Why my R32 has been missing...


Decided to take some time to try and figure out what's been going on with yet another mysterious RB issue... BIG DROP at 6PM EST. LZMFG.com
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  • Ma Bo
    Ma Bo12 dager siden

    is it possible to put these wheels on a sim like a g920?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Ghost Infernum13
    Ghost Infernum13Måned siden

    I ordered the rookie of the year shirt.

  • Akira
    AkiraMåned siden

    This aged well

  • team._.supra29
    team._.supra29Måned siden

    Where is your blue s13

  • Jaydon Aigustini
    Jaydon AigustiniMåned siden

    I learnt from my girlfriend that there’s different skin types I guess haha, you might have to get an anti oil moisturizer that’s what I gotta get

  • Nolan Marshall
    Nolan MarshallMåned siden

    My guy, are we just not getting the s15 style banner that was in the bundle? Or you sent a cool black and white key chain though...so that ok for replacment? Lol i need my order broski...

  • TheReal Bland
    TheReal BlandMåned siden

    Please giveaway the 1.5j e36 I'll spend my life savings on your merch that car 😂

  • Benvyus
    BenvyusMåned siden

    "I've blown 7 times more jz's than rb's" He really ate those words

  • MMORPG87
    MMORPG87Måned siden

    maybe it water wetter OMG

  • ethan ditsworth
    ethan ditsworthMåned siden

    I’m getting a Beavis and Butthead vibe with Adam and jimmy lol

  • Rob 69
    Rob 69Måned siden

    In Australia they make a spilne collar conversion for the oil pump if you do another high hp rb gets rid of the issue with the oil pump gear on the crank

  • Tdl Australia
    Tdl AustraliaMåned siden

    Prp block brace

  • Go Ride Channel
    Go Ride ChannelMåned siden

    Where can we send you goldfish? I bought a ton of them on sale and they've since fallen out of favor with my three year old... Not joking.

  • Got Thumbs
    Got ThumbsMåned siden

    What is it with CT.... HS antics...boring...

  • Randy Bowers
    Randy BowersMåned siden

    The content just keeps getting better and better

  • Drew
    DrewMåned siden

    Loosing coolant from engine heat pressurizing the coolant system and going out the overflow. Put a catch can on it

  • Randy Bowers
    Randy BowersMåned siden

    That March is fire Adam love it!

  • _ EJQ_
    _ EJQ_Måned siden

    Your a og if u remember when Adam used to post BMX content

  • Jon Heise
    Jon HeiseMåned siden

    Now I need tacos

  • Jerry Cooper
    Jerry CooperMåned siden

    You know Jimmy has the camera when you can see tonsils 😂

  • Nicholas Port
    Nicholas PortMåned siden

    Lol why was the bore scope in his bedroom

  • gellideggti
    gellideggtiMåned siden

    Adam is looking smashed.

  • H7JNX
    H7JNXMåned siden

    "we tried mom"

  • Jason Embleton
    Jason EmbletonMåned siden

    Have you still got the ramp in your garden?

  • Keri Coyne
    Keri CoyneMåned siden

    please move jimmy down to floridaaaaaaaa

  • RTM Danny
    RTM DannyMåned siden

    Am i the only one who noticed adams must-ash shaped up one side and the other side is not

  • 3z willie
    3z willieMåned siden

    @adam Lz go to Alex tubio man I know I'm just some subscriber that you probably don't even see what I'm saying but for real he'll help you out I promise

  • Christopher Fuentes
    Christopher FuentesMåned siden

    Hi Adam I'm just wondering what size restrictors did you put on your RB25DET so I can put in the same size restrictors to buy for my R33 GTST

  • Pablo Carrasco Entrambasaguas
    Pablo Carrasco EntrambasaguasMåned siden

    lets hope this year you do better at fd

  • Tristan Nijhof
    Tristan NijhofMåned siden

    4:10 how are you guys not hyped af??

  • mikeTECH
    mikeTECHMåned siden

    oil starvation? i lost the EJ25 in my turbo legacy wagon last year and it that had very similar revving issues up until it popped. ran great in boost but getting there was rough. got a code for oil pressure loss which made it so cams couldnt advance. idk if RB are the same but you were describing everything i went threw

  • Joe Hobbs
    Joe HobbsMåned siden

    This man asks ‘gringo’s’.... pfft who else!

