Sequential Transmission Barra GT350 - First Drive!


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PPG Sequential Gearset -
American Powertrain T56 -
Monster LT1 RR Clutch -
Fathouse Fab Trans Build -
Quicktime Bellhousing -


  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZMåned siden

    Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: $7000 CASH GIVEAWAY, LOTS OF AUTOGRAPHED STEERING WHEELS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

  • Calle F alk

    Calle F alk

    Dag siden


  • Scarlett Hart

    Scarlett Hart

    19 dager siden

    @Jack Stanton hubby u5

  • Richie drifts

    Richie drifts

    26 dager siden

    Got the game good luck to everyone that enters see you on the battlefield

  • Your Only Driving Asylum

    Your Only Driving Asylum

    28 dager siden

    I need to win the full $7k to just pay for my electricity and data bills lmao ... totally addicted to Lords Mobile 🙌🍻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • wobbly sauce

    wobbly sauce

    28 dager siden

    Fix the smell with Ozone.. it is a great deodorizer, but just air out the car before you drive it fo 30min-1hr first.

  • Mahdi Ahmadi
    Mahdi Ahmadi2 dager siden

    And still American can’t do an Aussie burnout BAHAHA 🤣

  • Chris
    Chris8 dager siden

    Absolutely love it. I wanna hang out with you boys And the seat in the 350 Luke Fink Represent ! Bloody gem.

  • rayder nole
    rayder nole11 dager siden

    What engine is in it I don't hear v8?

  • ToxicZilla
    ToxicZilla12 dager siden

    Adam let me have the beamer I'll take good care of it🥺

  • shawn bone
    shawn bone16 dager siden

    You need steam and vinegar to kill that smell bro.

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles19 dager siden

    I hit thebong and came back, I dig the moustache It fits ya myguy.

  • Amon Moseley
    Amon Moseley20 dager siden

    I’d kill to have any of these cars dude omg is there a give away anytime soon. I don’t have money for a car but I’m such a car enthusiast

  • A SM
    A SM21 dag siden

    You're doing it Right Adam LZ! IDK why ford doesn't bring the Barra to the U.S.

  • Seán Floyd
    Seán Floyd21 dag siden

    Yo, you and @itsjusta6 should race and do a vid together

  • T_Z
    T_Z22 dager siden

    How on earth have you managed to get both an N54 and a barra to actually sound good? Both of these engines are great, but they always sound awful

  • Richie drifts
    Richie drifts23 dager siden

    Two days of missing spins for lords mobile

  • Nicks RC
    Nicks RC23 dager siden

    Is that the throw out barring squealing?

  • LoongestNuts
    LoongestNuts24 dager siden

    play lords if u got the deepest of pockets only

  • Stuey 777
    Stuey 77724 dager siden

    You need to change your diff from that auto diff, its way to tall for a manual box

  • Ben R
    Ben R24 dager siden

    The question is.. What happens to the gap between the driveshaft yoke and the output housing when the rear suspension has a load on it?? Seems like it might hit.

  • Maxx
    Maxx24 dager siden

    It just doesn't sound as cool as a V8, no matter what you do to it.

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _24 dager siden

    Good stuff

  • forvwlife
    forvwlife25 dager siden

    I spilled milk in my ranger during high school. Had to sell it. Never went away. I can still smell it 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Steve Peters
    Steve Peters25 dager siden

    Monster Clutches are shite.

  • FreedoMoto
    FreedoMoto25 dager siden

    Love how aggressive the car sounds when you rev it, it is the most gnarly sounding car ever.

  • Carson Grigg
    Carson Grigg25 dager siden

    @13:03 that wasn’t star pattern..,

  • laze magma cole
    laze magma cole26 dager siden

    I would love to work there someday

  • The Forgeman
    The Forgeman26 dager siden

    Hey Adam where did you get the sequential gear box from for the Barra , I’m doing a build and need one

  • PavementPariah73
    PavementPariah7326 dager siden

    So I’m new here and have been binge watching the Barra GT350 playlist. Why didn’t you use the burnt hood? It would have finished off the look perfectly. It just looks a little off with a perfect hood and a small little burnt spot on the fender.

  • steven Esparza
    steven Esparza26 dager siden

    He tried to wiggle it to make sure it was in neutral lol

  • VanishInThe MoonLight
    VanishInThe MoonLight26 dager siden

    Vinegar will pull the milk smell out. My son dropped his milk in my G, and the vinegar pulled the smell right out.

