The LZ Compound Came With Over 40 Car Lifts!


A lack of space was my restraint from buying every cool car I saw... well that isn’t the case anymore! LAST DAY TO ORDER AN LZ COMPOUND BUNDLE BEFORE THEY’RE GONE FOREVER!


  • Jaydev Chhagan
    Jaydev ChhaganTime siden

    U should get some proper security.

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu3 timer siden

    This is possibly the most incredible thing i have ever seen

  • Bradly Warren
    Bradly Warren5 timer siden

    Get a solar field like people do in my home town and you can power every you have and sell power to the power company it cost a lot to start it but you get paid in the end and don’t have a light bill

  • nick
    nick5 timer siden

    i miss bikes. i miss bert, I miss cody, I miss Jimmy, i miss john patterson... i miss nicoles peppers..............

  • Goodrift
    Goodrift6 timer siden

    This is like a minecraft world irl

  • dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu

    3 timer siden

    Awesome place, would be leary of putting the hub dyno in the one building due to the drop ceiling

  • Goodrift
    Goodrift6 timer siden

    You should make ine of the golf carts to a drift machine

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez6 timer siden


  • Surf Widow
    Surf Widow7 timer siden

    22:14 Strange people who have a better [and larger] home for their cars then their families!

  • ron baer
    ron baer8 timer siden

    use the outdoor spot @9:20 for a dyno

  • ron baer

    ron baer

    8 timer siden

    217:20 nvm

  • Denzylah [ H . M ]
    Denzylah [ H . M ]10 timer siden

    11:30 remind me of that fast and furious scene😂

  • Buc_Odie
    Buc_Odie10 timer siden

    I've honestly never heard of this channel before, but I guess I've watched so many shop tours, youtube knew I'd be into it.

  • DADZ Garage
    DADZ Garage11 timer siden

    What a cool place.

  • Kevin Hockmuth, Jr.
    Kevin Hockmuth, Jr.12 timer siden

    Manz was born and said I’m live in gta lol

  • Pasindu Ranaweera
    Pasindu Ranaweera12 timer siden

    O.M.G Adam you hit the jakspot. Use the solar power system those will light up that compound too and solar power is easy to use, & even you have your own water source Natural water it mustbe well . Those systems have to be renewed if they were shut down for so much time. Waiting FD event ✌

  • mr D
    mr D12 timer siden

    Big screen outside room be great for party n bbq

  • Trae Gear 43
    Trae Gear 4312 timer siden

    Probably already mentioned but maybe look into about Tesla batteries...

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy13 timer siden

    I feel your LZ Compound needs to be part of a Fast & Furious movie.

  • Jack
    Jack13 timer siden

    Adam you might want to get on site security

  • Jack
    Jack13 timer siden

    Stick a load of solar panels on the roofs of the biggest warehouses

  • Joe Gentry
    Joe Gentry17 timer siden

    Awesome place, would be leary of putting the hub dyno in the one building due to the drop ceiling

  • Jon Lawrence
    Jon Lawrence17 timer siden

    perfect place for a couple of race karts 😎👍

  • gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy

    13 timer siden

    I’ve been watching since pb&j pizza with Bert. I’m beyond stoked for you man.

  • Joe McFly
    Joe McFly19 timer siden

    Time to get Starlink!

  • Joe McFly
    Joe McFly19 timer siden

    Do you even lift, bro?

  • adam reynolds
    adam reynolds19 timer siden


  • virus56777
    virus5677720 timer siden

    You need fire. Suppression. Badly

  • JoshieVids
    JoshieVids21 time siden

    Don’t let anyone on it don’t wanna have to deal with creeps in the woods but yal might have Security

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui21 time siden


  • Robert Marion
    Robert Marion23 timer siden

    The end of what this cool place had been was so sad. I'm now excited to see the compound back in use. The future of your activities and content is unlimited. I can understand your excitement...have fun. I'm cheering for your success.

  • jimiemick
    jimiemickDag siden

    New sub, looking forward to seeing the progression of the compound. And day dreaming of having something like one of those garages

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael RiveraDag siden

    I'm surprised there's no comments about GTA 5 🤣

  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    21 time siden

    dude out here living his best life and i cant even afford to fix my dental work which has led to depression and solitude. rough times.

  • Brodie Graham
    Brodie GrahamDag siden

    The outside of the big boi one looks like the scene when all the cars are leaving a warehouse in faf

  • Mr. Banana
    Mr. BananaDag siden

    I love all the automotive youtubers out there but I'm sorry Adam is the goat. The man is fucking insane with what he has accomplished.

  • Eskil Devlin
    Eskil DevlinDag siden

    This whill be a awsome shop ore what ewer you want to do whit it!! Do not wourry, youl se in a year ore two :-) keep it upp!!

  • Afro
    AfroDag siden

    Adam i just bought an A70, next build please get one, i would love some direction other than forums 😂

  • Justin
    JustinDag siden

    I’ve been watching since pb&j pizza with Bert. I’m beyond stoked for you man.

