We found THIS inside my 335i!


Long needed service on my N54 has it running better than it ever has!
Thanks PSI for the blast! - noprojects.info/desk/p0lyb-EQv8hlWWNsfqUUTg.html
Vader Solution - vadersolutions.com


  • Yzy Fam
    Yzy Fam5 timer siden

    2:27 he looks so afraid to talk lol

  • mike shasta
    mike shasta6 dager siden

    whats the lizrd people called lmao democrat xD

  • What Plant is that, Paul?
    What Plant is that, Paul?8 dager siden

    2:43 Is that a nail in the tire?

  • Makhlouf A
    Makhlouf A13 dager siden


  • 908wrx 908lgt
    908wrx 908lgt15 dager siden

    Dude adam giving Collette the lizard was 10/10 🤣 🤣 🤣 and conversation and content after... is hilarious

  • Cameron Schichtel
    Cameron Schichtel16 dager siden

    you and christian from vehicle virals should race your 335is

  • Off Grid As
    Off Grid As17 dager siden

    Watched this last week, and couldn't resist...bought a 335i today

  • Bleeding Concrete
    Bleeding Concrete17 dager siden

    I feel, I have the non sport seats in my 535i and my grandfather’s tucson has much more aggressive bolstering. When you go around a corner fast in my car you’re practically in the passenger seat.

  • Taranveer Sihra
    Taranveer Sihra17 dager siden

    What happen to the single turbo?

  • FFM0594
    FFM059419 dager siden

    Don't talk and use the air-wrench simultaneously, genius!

  • its Chris
    its Chris19 dager siden

    She's a LIZ bian😂😂😂😂

  • Justin Chandler
    Justin Chandler19 dager siden

    Make this your fastest car. 4 digits please.

  • Seyiquo Matthews
    Seyiquo Matthews20 dager siden

    Why did u need help out of the tree? I need answers

  • Benni Benassi
    Benni Benassi20 dager siden

    Take it drag racing

  • Benni Benassi

    Benni Benassi

    20 dager siden

    Or race it against the skyline

  • rkjer
    rkjer20 dager siden

    Why do you look like you’re 20 from the front and a 50-year-old man from the side profile...

  • Jason Boyle
    Jason Boyle21 dag siden

    R56 cooper s MIni N14 engines have the same problem as this .

  • T4k11n
    T4k11n21 dag siden

    You know what you should do on BMW? a wide bodykit on it. Then you can put wider tires on it xD just sayin... did u ever made wide bodykit on your cars, except S15, like Libertywalk or Pandem like bodykits? :)

  • Lennart Schmidt
    Lennart Schmidt21 dag siden

    Muffler and exhaust! Sounds like a tractor

  • cKSoFLy
    cKSoFLy22 dager siden

    Why not use flywheel bolts that have the little holes to use a safety wire between them so they can’t back out. ?

  • UpRyZ Magic
    UpRyZ Magic22 dager siden

    walnut blasting will be night and day for most people who have nasty valves. definitely makes it feel more responsive

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones22 dager siden

    10:15 Who's S2K is that??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jose Magana
    Jose Magana22 dager siden

    safety wire the bolts

  • Ron T
    Ron T22 dager siden

    Car sounds smoother 4 sure

  • ThymastarGT
    ThymastarGT22 dager siden

    You use walnuts because it burns off without hurting the engine. Sand will do bad things. That’s the biggest reason, can’t believe he skipped that.

  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee22 dager siden

    Thats your TPS readjustiong because it was having to open wider at idle, since there was all the sludge around ur intake valves

  • Martin Meaney
    Martin Meaney22 dager siden

    What are Lizard people . Democrat . So true

  • Kid Mike
    Kid Mike22 dager siden

    Please go apex with Mickey Thompson!!! & get some Mexico runs with it

  • I am Niss
    I am Niss22 dager siden

    My N55 is using oil and coolant. :( Measured exhaust gas coming out of the res as well. Hoping it's just the head gasket. Gonna replace the cam cover as well. I want a normal oil catch can. -.-

  • LumberJacKed2021
    LumberJacKed202123 dager siden

    love the 335i content ;) - are you going to do the QM again? :-p

  • Douglas Fehler
    Douglas Fehler23 dager siden

    Why don't you saftey wire it 40 years at lemans can't be wrong you do wave to drill a hole through the head of the bolt.

  • 47k
    47k23 dager siden

    Do a 335i pov driving in streets

  • Jacob Haber
    Jacob Haber23 dager siden

    let me buy your 335 pleaseeee, will pay as much needed

  • #CRYPTO BOND 007
    #CRYPTO BOND 00723 dager siden

    Most effective way is use Mr muscle oven spray cleaner mix it with petrol and pour into fuel tank cleans and burns off carbon deposits as fuel is injected. Can also use this product and steam clean inlet and throttle body with steam cleaner decarbonisation occurs.

