 years it’s got 126k and looks new. I’m going to be rebuilding the engine soon. It’s still my favorite car ever

  • Tourist Gambler
    Tourist GamblerMåned siden

    cold engine rip again

  • Sjoerd
    SjoerdMåned siden

    the dude in the back is looking so dead lmao

  • LYON$
    LYON$Måned siden

    More video collabs with Jimmy O!!

  • Mirage
    MirageMåned siden

    What music is the outro

  • Loud_Mouth1201
    Loud_Mouth1201Måned siden

    Johan FD2021???

  • Joshua
    JoshuaMåned siden

    Lmao after absolutely beating the SHIT out of that creeper “oh no not the wheel”

  • Ryan DeHamer
    Ryan DeHamerMåned siden


  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    But if I have to choose it be the chaser.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    I like both of the car sounds adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Wow I didn’t know Adam speaks that much Spanish wow he’s good at it.😃👍

  • EK Tony
    EK TonyMåned siden

    God gives bread to those who don't have teeth

  • Dayvion Wright
    Dayvion WrightMåned siden

    Chaser all day long🚫🧢

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge GarciaMåned siden

    No hate but dude doesn’t deserve it I can tell he don’t know anything about cars

  • rojay lewinson
    rojay lewinsonMåned siden


  • LilMidgey69
    LilMidgey69Måned siden

    Im sad for that car he's gonna wreck that thing if already didn't :(

  • S1nneR
    S1nneRMåned siden

    He is in a long distance relationship :,)

  • Proper Silver
    Proper SilverMåned siden

    ooooof you gave a 9 second Supra to a swinger . NOOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙃

  • Clayton Gibson
    Clayton GibsonMåned siden

    i hope he doesn’t take this to takeovers😩

  • Joshua Wadwell
    Joshua WadwellMåned siden

    Collettes face when she thought Adam was parking up and instead kicked off some doughnuts haha

  • Ghost Infernum13
    Ghost Infernum13Måned siden

    to be honest the chaser sounds better then the e36

  • mondo 925
    mondo 925Måned siden

    Dude does not deserve this car adam just pick better winners ..

  • FRSNik
    FRSNikMåned siden

    I feel bad for this supra. You already know this kid is gonna total this thing within a few months. Just look at the way hes wiggling the wheel as it spins. His stories of drifting at meets says a lot.

  • Hasib YouTube
    Hasib YouTubeMåned siden

    Beautiful car, how did he win it ?

  • Edward Romero
    Edward RomeroMåned siden

    The chaser all the way

  • Taylor Wood
    Taylor WoodMåned siden

    i hope adam don’t sell the rs6

  • pyro7602
    pyro7602Måned siden

    I'm really glad this dude exist.

  • Phil P
    Phil PMåned siden

    The 1J with the muffler (chaser) the bmw is just a little too much for me

  • Bo jonsson
    Bo jonssonMåned siden

    And you can se the fear in Adams eyes ridin shotgun hahahahahha

  • Bo jonsson
    Bo jonssonMåned siden

    Is it just me that thinks the nos bottle jumping around is pretty worying hahah

  • Francisco Serres
    Francisco SerresMåned siden

    Damn Johan does rip!!!

  • SandersCSclips
    SandersCSclipsMåned siden

    collette is just str8 bae

  • Dark TRooF
    Dark TRooFMåned siden

    I like the way everyone is saying ther supra excited and they don't know

  • Miha Grbec
    Miha GrbecMåned siden

    chaser for sure :)

  • Ridge
    RidgeMåned siden

    Why does this guy look familiar

  • Richard Herman
    Richard HermanMåned siden

    I feel like when you're taking off and showing him how quick it is I feel like he's like I'm in over my head it's too much car for me🤣🤣🤣 any bets on how long before it ends up in a telephone pole jk

  • Trent Reid
    Trent ReidMåned siden

    so much jealousy crammed into one comment section 😂

  • Quay Batt
    Quay BattMåned siden

    1j with muffler

  • Jakub
    JakubMåned siden

    I always thought drifting is crazy cool never really had the chance to actually do it but having a day out like that on the track seems insane fun i'd love to just sit in the car while someone drifts to experience it

  • Red Bandit
    Red BanditMåned siden

    yohan does rip!

  • kev 29
    kev 29Måned siden

    Damm how did you learn spanish?