  • Nate Arnold
    Nate ArnoldMåned siden

    Can Jimmy stay 👀😁

  • skype uchiha
    skype uchihaMåned siden

    Jimmy moving to Florida is like Nick Saban coaching in the NFL

  • Yihu Her
    Yihu HerMåned siden

    If your back still hurts try searching up Dr. Joseph Cipriano he is a professional chiropractor. Watch some of his videos on NOprojects. He is located in Tampa

  • Kyle Copeland
    Kyle CopelandMåned siden

    make a bmx video pls

  • Jason Veto
    Jason VetoMåned siden

    Tell Adam to check out bunker branding. He probably met mat from demoranch already. Best in the merch game

  • Cameron Fogarty
    Cameron FogartyMåned siden

    Is 120psi a bit low?

  • John Dc2
    John Dc2Måned siden

    Ok who's the man's who sits in the back not talking and lookin out the window all bored

  • Aidan Arthur
    Aidan ArthurMåned siden

    Any chance of the RB problems t restock? In xl?

  • Hoff
    HoffMåned siden

    Awesome work, Mums Solstice sounds soo much smoother, well done.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan ScheurerMåned siden

    A women that isnt afraid to smell like car fluids is a women you never let go.

  • Bloodseed Wah di rass
    Bloodseed Wah di rassMåned siden

    Where’s the rs6 content :(

  • DirtyD
    DirtyDMåned siden

    Considering the current state of the lumber market, that's the biggest issue the skate deck manufacturer is seeing, just simply trying to buy wood

  • Mr. David
    Mr. DavidMåned siden

    Adam follow these guys to help out your back pain. The exercises they teach helped my pinched never in the lower back like you. noprojects.info/camera/video/rLmeptKFoIiHg4c

  • Dan Mulligan
    Dan MulliganMåned siden

    You got a Barra from Australia, Its time to get an RB30 ;)

  • Skye Siddall
    Skye SiddallMåned siden

    Please do a cream s13 hoodie I would definitely buy one

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe HennesseyMåned siden

    Yup. Soon as the factory warranty is up on my R35 I’m selling it. The only way I keep it is if I billet block and build kit. I know it won’t be going to Titan Motorsports though. I saw how they did that BMW owner. They did that dood dirty asf. If I was that man I’d have got my money, it woulda came in flesh or inventory, no cap. Technician takes a customers car out and then totals it because of negligence? You replace the car. Period. But that’s why HPE is world renown, and Titan isn’t.

  • Glenn
    GlennMåned siden

    Look up So Cal Chiropractic on NOprojects. He might be able to help you.

  • Justin Schander
    Justin SchanderMåned siden

    Adam and Jimmy are baked in the beginning lmao

  • jessy jdo
    jessy jdoMåned siden

    Go to a chiropractor helps you out

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian HernandezMåned siden

    LMAOOO working man lotion

  • Tyler Horton
    Tyler HortonMåned siden

    www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323632#uses. A tens unit might help with that back pain

  • Dkzii
    DkziiMåned siden

    Imagine doing the smart idea of a pre order for your merch

  • Adv Service
    Adv ServiceMåned siden

    Adam where is Zeroy?🤷‍♂️

  • Premium Jax
    Premium JaxMåned siden

    The kats wont heat up that fast they have to been heated so maybe put them more in the front.

  • Sam_ w
    Sam_ wMåned siden

    who remembers when it was walmart bikes and skate parks shredding with spencer?

  • K Nine
    K NineMåned siden

    Go and check out the Dr Brenda Monodragon chiropractic , she’s in your state and definitely will get your back into shape TRUST. Check her on NOprojects as well.

  • Moya
    MoyaMåned siden

    go make ship happen is my favorite slogan

  • BNRGTR32 radGTR
    BNRGTR32 radGTRMåned siden

    And my fully built rb26det makes over 736hp to all wheels on a power fc lmfao an still going strong for 5+ years ill never buy a 2j or 1j seem to not last as long when build stock they are nice but rb swap everything swap ur moms car with a rb enough said

  • Dennis Ledin
    Dennis LedinMåned siden

    The exhaust tip alignment on the solstice is killing me 🤣 looking good tho!

  • BNRGTR32 radGTR
    BNRGTR32 radGTRMåned siden

    So what if u have 264/264 cams they won't align on zero correct???

  • Frank James
    Frank JamesMåned siden

    Jimmys the best hahaha

  • Totally_ Ralph
    Totally_ RalphMåned siden

    11:30 Jimmy is a savage lool

  • mathieu bourgoin
    mathieu bourgoinMåned siden

    I feel like Adam an jimmy should start channel or a series that’d be fire, from Bristol CT love y’all i doubt you’ll see this lmaoo

  • Ali Muti Ur Rehman
    Ali Muti Ur RehmanMåned siden

    Buy the real supra

  • David Hegarty
    David HegartyMåned siden

    Beginning is like some forza camera work

  • Omega Development
    Omega DevelopmentMåned siden

    "I like running her coolant soaked hair through my teeth". Damn kinda sounding like a Biden moment rn

  • Tavis Metcalfe
    Tavis MetcalfeMåned siden

    Jimmy -“Let’s go hard launch it 🥺” Adam- “Nooo 😠”

  • wyn wyn
    wyn wynMåned siden

    Adam. You are eating too much sugar and carbs that is why you are having back problems, sugar, and carbs cause inflammation, look into the keto diet.