  • Eightball808
    Eightball80823 dager siden

    Mikes political jabs are killing me 😹😹

  • junaid hussein
    junaid hussein23 dager siden

    South Africa is great. You should visit some time. We don't have that many walnut trees but we have plenty of 335is. That car has a cult following here. People have actually reached the level of telling boogie man stories about them. 😅😅😅

  • No Bad Days Club
    No Bad Days Club23 dager siden

    Love the 335i content!

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy23 dager siden

    if a manual car bucks its usually because you dont shit correctly

  • No Way
    No Way23 dager siden

    go with Recaro SPG oder SPA, there small and i think they just fit you well :)

  • iSuperMagnuM CAE
    iSuperMagnuM CAE23 dager siden

    Adam why you don’t prepare a drag race in an abbandonate airport and race all your cars to see which one is the fastest

  • Savvy Wayne
    Savvy Wayne23 dager siden

    Tack weld the bolts on the GT

  • Stino Schwein
    Stino Schwein23 dager siden

    You should build a track race car out of the 335i.!

  • Colin Spicer
    Colin Spicer23 dager siden

    I know be overplayed but I it would look good with a of bbrs

  • George ____
    George ____23 dager siden

    Of course your bmw is fucked lol

  • Garrett Hilton
    Garrett Hilton23 dager siden

    Maybe some no prep drag racing or even take it to Mexico for some of there street racing

  • Melody Skies
    Melody Skies23 dager siden

    What happened to the GT3RS?

  • Melody Skies
    Melody Skies23 dager siden

    The R34 Midnight Purple and the FD S15 Silvia and the 1988 240sx S13 and the Porche 911 GT3RS and the 2008 BMW 335i are all the cars you should keep but get rid of the chasers and all of the other cars with a 1JZ because their all the same builds pretty much

  • David Haygarth
    David Haygarth23 dager siden

    What make is that rear spoiler ?

  • Bigdaddyclapz
    Bigdaddyclapz23 dager siden

    lmao the lizbian thing was cringy. probably why last chick left him

  • Nikhar Singh
    Nikhar Singh23 dager siden

    13:11 did i hear something about South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • awefqergew wkodgjewrjg
    awefqergew wkodgjewrjg23 dager siden

    Your so damn dramatic when you shift gears

  • D` Tuned
    D` Tuned24 dager siden

    Sorry but your 3-4 shift was trash 🙃👌

  • John Le
    John Le24 dager siden

    vertex kit on the 335i, do it no balls.

  • CCBL
    CCBL24 dager siden

    for looks, you could get the mtech front bumper and a cf lip. LCI tails will update the car nicely as well

  • Paul J
    Paul J24 dager siden

    I guess the only thing left to do with the 335i is daily it until it breaks

  • trent hood
    trent hood24 dager siden

    “What are the lizard people called?” “Democrats?” 😂😂😂

  • Dagan Beugger
    Dagan Beugger24 dager siden

    adam you should get an e30 please and thanks

  • Matthew Caouette
    Matthew Caouette24 dager siden

    Alls I wanna know is how the 🦎 is doing and if your girl thinks he's happier now from drinking oily gasy water from that lid

  • AGNB
    AGNB24 dager siden

    Yummy id throw it in the cereal or on the pbj pizza

  • Harry Mcilwraith
    Harry Mcilwraith24 dager siden

    S2000 build next please

  • JC DeFazio
    JC DeFazio24 dager siden

    Need a draggy to get real metrics, 0-60 etc

  • Darby M
    Darby M24 dager siden

    Free spanner wrench doh?

  • Dr. Rob
    Dr. Rob24 dager siden

    Your high pressure fuel rail was empty on startup after opening it to install the new pcv system - thats why it started so bad ;)

  • James Colquhoun
    James Colquhoun24 dager siden

    Where did he get that little pcv flapper delete thing from?

  • acv159357n
    acv159357n24 dager siden

    2:50 green locktite?

  • Blake Perry
    Blake Perry24 dager siden

    You need the BMS cowl filters they’re cheap and a super nice clean upgrade instead of the big clunky thing. You hear a lot more turbo noise inside the car with them too.

  • matterno
    matterno24 dager siden

    22:54 + 10hp from shifting like a maniac

  • Silvio Dante
    Silvio Dante24 dager siden

    You got bmw owners mixed up with wrx owners 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • 20qdewit
    20qdewit24 dager siden

    He beats the shit out of his cars and then when something breaks he’s like this is actually a pretty common issue with these cars😂

  • hiv rattlesnake
    hiv rattlesnake24 dager siden

    Where did you find the time to grow that mustache?

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz24 dager siden

    cleaned the valves in my speed3 after 140k miles, I for sure saw more boost by .3-.5 increase of psi. SO yeah, cleaning valves does make a difference.

  • mrdrcheez
    mrdrcheez24 dager siden

    Could you make a port injection only tune to run once in a while and clean the intake valves? Idk if it would work, just an idea

  • dakota poppenhagen
    dakota poppenhagen24 dager siden

    The 335 is papa Jim

  • K D
    K D24 dager siden

    Im happy to see you still have the 335i. After all these years. Havnt spent much time watching or on the gram about your life journey. Damn hella change. Keep up the good work. Keep up on the bmx too.