  • TJH
    TJHMåned siden

    Well he’s a takeover hard tard so the car will live maybe 6 months

  • damn1x
    damn1xMåned siden


  • Aito Blitz
    Aito BlitzMåned siden

    chaser sounds better :3

  • Sonny Spaulding
    Sonny SpauldingMåned siden

    I wish I had a car

  • D Sainbileg
    D SainbilegMåned siden

    Comments talking about he gonna wreck it smh y’all some weirdos

  • Jumper_708
    Jumper_708Måned siden

    Chaser all day baby

  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016
    bowlerwildcatGaming2016Måned siden

    His brother didn't look impressed

  • Chris Cook
    Chris CookMåned siden

    100% respect you made that men's Day 👊🏻

  • Mikolaj Nowak
    Mikolaj NowakMåned siden

    He seems like a pretty cool guy. Good for him for winning the Supra.

  • prone
    proneMåned siden

    That supra is gonna end up totaled within a month

  • Acid Wizard

    Acid Wizard

    18 dager siden

    It isn't check his IG haha nice negative comment though 👌 if only you won it maybe you would be a bit more positive

  • mondo 925

    mondo 925

    Måned siden


  • TBAisname
    TBAisnameMåned siden

    When he did that burnout, it felt like the car its tryna suck me in there 😱❤️

  • Chris Willis
    Chris WillisMåned siden

    Rip to the Supra

  • BigRed DaMan
    BigRed DaManMåned siden

    Did he just say he's going to stance the supra? Sadface

  • reese carter
    reese carterMåned siden

    I think anyone would just love to spend a day with adam and the crew

  • noxious89123
    noxious89123Måned siden

    Chaser sounds better than the E36 imo.

  • O P
    O PMåned siden

    Impressed with your spanish! Great vid

  • Hecks_ B_Rex
    Hecks_ B_RexMåned siden

    Wish I knew someone with a drift car

  • Hennry Grass
    Hennry GrassMåned siden

    for the 1j vs 1.5j the 1.5 sounds more racecar

  • AqroticMC
    AqroticMCMåned siden

    Watch this get crashed 😂

  • Jorge Sobrado
    Jorge SobradoMåned siden

    Adam u are building such an amazing vibe tribe and community, love this!

  • Philip Bernal
    Philip BernalMåned siden

    Chaser sounds better.

  • thatkevinc
    thatkevincMåned siden

    Daniel: "I go to meets where we like drift around and shit" Adam: *Realizes this is a takeover kid*

  • SandersCSclips


    Måned siden

    lmfao ahhahaahahahahahahah

  • ssmoly


    Måned siden

    @Lucas Diniz idiots that shut down intersections and do donuts. you've probably seen a bunch of clips of people getting hit by cars because they love to go in the center or get too close and get whacked by the car

  • Lucas Diniz

    Lucas Diniz

    Måned siden

    Could you explain what a 'takeover kid' is? Not heard this term before (UK).

  • Msquared


    Måned siden

    Yep, lol. I was trying to read Adam's mind during that little story.

  • wrightdub
    wrightdubMåned siden

    E36 sounds better IMHO

  • 978twostroke Garage
    978twostroke GarageMåned siden

    I love these give aways. It has to be a great feeling. 💪🏻

  • anthony lluberes
    anthony lluberesMåned siden


  • Nick Richmond
    Nick RichmondMåned siden

    Like the bmw sound, NICE!!!

  • Oskaradam
    OskaradamMåned siden

    1.5J hands down

  • Angel Jose
    Angel JoseMåned siden

    This dude is so lucky just wish he was more enthusiastic

  • Shiloh Stokes
    Shiloh StokesMåned siden

    When Adam said "where is the road, hello" 😂

  • danni rasmussen
    danni rasmussenMåned siden

    The 1 jz sound better it's more clean sound 👍 but the bmw sound good to, but chaser is best 👍

  • Dewald Grobler
    Dewald GroblerMåned siden

    Adam LZ Sitting in a tree Playing with his one and a half JZ Fix the brakes They seem squishy Before Collette leaves with Jimmy.

  • Dewald Grobler
    Dewald GroblerMåned siden

    I love the exhaust sounds on both of the cars, but I think Chaser leads slightly more.

  • Yaboy Ronin
    Yaboy RoninMåned siden

    Adam so disappointed who he hadda give the Supra away too 😭🤣

  • Mike Watches
    Mike WatchesMåned siden

    HES GOT A BOND BRACELET litt..... we out here bois

  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisibleMåned siden

    How many videos is homeboy gonna take.... None of those came out worth a shit, guaranteed

  • SaíKo
    SaíKoMåned siden

    The chaser definitely sounds better to me

  • Sirens
    SirensMåned siden

    from master builder to master shredder, Johan is a man of many talents.

  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisibleMåned siden

    Yo. Johan rips

  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisibleMåned siden

    Chaser sounds better

  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisibleMåned siden


  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisibleMåned siden

    The chaser is fuckin rowdy

  • Christopher adams
    Christopher adamsMåned siden

    Best part of the video was watching Johan rip 🤘🏼