  • John Dc2
    John Dc226 dager siden

    What clutch break in? 🤣👌

  • Mr OB112
    Mr OB11227 dager siden

    Update 101k might

  • Tyler Stlouis
    Tyler Stlouis27 dager siden

    He looks like a giant

  • Allen
    Allen27 dager siden

    This m3 sounds like supra

  • Robb Wiersma
    Robb Wiersma27 dager siden

    $4800 for the T56 magnum trans and swap kit, then $17,000 for the sequential gear set to put in the T56. Yikes.

  • elzam branstein
    elzam branstein27 dager siden

    Please put lug nuts the right way by crisscrossing instead of going to every lug beside each other.

  • Patrik Hanc
    Patrik Hanc27 dager siden


  • Ciaran Porritt
    Ciaran Porritt27 dager siden

    When did Adam become a Chevy van dealer

  • Rod A
    Rod A27 dager siden

    The cup holder haha OG right here my man

  • Geoff metituk
    Geoff metituk27 dager siden

    Adam. You you could probably get someone to 3d print a modified cup holder.

  • Mustapha Qasab
    Mustapha Qasab27 dager siden

    i set my ac temps to 69 degree too

  • Spoolin Films
    Spoolin Films27 dager siden

    Every 335i I’ve rode in has that same rattle lol!

  • Rad Rhat
    Rad Rhat27 dager siden

    The psychedelic bangle scully remain because calculator strikingly yell including a warlike mitten. invincible, plausible moon

  • true66gt
    true66gt27 dager siden

    15:19 holy shh 😲 that sounded so sick

  • zukood
    zukood27 dager siden


  • Quinny Holmes
    Quinny Holmes27 dager siden

    Are we not gonna talk about the k20 in the background

  • Jeremiah Beltran
    Jeremiah Beltran27 dager siden

    The intro was dope

  • sandbag_fpv
    sandbag_fpv27 dager siden

    describing a car as one that boogies is my favorite

    GERTYLIFE27 dager siden

    just ur car .. lol

  • RCKreations
    RCKreations27 dager siden

    Bro when you pulled back around from doing the burnout and was revving it reminded me of Paul walker in 2 fast 2 furious when they call him into race on the beginning... he pulls up in the skyline revving it you doing that and all them noises made me have a flashback of that part of the movie.

  • juan Rugge
    juan Rugge27 dager siden

    this car is sooo cool!!! cant wait to see more

  • Will G
    Will G28 dager siden

    Adam can rock a mustache like no one else, but damn that haircut and style kills me.... he is both 15 and 45 at the same time.

  • Mike DeFusco
    Mike DeFusco28 dager siden

    Freddy's talent is underrated. dude knows his stuff!

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin Buchhorn28 dager siden

    Got that pink drink!!

  • Miguel Campos
    Miguel Campos28 dager siden

    why do you have to freeze it

  • Khalil Grant
    Khalil Grant28 dager siden

    Use cat litter deodorizer for the smell in the car

  • Ebearclaw
    Ebearclaw28 dager siden

    You gotta take it back and let cleetus drive it again now

  • John Hagemeyer
    John Hagemeyer28 dager siden

    That’s how you break in a clutch.

  • Nico_ e93_335i
    Nico_ e93_335i28 dager siden

    @Adam LZ. About the smelly Evo. Contact Mike at . He will help you guys. I asked him, no kidding! Dutch regards, Nico.

  • Ali Mohamad
    Ali Mohamad28 dager siden

    25:11 “it’s the most subtle thing in the world” Yanks the shit out of it.

  • ObongaSALUTE
    ObongaSALUTE28 dager siden

    0:37 Whats hanging from the white evo 5 bumper at the back left?

  • Ray Ramirez
    Ray Ramirez28 dager siden

    Can we start a #2jzthebmw until he does. I just dont want ppl to throw money at a car and still have the same problems, hence why i f***in hate subies

  • blkmtrwrke
    blkmtrwrke28 dager siden

    Torque your bmw wheels in a star pattern!

  • chris ruiz
    chris ruiz28 dager siden

    335 needs water/meth

  • chris ruiz
    chris ruiz28 dager siden

    Not impressed, whole point I thought of this build to keep the paddle shifter

  • Simon Szuba
    Simon Szuba28 dager siden

    Baking soda is the way to go to get rid of the rotten milk smell. Same thing happened to me. But it was goat milk. Yeah. That was a bad time. I put an entire box of baking soda on it 3 times and finally went away. Keep adding, letting it sit and vacuuming it out over and over.

