New Track + R32 is Back on the Road!


Just a chill day getting back into the groove after the hectic LS swap on my mom's car. Excited to get to the dyne tomorrow!


  • itsashyea
    itsashyea22 dager siden

    That yohan prediction tho

  • Rydnorth
    RydnorthMåned siden

    Love the sound of the chaser 😍

  • Francisco Diaz
    Francisco DiazMåned siden

    And now it’s blown...

  • pricey0986
    pricey0986Måned siden

    2:22 that seat belt cover looks so wrong 😳 🤣🤣

  • Yianni Papiomitis
    Yianni PapiomitisMåned siden

    Get back into bmx

  • Cody Thrasher
    Cody ThrasherMåned siden

    Why does he not run a bov in the skyline

  • ne6tolesno zanamirane
    ne6tolesno zanamiraneMåned siden

    oh man, the e36 is SOOO pretty!! ;d

  • Adrian 211
    Adrian 211Måned siden

    What happened to the white chaser?

  • Lewis Prockter
    Lewis ProckterMåned siden

    I’ve completely forgot I’m sure it’s in one of his videos but what vinyl is used on the logo on his banner 5:40

  • doitman RV
    doitman RVMåned siden


  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ SorenavkiMåned siden

    For a Street Tyre in my R32 GTR, i run Micky Thompson ET Street R 245/45/17 *Hook's after 2nd in RWD mode, with 680whp @ 26psi 3.2 Nitto + G42, etc Obviously hook's well in Awd mode, Proxes R888s also hook but in Australia makes it stand out more with a 285+ size tyre, 245 or 255 keep it super sleeper, i do also have a Radial 275 on rebuilt an wider R32 GTR wheel's if i ever make it too a Track to run it, :D , i love seeing the 4 door R32 skyline's getting some love, have you ever thought about doing a Gtr conversion? then when u want to skid just flip a switch into Rwd mode? Hook on street then slide at track Probly find a wrecked GTS4 on japan auctions pretty cheap still, Just a thought .

  • Joe Maddox
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  • mick muller
    mick mullerMåned siden


  • dirtytrispokes13
    dirtytrispokes13Måned siden

    We all just gonna ignore the fact he just cruises on 150kph... Sad aussie noises

  • Coulton Schneider
    Coulton SchneiderMåned siden

    God damn the 36 was looking good as the 32 was pulling out

  • kshitij tulsian
    kshitij tulsianMåned siden

    Just do not sell the gt3rs Porsche’s will always hold their value

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Ray Bans
    Ray BansMåned siden

    Fawk the rs6 lol

  • Toby
    TobyMåned siden

    Don't sell gt3rs pls.

  • Toby


    Måned siden

    Start on the rx7s then sell the dobor car when u done with it

  • Max Wicksell
    Max WicksellMåned siden

    Have u ever been asked to be in a movie

  • Laquan Henderson
    Laquan HendersonMåned siden

    i really want to get a chaser as my first car what do you think

  • Liam Brennan
    Liam BrennanMåned siden

    Time for GT3 rs to go Whilst still holds its value and replace Rs6 and it with Turbo S

  • Matthew Washington
    Matthew WashingtonMåned siden

    🤣Dude it sounded 13:50

  • BenNiHeD
    BenNiHeDMåned siden

    Get bert back

  • Blair Read
    Blair ReadMåned siden

    Moore door 32 ,Yes please 💯💥🤙👌

  • Dark
    DarkMåned siden

    I love it. It actually sounds like an RB. I feel like too often people will change the setup so far that it sounds nothing like the classic, beefy RB and more like a JZ, but this sounds great.

  • Matt Haynes
    Matt HaynesMåned siden

    Am I the only one that heard he’s bumpin some $uicideboy$ after he left the event? 👌🏻

  • HashTagRealName
    HashTagRealNameMåned siden

    That other guy looks like a young dark haired The Quartering.

  • Noah Greer
    Noah GreerMåned siden

    TURBO S!!!

  • Karson Thatcher
    Karson ThatcherMåned siden

    Anyone else hear the $uicideboy$ at 8:50 lol

  • Johnny Boii
    Johnny BoiiMåned siden

    New to the channel just subscribed and wanted to ask where your shop is located? I started with the skyline surprise for you dad video! It was awesome love the content your literally living the dream I hope to live one day! I also want to own a shop working on jdm cars. Keep up the cool content 😎🔥🔥

  • d e r z
    d e r zMåned siden

    Adam talking about selling cars as if he's ever gonna sell a single one of his cars lmao

  • DJ Pangan
    DJ PanganMåned siden

    Damn who misses Taylor and Adam together

  • RosandTV
    RosandTVMåned siden

    What is the name of the song that plays during the drifting @ 6 minutes 45 seconds?