  • Lowkey_ jay
    Lowkey_ jay24 dager siden

    "Shes a lizbian"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AV specter
    AV specter24 dager siden

    He’s based in Florida right. I wanna bring my Honda prelude by and see what he says lolol

  • Kyle Mikels
    Kyle Mikels24 dager siden

    please put the lm's back on!

  • Matthew Abajian
    Matthew Abajian24 dager siden

    flame tune and burble to mess around for some good content🤣

  • Datdom 34
    Datdom 3424 dager siden

    The fresh smell of roasted walnuts on start up. Beautiful LOL

  • Brandon Carter
    Brandon Carter24 dager siden

    this guy is a clown dont watch this shit if you want to know anything about n54 watch the bimmer guys first n54 ST videos on youtube so much info this is a wast of time and this guy has no idea wtf he is doing

  • Fat guy on a little bike
    Fat guy on a little bike24 dager siden

    Upgrade the damn fuel system already..

  • Juan M4LOW
    Juan M4LOW24 dager siden

    Told you walnut blast worked. @bimmer_journey here again to say, told you so, glad it work. Love it, had one myself.

  • Rory Millhouse
    Rory Millhouse24 dager siden

    Take the 335i down the strip

  • fightmeirl
    fightmeirl24 dager siden

    adam we should hang out, im in central fl (thats where it seems like you are) and i also have an awkward mustache

  • Vdubjay
    Vdubjay24 dager siden

    Did i miss the vid intruducing marko to the team? Lol he needs to do a burn out...

  • Ricky Styles
    Ricky Styles24 dager siden

    i remember when you first picked up the cream s13, times flies man haha

  • Thdedhemstr
    Thdedhemstr24 dager siden

    22:00 back to My sandwich

  • William Prast
    William Prast24 dager siden

    Yo Adam you should pull your engine hood heat insulation since it's hitting you in the head @ 19:54 LOL For real though.. I pulled mine and it looks much cleaner and is fine with my 650whp setup.

  • CarbonCanadianStang
    CarbonCanadianStang24 dager siden

    A billet valve cover would also help with the N54 valves they block off the oil ports so no more oil on top of your valves!!! Check out performance boutique Canadian company and a buddy of mine he makes them they are beautiful👍🏼

  • Mateo Persi
    Mateo Persi25 dager siden

    you should go on the high way in mexico and go gap some v6 mustangs lol

    NAPPYHEAD MIKEYY25 dager siden

    Heyy Adam how are you I have a 2007 BMW 335i e90 sedan I was wondering if you have any more index 12 fuel injector I change 3 of them in my car and I 3 remaining and they are really expensive so I would really appreciate if you got back to me

  • Mayjick The New
    Mayjick The New25 dager siden

    I am going to have a Barra Mustang one day! God what a gnarly car! Hope I can put it together to be as badass as Adam's.

  • Jason Russell
    Jason Russell25 dager siden

    Video idea : race the bmw vs skykine

  • Andy Pletcher
    Andy Pletcher25 dager siden

    Make it a daily?

  • Zachary Prosper
    Zachary Prosper25 dager siden

    Ha ha a Democrat got me Geeking!!

  • Russell McGruder
    Russell McGruder25 dager siden

    Is it just me or was there a s2k???

  • Reallexx
    Reallexx25 dager siden

    OMFG "she's a lizbian" XDXDXD stop making me laugh like this Adam

  • Yamin Rashid
    Yamin Rashid25 dager siden

    Put a 2JZ in there Adam. Like this comment if you agree

  • Russell Hagy
    Russell Hagy25 dager siden

    Is there space to safety wire the flywheel bolts on the Barra?

  • Martins 91267
    Martins 9126725 dager siden

    The way he dropped the cabin air filter housing on the ground... Dude those 2 plastic tabs that screw onto the lower larger part - yeah, those are FLIMSY and those are important. Those tabs make sure the filter housing stays level and won't sag over time, which can lift the windscreen lower cowl (bc it's screwed onto those rectangular air inlets) and let water straight into your blower motor, which then drips on passenger floor and, fingers crossed, won't drench your fusebox and JBBF module. Don't ask me how I know. Some people delete the lower part and put BMS filters onto those rectangular inlets, which drastically reduces time you can get to your whole engine head and do whatever maintenance, but also makes your ECU box (white box on the passenger side of the engine bay that holds ECU (DME, call it whatever you want), various fuses, incl. Vanos solenoid fuses etc.) susceptible to water ingress - water flows down the windscreen, then over the cowl and, if the lower part is not there, straight onto the box. It has rubber grommets for the wiring and rubber seal for the lid, but it is not intended to be waterproof and having water pour over it, so water eventually finds its way inside that box and now you have a dead DME, which is a 4 digit repair job. Oh right, not to mention the water will also drain on the valve cover, drenching your injectors and ignition coils (+ wiring) every time it rains or you wash your car. TL;DR: do NOT do a lower cowl piece delete, it is there for a reason, it's designed to have water flow through it.

  • Apex holland
    Apex holland25 dager siden

    The Bride needs to stay, add the passenger Bride