  • Aaron Marsh
    Aaron Marsh28 dager siden

    The tyre sidewall is indicated in percentage of width, not mm. You actually removed 11.25mm from the total wheel and tyre height.

  • Dylan Barbush
    Dylan Barbush28 dager siden

    Put a more groupie tires on the barra mustang so it doesn’t spin🔥

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley28 dager siden

    The gearbox installation train is just pure class 😂

  • Hassu Kassu
    Hassu Kassu28 dager siden

    You can soak the Evo carpet in white vinegar and then vacuum it out with a wet vac. It kills the smell better than any other interior cleaning products I've tried. The vinegar smell will wear out in a couple days. You can also wash it with a carpet cleaning machine after the vinegar treatment to get it extra clean. I've saved a horrible smelling moldy S13 interior with this technique.

  • DGAF Empire
    DGAF Empire28 dager siden

    Johan is beyond talented 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack Prince
    Jack Prince28 dager siden

    Barra swapped mustang vs mcm barre swapped cresta

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz28 dager siden

    Now if you had switched to oatmilk like Collette's been telling ya, you probably wouldn't have the stank in your Evo.

  • nicholas elliott
    nicholas elliott28 dager siden

    Adam always have the best outro compared to other car NOprojectsrs

  • Just Wryt
    Just Wryt28 dager siden

    Where can i get a barra motor

  • Mostafa Dwidar
    Mostafa Dwidar28 dager siden

    Adam gets his car back with some insane clutch. on first thing he does is dump the clutch

  • ron h
    ron h28 dager siden

    Adam, bro..start the Minoxidil treatment NOW!

  • zeil 1time
    zeil 1time28 dager siden


    DIALINGLUNAR /_\28 dager siden

    i don't like mustangs and that thing is Dope

  • Tyler .c
    Tyler .c28 dager siden

    Holy cow Adam that mustang has came along way it’s an absolute monster now!

  • Bubba Salt
    Bubba Salt28 dager siden

    20:25 Adam trying to shake the shifter in neutral 😂

  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce28 dager siden

    18:34 ... Auto was a ripper, 2 hands on the wheel for safety. The Sequential is nice and all but is that bad driver feel as it less liner feel of power.

  • Keith Lugo
    Keith Lugo28 dager siden

    Let Cleetus drive it !

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter28 dager siden

    this is the coolest build on youtube i think

  • J Williams
    J Williams28 dager siden

    The e92 needs an lsd

  • Cerevo
    Cerevo28 dager siden

    Collette walks in looking like a crackhead.

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R28 dager siden

    Your garage is goalsssss

  • Tyler Majeski
    Tyler Majeski28 dager siden

    Random comment, ever have any plans on getting a hood for the bmw?

  • Youssef Dakir
    Youssef Dakir28 dager siden

    20:26 all manuel guys do it without thinking !!!

  • _ INocturnalMafia _
    _ INocturnalMafia _28 dager siden

    The gt350 should be called Satan

  • Jayden Langley
    Jayden Langley28 dager siden

    Adam engin swap the rx7 Fd and put an ls3 in it

  • BigMike012
    BigMike01228 dager siden

    Adam try doing a burn out and change the gears at lease to 3rd

  • Canuck Canadian
    Canuck Canadian28 dager siden

    The mustang sounds so much like doms rx7 lol

  • Terje Johnsen
    Terje Johnsen28 dager siden

    Use clorin to wash the carpet

  • Richard Tidwell
    Richard Tidwell28 dager siden

    Intro not borrowed from Danny Duncan 😆

  • N C
    N C28 dager siden

    Wow sorry to hear about your milky Evo but there is an opportunity here! How you ask?! Liz from AT&T of course! shes the pro with the milk jugs

  • Raymond Gouin
    Raymond Gouin29 dager siden

    Love it bro.. Ian pumped for this car

  • Ethan Whitehouse
    Ethan Whitehouse29 dager siden

    That cod mobile add is so funny

  • Jose Nevarez
    Jose Nevarez29 dager siden

    Love the 335i content bro!

  • Anthony Boisaubin
    Anthony Boisaubin29 dager siden

    Would love to see thatdudeinblue review this when it's complete

  • Little Swny
    Little Swny29 dager siden

    coffee grinds help with the smell and you like coffee so bonus.

  • Saul Flores
    Saul Flores29 dager siden

    He just said a gt 350 looks like a sleeper

  • Joacim Anderzon
    Joacim Anderzon29 dager siden

    go on this vs that (hoonigan) with the mustang.