  • Iruvtt
    IruvttMåned siden

    Come in shulman*insert jimmy face palming* merch eyey🧐👀

  • CakeBoSS ANDY
    CakeBoSS ANDYMåned siden

    Lmao yohan in the background 16:58

  • Brad Sandahl
    Brad SandahlMåned siden

    Lmao when he gives that look while I'm eat a hotdog 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mihnäinud
    MihnäinudMåned siden

    Webepisode it iz

  • Hapz
    HapzMåned siden

    Adam I ordered stuff before Christmas and it still hasn't arrived

  • RGFlow
    RGFlowMåned siden

    Can we get a video of just b-roll welding in 4k? slow mo maybe

  • D Nukem
    D NukemMåned siden

    Did you see my comment about adding cats???

  • Austin Mallow
    Austin MallowMåned siden

    Just wondering if you by chance might be restocking the s15 2020 team hoodies?

  • Tiago Sobral
    Tiago SobralMåned siden

    What blow off valve is he using on his e36, SO DOPE!

  • Zoltan Czako
    Zoltan CzakoMåned siden

    Cool! 60FPS! Looks amazing! This is the new 6k camera??! Worth it!

  • HRC Mx5
    HRC Mx5Måned siden

    Nah dude rest your back!! Just take a bit of time off and recover yourself

  • Keith Jackson
    Keith JacksonMåned siden

    Title of this video should have been “Jz’s>Rb’s”

  • Philli Ramirez
    Philli RamirezMåned siden

    i love when you guys visit each other... i live for these collabs!!!

  • 4 Cylinder Performance
    4 Cylinder PerformanceMåned siden

    my orderer came on monday from end of october im uk gt350 barra hoodie took a while but its here :]

  • Justin Chism
    Justin ChismMåned siden

    Flowmaster makes "Hushpower" mufflers. FYI noprojects.info/camera/video/zZ2yrriqipOTa50

  • Alex Zulayka
    Alex ZulaykaMåned siden

    Bring back signed items

  • Shanna Collins
    Shanna CollinsMåned siden

    Tractor supply does sale horse shampoo!

  • mjtee
    mjteeMåned siden

    Quite awkward seeing Adam is dealing with the back pain as the reason, finding this channel, was running out of NOprojects content due spinal disc herniation and having plenty of time because of that. Best wishes to all of you with back problems! Thanks to Adam and crew for the very entertaining content!

  • Josh Cathers
    Josh CathersMåned siden

    This is what I get for not watching the video yesterday 😪 hoodies are all sold out.

  • Trip SkyWalker
    Trip SkyWalkerMåned siden

    Why is COLLETE vet trying to look like my Miata?

  • BoyDee
    BoyDeeMåned siden

    So Adam in Australia what happened with my mates truck is he had a cracked head and he lost radiator fluid so quickly bc the engine fumes would go into the crack and then make the engine like air tight and then the radiator fluid couldn’t do anything so it just evaporated when it touched the fumes coming through the crack and it overheated the care just felt like telling u this bc why not

  • Mitchell B
    Mitchell BMåned siden

    you need to keep this guy around. this content is wayyy better

  • black heart
    black heartMåned siden

    just saying more cars less talk and i mean no hate thanks

  • Mason Bauer
    Mason BauerMåned siden

    It's called WORKING HANDS and it's the fucking best

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob AdamsMåned siden

    Mike at 16:58 we needed a slow mo zoom in on johan

  • Uncle P
    Uncle PMåned siden

    I love having jimmy in the video

  • Danger
    DangerMåned siden

    Jimmy just casually throwing in the joke about the borescope being in Adam’s bedroom. So good.

  • Jamee Slides
    Jamee SlidesMåned siden

    Jimmy and Adam are the greatest duo

  • Dylan Yuen
    Dylan YuenMåned siden

    Just wanted to comment on the fuel/water on top of pistons. When the gasoline is vaporized and burned it leaves behind small amounts of water and carbon dioxide. So a small amount of water on top of the pistons could possibly be normal. Truthfully though idk exactly how much would be considered normal. The traces of h2o left behind when burning gas could be so small that it’s unnoticeable to the eye Just a thought