  • Tater VFX
    Tater VFXMåned siden

    I hear that $B in the background 👀😈

  • andy Murtagh
    andy MurtaghMåned siden

    Turn your lights on😂😂😂

  • Kyscoolio
    KyscoolioMåned siden

    Hey Adam serious question Do you have tags and insure all of your cars? Currently building an s13 but idk if I should spend all that extra cash when I’m just gonna use it at the track

  • Bunny0102
    Bunny0102Måned siden

    Outro song?

  • Kris.Ivanovv
    Kris.IvanovvMåned siden

    This is my favorite car of yours.

  • Derrie Symes
    Derrie SymesMåned siden

    Wow I love the sound of a skyline. Awesome vid

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier RodriguezMåned siden

    Day 369 asking if we could get tandom drone footage!!!

  • Adam Pettersson
    Adam PetterssonMåned siden

    Where is mr BERTO?

  • Fineart t
    Fineart tMåned siden

    POV: you are scrolling through the comments while the drifting is being replayed in the other camera angle

  • I like big boost
    I like big boostMåned siden

    U should race Ken B on drag strp😅

  • Brave Racing
    Brave RacingMåned siden

    Crazy. Love it! 😁

  • David Morris
    David MorrisMåned siden

    anyone else think this is a NFS underground track?

  • anon user
    anon userMåned siden

    I wish Adam would do streams on Forza with other NOprojectsr friends again and make some build videos

  • Johnny Ghee
    Johnny GheeMåned siden

    Was that car at the start a toyota celsoir

  • Rad Roads NZ
    Rad Roads NZMåned siden

    Wait... was the skyline making 14psi free revving? Wow who needs 2step haha. Just choke her out.

  • Francois Caudwell
    Francois CaudwellMåned siden

    Imagine if Adam built a drift track

  • Wesley
    WesleyMåned siden

    Great, now my girl is gonna be jealous of the R32. Car just gets better

    DAY SHOCKMåned siden

    do a suzuki cappuccino build and give it to you're mom she would love it plus i want to see what you would all do to it lol

  • A. W. Sum
    A. W. SumMåned siden

    Too much torque, wider rears!

  • Sean Edwards
    Sean EdwardsMåned siden

    Seriously? Wtf buy them if you gona sell them, barely used all modified.

    B LEE PERSPECTIVEMåned siden

    That driver would look better without a nose ring

  • Ramon Villa
    Ramon VillaMåned siden

    Just a thought what if you bought a "high response rb25 HKS motor" 🤔

  • Brett Atkins
    Brett AtkinsMåned siden

    When u going to make another gt350 video those are my favorite

  • Perry Shawana
    Perry ShawanaMåned siden

    The skyline livery i hate it still hasn't grown on me. Lol but everything else has. Just one thing I wish you'd change. The s15 is dope make it into some.jdm style like that. Just a thought homie.

  • Jonny Owens
    Jonny OwensMåned siden

    R32 is my favourite car I think with the gt3 in a very very close second👌

  • Taulha Basardien
    Taulha BasardienMåned siden

    i love this car so much

  • Pebcak Pro
    Pebcak ProMåned siden

    Just discovered channel today. Very fun, great work.

  • Jacob Gafnea
    Jacob GafneaMåned siden

    Hey bro I’m 17, looking to start building my first project car any suggestions?

  • Reanu Keeves
    Reanu KeevesMåned siden

    Please tell me that Marco wore his Race Suit on the way home!! Love you Marco!! From Brisbane Australia 🇦🇺! 🙏🏻👊🏻💖💖🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Hus5
    Hus5Måned siden

    Thank you for showing us the moon 🌝

  • Pho TWENTY
    Pho TWENTYMåned siden

    any experience with XONA Rotar oil less, water cooled turbos?

  • Maciej Zachariasz
    Maciej ZachariaszMåned siden

    Happy New Year 2021

  • Pip
    PipMåned siden

    See you next year ... :) Happy 2021 guys !!!

  • Irma Vasquez
    Irma VasquezMåned siden

    Race your Shelby against itsjusta6 Shelby

  • Ammaar C
    Ammaar CMåned siden

    Noo I hate the newest GT3, this one you have is perfect

  • ッJacob
    ッJacob2 måneder siden

    adam bumping suicide boys in that back!