  • hi-tech julian
    hi-tech julianDag siden

    So crazy I remember u teaching me how to barspin in a e46 and now you got compounds, drop froth stickers again

  • Sanji Deol
    Sanji DeolDag siden

    dude, you bought a village for cars!

  • Hammerdown Motorsports
    Hammerdown MotorsportsDag siden

    that place is totally insane and to think I was starting to call my place the compound lol

  • Ryan Garr
    Ryan GarrDag siden

    This is unbelievable

  • Asher Saas
    Asher SaasDag siden

    This place is just as cool as the freedom factory

  • Zack Moonyham
    Zack MoonyhamDag siden

    It would be sweet if you got Greg the pond guy to come and re-do Bill Gators pond!

  • Spaceface gaming
    Spaceface gamingDag siden

    That's really sick can't wait for the remoding y'all should do couple of vids y'all doing that nice project builds

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Dag siden

    I haven’t watched the newer videos but to help with costs you could sell your current mortgage house and live in one there so you don’t gotta worry about those payments too!

  • phil callaway
    phil callawayDag siden

    How much do you know about the previous owner? Im sure its an interesting topic

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Dag siden

    Epic, need the old nostalgic JDM signs and car stuff to replace the old pottery, and adorn the blank wall spaces. Maybe a big mural for your company logo in a spot.

  • No Name
    No NameDag siden

    This is the coolest car youtubers space

  • sixtybelowcold
    sixtybelowcoldDag siden

    dude out here living his best life and i cant even afford to fix my dental work which has led to depression and solitude. rough times.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff CDag siden

    Can't wait to see Matt get involved on this.

  • Ceedee Galalone
    Ceedee GalaloneDag siden

    love the channel, but i have to ask, did you accidentally shave some of your mustache off?

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiueDag siden

    You sure have come a long way since "Nicole's peppers"

  • John Lucente
    John LucenteDag siden

    Freddie’s going to have a pet gator and be able to fish right off the deck. This compound/town is epic amazing! Gongrats I just found you at this incredible time and I subscribed and looking forward to following your team’s progress. Good luck everybody.

  • John Lucente
    John LucenteDag siden

    Warehouse refrigerator curtains would be good for separating the garages with the lifts.


    24 hour sneaking in adam lz challenge without getting caught gonna be hard

  • beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue

    Dag siden

    for your expansion and what is to come.


    Warehouse gave me 2 fast 2 furious big car flash mob scene at the end of the movie

  • Boost Benza
    Boost BenzaDag siden

    That compound is fckn perfect 🤩 that’s every gearheads dream 🙏🏽 how much does something like this cost in the US?

  • Gabe delta1
    Gabe delta1Dag siden

    In replacement for the golf cart you should get a Honda Grom lol

  • MN acidabyss
    MN acidabyssDag siden

    Epic, need the old nostalgic JDM signs and car stuff to replace the old pottery, and adorn the blank wall spaces. Maybe a big mural for your company logo in a spot.

  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonaldDag siden

    I haven’t watched the newer videos but to help with costs you could sell your current mortgage house and live in one there so you don’t gotta worry about those payments too!

  • Far From Home
    Far From HomeDag siden

    I know you are saving a lift for my mach 1 build !

  • Randys FiftySevenChevy
    Randys FiftySevenChevyDag siden

    A dream garage...Im talking about the smallest one there. Good luck with this place.

  • ChronicWisdom
    ChronicWisdomDag siden

    Solar would definitely be the way to go as far as energy costs

  • Central Chevrolet
    Central ChevroletDag siden

    I would love to see this place during its hay day

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony HillDag siden

    New name is Mr.boss up

  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob MarshallDag siden

    Adam out here like Ophra... You get your own shop, you get your own shop, you get your own shop!

  • Leggo0
    Leggo0Dag siden

    Should put electronic locks on the main buildings so you can just give the tap cards to those that should have access. Would be way easier than tracking who has what keys and you can log who goes into where.

  • spencer alexander
    spencer alexanderDag siden

    I own a pressure washing businesses In Florida let me know Adam! Alexander’s pressure washing

  • Candace Jackson
    Candace JacksonDag siden

    If you should ever do a small event, maybe just for locals, my son and I would definitely be down. He will be 18 next month and has learned a great deal about cars from you. We will be hopefully going to see you do FD at OSW next month. We live 15 minutes from Freedom Factory. Of course, as a female, I don't know much about cars, but super happy for your expansion and what is to come.

  • Austin Matthews
    Austin MatthewsDag siden

    This place gives Adam an excuse to buy more cars 😂

    AION BLAKEDag siden

    Hit up Rudnik so he could store the Blue berry and Evo there!!