  • Esson Hamilton
    Esson Hamilton2 måneder siden

    most satisfying drift snippit on earth

  • 9teen
    9teen2 måneder siden

    You should trade the RS6 for the e63s amg. More power, and a drift mode.

  • Jay Pryce
    Jay Pryce2 måneder siden

    I’m glad my favorite car is finally getting some camera time again. I was really missing the R32 😢

  • Arabela Nakano
    Arabela Nakano2 måneder siden

    The racial screen subcellularly gaze because spike preferentially spray qua a substantial zoology. dear, zealous timer

  • Peyton
    Peyton2 måneder siden

    it's crazy how much better he got at drifting

  • SpaceBarbarian
    SpaceBarbarian2 måneder siden

    We need some of your cars in torque drift!!!

  • Can Tran
    Can Tran2 måneder siden

    This is why i have loved adam and always will. Hes so humble to where he doesnt disclose dollar amount

  • Yash Soni
    Yash Soni2 måneder siden

    what is your qualification? you have lot of knowledge

  • Radames Ayala
    Radames Ayala2 måneder siden

    Were is your shop in orlando do you guys work on any car

  • Lincoln Rabie
    Lincoln Rabie2 måneder siden

    ADAM: "I've been taking a little break from drifting" Also adam ( ima park my wheel in you door real quick ok?)

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson2 måneder siden

    Talking about selling the bara swaped gt350??

  • Jason Haley
    Jason Haley2 måneder siden

    2:20....Yeahdumm, drifting AIN'T his sport, POLO is yo!

  • Jason Haley

    Jason Haley

    Måned siden

    "MARCO...... POLO!!!"

  • andrew carruthers
    andrew carruthers2 måneder siden

    Didn’t hook at 700, let’s try 800 that might work 😜 love it

  • chris napp
    chris napp2 måneder siden

    I love marcos short hair

  • M
    M2 måneder siden

    No wing = not street shark

  • Adam Boydstun
    Adam Boydstun2 måneder siden

    Remember a time with pbj pizzas and BMX

  • Adam Hakim
    Adam Hakim2 måneder siden

    So, the S15 is getting a V8 yeaaaa for sure

  • d Wilson
    d Wilson2 måneder siden

    Well might I say young man that you sure have come a long way what a nice stable of cars you have there please please please stay positive and stay genuine you're a good role model something for the kids to look up to I sure like to see it stay that way have a great Happy safe New year look forward to seeing you kicking the s*** out of the FD circuit sir. 🤓😎😷

  • isaactezza01
    isaactezza012 måneder siden

    the gt3 rs and the rs6 might just be the first cars adam sells in a long long time. lets see if he mustangs it or not

  • sleepless247
    sleepless2472 måneder siden

    Meh what Audi? Lol Maybe you should go for the 911 GT2 next

  • Taylor Forster
    Taylor Forster2 måneder siden

    The e36 looks soooo much better

  • Basic Timmy
    Basic Timmy2 måneder siden

    That Lexus just looks so much cooler drifting than most other cars it’s a vibe machine

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor2 måneder siden

    Johan was soooo excited about how the skyline sounded, then... Adam: “it’s smoking” Johan: ‘super serious straight to engine bay’ 😂😂

  • fett gubb
    fett gubb2 måneder siden

    dude mike`s ls400 is so clean

  • matt hill
    matt hill2 måneder siden

    Please put gtr lights on the skyline.. Those ones look so bad 😭😂

  • Jayden Neal-Holder
    Jayden Neal-Holder2 måneder siden

    8:49 is that suicide boys I hear?????

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro2 måneder siden

    Time for a new livery on that gem. Do a calsonic or STP (team taisan) replica it would be so cool on a four door, there are so many cool vintage racing liveries for the R32, and people just don't use it that much. an HKS inspired livery would look fire, with the white base and teal and pink as the camo.

  • Undefined Garage
    Undefined Garage2 måneder siden

    Rip to Adam and Taylor’s friendship lz tot jealous Taylor can drift better than him and at the time was killing the edits with the lakey inspired beats! It’s a shame dudes let money and internet attention ruin something good now they don’t even drive together

  • Crilerr vlog
    Crilerr vlog2 måneder siden

    Adam should put under glow in the brown chaser

  • Crilerr vlog
    Crilerr vlog2 måneder siden

    Adam should get GTR-R35