  • Jan Roar Bernhardsen
    Jan Roar BernhardsenDag siden

    Hello Adam. What a place. I remember when i started to follow you. You did go to school, and you was going on your bike around. Since that a lot of things have happen. To see you move to this place make me want to be young again. Think of having a place like that, with friends were you could fix cars and build things in tree and metall . Well that is not possible, so now you have to do it. I wish you all the best, and i look forward to see what you will do out of this land. The first thing i would dream of was a Food truck- so the staff and friends could get some breakfast, lunch and dinner. Makes shore that everyone eats, and get power to work. I hope you will have a lot of fun, and i hope i can come 1 year and power wash all your roads. It is just amazing when the spring comes, and you can power wash all. Best wishes from Jan in Norway

  • Franklin Pond
    Franklin PondDag siden

    Gonna need a burn out video from Freddy

  • Matthew Caouette
    Matthew CaouetteDag siden

    Sick place dude. Probably mad lizards for your girl to connect with. But hub dyno blow. Get a roller like boosted boyz

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden

    An yass I am big into drifting an I love stunt bike . Motorcycle . But keep it up brother

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden

    Keep it up .an keep on shining an don’t be scared to become a star shine bright. Keep it up Adam

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden

    The freedom factory is not him home is where he have fun . That more of a dream come true . U get ur home an amazing shop . O my goodness .

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden

    Bro just cook .

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden

    Nice to see dreams do come True

  • Ricardo Vargas
    Ricardo VargasDag siden


  • Teddy Jew
    Teddy JewDag siden

    This is insane!!

  • herbitwillhusslehard
    herbitwillhusslehardDag siden


  • Julian Maga
    Julian Maga2 dager siden

    Are you going to be hiring any people?

  • Polar Preston
    Polar Preston2 dager siden

    It would definitely pay off to invest in some solar panels! Trust that ! Hah

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira2 dager siden

    Hey Adam how are you? I recently saw you bought some new land, Congrats on that!! Just wanted to let you know I’m 19 I own an exterior cleaning company we are licensed and insured and if you’d ever need anything to let me know! I’ll hook you up with some really good prices, we do pressure washing, roof cleaning, sealer, fence cleaning, house cleaning, house washing and etc and my dad owns a cleaning company so if any houses or buildings have to be cleaned we have teams that go out and can get that cleaned for you guys! Again if there’s anything we can do just let me know and I’ll send you some recent pictures of some jobs we’ve done! Thanks, Gabriel. You can find me on Instagram @924.Gabe Or my business account @LD.CLEANING Thanks again!!

  • drrtyi jiogg
    drrtyi jiogg2 dager siden

    rest of the night trying to lick my feet. Edit - THERE'S MORE IN THE OTHER BUILDING?!!

  • chad fellers
    chad fellers2 dager siden

    solar power upgrade time

  • Cayce Wolfe
    Cayce Wolfe2 dager siden

    Lml mm uiko

  • Jesse Gutierrez
    Jesse Gutierrez2 dager siden

    All the bay doors, fast and furious type shit😂

  • fishy z
    fishy z2 dager siden

    Do the work yourselves itll be much more rewarding

  • drrtyi jiogg

    drrtyi jiogg

    2 dager siden

    Once that is done you can add solar panels yourself very cheaply and easily.

  • Tyler Mains
    Tyler Mains2 dager siden

    We need a burn out from Freddy at the new place!

  • BetioBastardDoc
    BetioBastardDoc2 dager siden

    Congratulations on your new home of LZ you worked hard and deserve it bro.

  • Cody Magnuson
    Cody Magnuson2 dager siden

    He needs his own track now

  • Michael PRB
    Michael PRB2 dager siden

    PHILIPS HUE... are U seing this... the man need YOU !!!!

  • Dillan Whitver
    Dillan Whitver2 dager siden

    Freddie deserves his own burnout introduction since he lives there now… also anyone else getting TV show vibes from thr last couple videos???

  • Nathan Baxter

    Nathan Baxter

    20 timer siden


  • Gary Laaks
    Gary Laaks2 dager siden

    Almost 1million views. All looks good.

  • J Wayne
    J Wayne2 dager siden

    You should get drunk and drift that shit...

  • Khorsathedark
    Khorsathedark2 dager siden

    Don't kill mud daubers. They don't attack people and they kill spiders.

  • phil1stumbo
    phil1stumbo2 dager siden

    Adam! You guys should get a bunch of go-carts electric or gas powered and make a track to drive them on. Or just drive them around the compound! That would be sick. I hope you see this and the idea comes to life

  • Dillon Opossum
    Dillon Opossum2 dager siden

    ngl, I'm jealous and proud. Like I don't even have one lift and he has 40 now XD

  • Boot to Bonnet
    Boot to Bonnet2 dager siden

    How do you get so lucky finding everything

  • Hot Rod Dave
    Hot Rod Dave2 dager siden

    This makes me more motivated to make videos for my channel. Just Awesome!

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K2 dager siden

    Just subscribed, can't wait to watch this place fill up.